My Australian Journey #31: Moving to Melbourne

One of the first things I noticed when I arrived was how far the skyline stretches. It made for some great pictures from this point- The Shrine of Remembrance- and got me really excited to explore in the five months I had here.


I had a few first impressions, all good ones, after arriving. The food, the cooler weather (which soon became way too cold as I mention here), the black swans that I didn’t even know were a thing. There were many things different to my Brisbane experience. Saying that there was one thing similar to my Sydney experience, Mr Moon’s creepy face welcoming visitors to Luna Park. I didn’t go in, but I remembered the face from the park right next to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Although this was taken on my first short visit to Melbs, I rode right by this on a bike ride around Melbourne. I went with a German girl in my room, heading first to the famous Pink Lake south west of the CBD before making our way through the Melbourne Grand Prix track and along the coast to St Kilda, finally up past The Shrine of Remembrance.


Catching a wedding on route
Different day I believe, but it is a lovely shot on the river
This was also a different day, although it wouldn’t be surprising if it was the same day… Melbourne weather and all


The above piece of street art was something I blogged about not too long ago on another wander. It was a mural to someones brother that sadly died in a bike accident. If you would like to read more of it you can do so here along with the article I gained the information from.

And that is what art is. Something that can be happy or sad, motivating or tear jerking. Something used to bring back memories, or something that we enjoy to gain new ones. And it isn’t always street art that does this. Melbourne’s comedy festival brings art in comedic form and it was fun to walk by this silent comedy near the Yarra River.


Not to mention this guy… Life’s too short for insults. Although this seems like a good deal.

See you tomorrow!



My first impressions of Melbourne

The famous Pink Lake

More Melbourne shots, St Kilda and Luna Park

Mural to Simon Bonnici



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      1. I did! I like it, easy to read. Happy birthday by the way for the other day, one thing you will have to change is your age in your bio at the bottom of the site (I know as I have to do the same thing, so thank you for reminding me haha)… also maybe add an ‘About Me’ page if you can? I have found that this page has been popular for people coming to my site to get to know me a little better 🙂

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    1. Great! I hope you have a great time there, it is an amazing city. The pink lake is in easy reach of the CBD by car or bike like I did, however it is in an industrial area of the city so don’t be fooled by the lack of sights around it!


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