My Australian Journey #7: Newlyweds underneath the harbour bridge

I noticed on a few walks under the bridge that this was a popular spot for newlywed couples to take some wedding shots. I don’t blame them as it is a great backdrop for any shot let alone a wedding collection. The featured photo is my favourite, however it has been cropped from a much larger panoramic shot, and I have managed to disfigure the poor brides face. I don’t think it is really noticeable though unless I mention it.


I love how the fisherman is simply minding his own business, as if this is a routine shoot here. It might be, however as the lady braved going closer to the water it was a scene I had to capture. Sadly it wasn’t a sunny day, however her dress is now the brightest thing in the shot.

I took a couple more whilst I was in Sydney, loved up couples taking turns showing their love under the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. Here are more from this moment.


I hope the groom didn’t fall in… I can’t actually remember seeing him leave the bride there all alone to walk back onto the street. Maybe that’s why the fisherman looks distracted, poor guy pushing his fishing rod to it’s limits.


Happy hump day!


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