My Australian Journey #30: Brisbane

As I have said a few times on my blog, I think Brisbane was the perfect city for me. It was right in that Goldilocks zone of being the right size with just the right amount of everything to keep me there during my six month work contract. And my workplace was a very fun place to be.

As was Southbank with creatures like this one roaming around.


What I love about cities is that each day can be a little unpredictable. There will be a new event/festival/protest/restaurant or hotel opening just around every corner. And the variety keeps me there. Brisbane had just the right amount of things going on to give me enough to blog and take photos of.


And one of my favourite things to do here was visit Eat Street.


Eat Street is a food festival held every weekend north east of the city. It is accessible by car or boat, regular ferries make their way along the Brisbane River and up to the shipping containers that host the food stalls. Every kind of food can be found here, along with some great music and the occasional fireworks display.


And speaking of fireworks, this shot was taken on Southbank during Australia Day 2019. Brisbane sure knows how to set off a bunch of fireworks, I learned this first during Riverfire which is a huge event that takes place annually. I am assuming it is the same set up every year… the Australian Defence Force do some incredibly low flyby’s and acrobatics, which actually triggered a panic attack after I downed a coffee one afternoon without knowing a jet was about to fly just feet above my head.

I don’t even think I am exaggerating there, I will let you decide from the linked post.


But I will forgive Brisbane, as every other moment I had in this city was an amazing one. From the kind people to the great employment to the beautiful skyline and weather, it is a city I could live in for sure. And when that hot sun does set, the city still knows how to look pretty.




Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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