My Australian Journey #26: A quick trip to Melbourne (after a 12 hour train ride)

Uploading adventures online is a little like comparing a book to its movie equivalent. A lot gets missed out as we try and cram in the best bits. Here I add some shots from Melbourne after traveling from Sydney, however in between the two cities was a 12 hour train journey after our flight was cancelled due to storms.


More of that train journey can be read here. It wasn’t bad, actually was pretty pleasant as we were in first class and gave us plenty of time to relax.

But, we finally made it to Melbourne.


My first impressions of Melbourne was that it had a very cool vibe. I love the little laneways like the one seen above, full of cool cafes and bars.

Below, Flinders Street Station in the CBD.


This trip was a very sunny one, which really made the buildings stand out as you can see here. I didn’t see the sun so much sadly when I eventually moved here however the great food and coffee made up for this.


The street art was another part of Melbourne life that I loved. Here is an example of the great art that can be found in and around the CBD. I added a post here with more artwork that I discovered, and this post focusing on the artists and artwork in the shot below.


Hosier Lane in the CBD. Fun fact: Australia’s most wanted criminal was found here only last month having an argument with someone. True story.


Our time on this trip was cut a little short sadly, due to our cancelled flight and really long train journey instead. But I knew I was eventually moving here and would have time to explore a lot more. We saw what we came for, some cool bars, laneways and streetart… and soon I was to spend five whole months here! I just had to brace myself for the cold winter. A winter I wasn’t prepared for after six hot summer months in Brisbane.

And I would like to ask you, have you ever been to Melbourne? And if so what is your favourite thing about the city? 

I hope you all enjoyed my posts from this visit and whilst I was living in Melbourne, and I will be uploading more of my favourite shots before my Australian blogging comes to an end.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re having a great day wherever you are! I’ll see you again tomorrow with my next batch of shots from the Great Ocean Road.



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    1. It is true that some of the ‘street art’ is more graffiti than anything, I do enjoy the actual artistic pieces more than the rest. I guess I am happy that they choose to scribble in these streets here and make it look very colourful instead of elsewhere! However as you say some are very well done and I am pleased I have found some of these artists.

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