My Australian Journey #17: A very busy Sydney Harbour, Australia Day and MUSE!!

Australia Day. A day of celebration and protests, impressive displays and heated debates. I for one was not too familiar with the day until I arrived in Australia, but learned pretty fast. I was working that day, but glad to be working on the harbour and with a 3pm start I managed to see some of the earlier sights and displays in busy crowds.

Notice how the person below seems to smash what looks like a tennis ball tentacle into the face of a passer by.


Now the next shots were from different days. The first is a police statement on what was a busy but normal Sydney afternoon.


Next was the view on New Years Eve, when crowds packed into the harbour early on to guarantee a good spot.


I was fine because I had this in my possession… I don’t know why I was happy with the blurry shot mind, I guess I was trying to focus on the crowd more.IMG_6234

The above images were around the time of Australia Day, and with them all being harbour related I thought it would make sense to upload them to Instagram at the same time.

Below are shots of the Qantas Airbus A380 flyover of the Opera House and harbour. It was an amazing sight, despite being overcast, and with it being so low the plane would disappear and reappear from the clouds.


I talk about this public holiday in more detail over in this post, with a lot more images and some info surrounding the date and it’s history. Despite the mix views I had an enjoyable afternoon and was happy with the pictures I was able to take.


Oh, and this was also around the time I went to see Muse for the fifth time. A reminder of the gig and a reminder (not that I need one) that my sixth Muse concert will be in Berlin in September of this year. The current tour looks incredible and I am looking forward to posting about it and my first trip to Germany.


I still have a lot to look forward to, and whilst I upload my pictures I should have a good bunch of blogging material in queue ready from my first month back in Europe. But for now a hell of a lot more Aussie pics, and I am almost coming up to my Cairns and east coast travels.

Stay tuned!



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16 thoughts on “My Australian Journey #17: A very busy Sydney Harbour, Australia Day and MUSE!!”

  1. Muse are awesome! You’re so lucky to have seen them live. I guess you really do have to travel if you want to see their shows… they rarely visit the North of England as their sets are so megalithic these days!

    Berlin is such a vibrant city, too. I visited last September and got there just in time for the start of Oktoberfest – it’s awesome! You’ve got a lot to look forward to 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Are you a northern girl? I went to see them in Newcastle in 2006 when their arena tours visited more British cities, now I guess they have to see as many countries as they can! I love them, especially live.

      Glad you liked Berlin also, makes me really excited to visit! Thanks so much for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I certainly am, and that’s awesome! I got into Muse around 2008 – just missing out on them being in Newcastle. You must notice a huge difference in their shows then compared to now!

        Oh, absolutely, they’re pretty much a worldwide phenomenon – we’re lucky they tour so often! I look forward to seeing them soon 🙂

        Thank you, have a great time next month, I look forward to your future posts! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Glad you have been to see them 🙂 even back then they were impressive, but nothing compared to now in terms of their stage set ups!

        Thank you for the kind words too 🙂


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