My Australian Journey #32: The Eureka Tower and my goodbyes to Melbourne and Australia

I think this trip is very fitting for my last post of my Australian travels.

Yep, you heard that right. After two solid years of posting about incredibly beautiful waters, golden beaches and incredibly dangerous animals I am at the end of an era. An amazing era full of experiences, life lessons and new friendships.

I can sound like such a millennial at times… I just won’t say ‘I’ve found myself’, I promise.


I think this post is fitting as it takes us to the very top of the high rise you can see above. The Eureka Tower is a 297 meter skyscraper on the Yarra River in the center of Melbourne, the perfect place to gaze out to the horizon and think about what I’ve done.

I know that makes me sound like a dog that’s been caught on the couch after a muddy walk through a field. But I am talking about all the memories I will take back with me.


Memories can consist of so many things, and the very first experience is sometimes the most vivid. The sound of car horns during rush hour in a new city or the local food stand on the same street. These are two memories I have from NYC on a visit once, I remember climbing the stairs to street level from the subway and seeing a cyclist almost get into a fight with a taxi driver. Just like the movies. And everytime I walk by a hot dog stand anywhere and take in those smells it takes me right back to this moment.

The architecture seen after climbing the stairs from the underground or that first person we engage with when asking for directions. I guess these first few moments stand out so much simply because the brain is taking in so much new information. All our senses get used and often not what our senses are used to. The new environment is incredibly stimulating and this is what makes travel so fun.

My very first view of Sydney on the train in September 2017, and I remember it like it was yesterday.

Some of our best memories weren’t these first impressions however, and for them to be so vivid they must have really been important for other reasons. Maybe someone that you could relate to perfectly, or seemed like the perfect match. Someone that was able to give some priceless advice or inspiration. When things become routine something can really catch us off guard, and hopefully for the right reasons. This is why I always have hope in life, even if I seem to be stuck in an endless loop. You never know what or who will come around to give us that much needed boost.

But also, my advice is to get out of that seemingly endless loop in any way we can. Sometimes it is easier to make excuses than to actually try. There are many different ways, it’s just that for me that way was to move abroad in a completely new environment for a couple years. I was lucky though, not everyone has the possibility. I was single with no kids and a stable job to save help save money.


Looking at the picture above reminds me of how many people are in this world. We never know which ones we will allow into our lives and vice versa, but the possibilities are limitless. Every single window in view represents at least one person. At least. How many like the same things as we do? The same lifestyle and food, favourite city or song. Thousands upon thousands. We don’t know who until we get out there and find out for ourselves, and my advice would be to not be shy. I was just that growing up, and abandoning a shy mentality and embracing new experiences has done wonders for me.

A good example of this was the girl in the photo below. Susan was at a table in the hostel using a laptop and saw the same person leaving the table and freeing a plug socket. I pounced on it as she was planning to use it and politely told me she was waiting for it. I had enough battery and didn’t need it so badly. I could have left it at that, instead I decided to ask where her accent was from (Peru for anyone curious) and we ended up going on a couple of trips together, one up here and the other to the Great Ocean Road. Sometimes one sentence is all it takes.


And I could not possibly count how many people I have engaged with on my trips… and even just trying to count how many of those I will probably see again in the UK and elsewhere would require more than two hands. Travel isn’t just a memory it is an investment, and what I will take from these trips is invaluable, both with the confidence I gain from the opportunities I have been given and the new friendships. Often when you see the pictures of the destinations we visit we see the things, without seeing the people behind the walls.


And sometimes the dogs. Millie stole my scarf, and I was perfectly fine with it.


So from Sydney Harbour…


To farmwork in far north Queensland…


To everywhere I have been down the east coast this journey has been incredible. And two years has been more than enough time to fall in love with Australia and everyone in it.


I was very drunk here, please don’t ask why my face is like it is.


Goodbye Australia, you will be missed. However I am hoping it is a ‘see you later’ more than a goodbye.

Especially as I am about to hit my second winter.


And thank you so much to each and everyone of you that has followed my travels for the past two years, I couldn’t have blogged as much as I have if I didn’t read all the kind comments from you lovely readers keeping me motivated. Some have been here since day one which is incredible to me and every time I see a new follower it still makes me smile. It really helps me to keep going and sharing my journey so thank you for that.

And I have plenty of posts planned for you in an exciting first couple of weeks back in the UK/Europe. From the flight back to my first thoughts on returning in the UK and my trip to Berlin to see Muse. I won’t be stuck on things to write about that’s for sure.

Goodbye from Melbourne, Australia, and see you soon from Europe!



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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29 thoughts on “My Australian Journey #32: The Eureka Tower and my goodbyes to Melbourne and Australia”

      1. Its been great reading about your trip and you’ve given me lots of ideas for when I get to Australia. I’m only there for six weeks though.
        I think travelling and blogging about it gives you a lot of time to think and really cement those memories.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am pleased you have some ideas from my posts! More than happy to help. I agree about cementing those memories in, and with a blog we can revisit it at any time 🙂


    1. Thank you! I am pleased you enjoyed the post, and I have plenty of posts from day one until now so if you wanted you could pretend you found me at the beginning of my trip :p however I will have plenty of posts from Europe so you won’t miss out on anything!

      Thank you for following my blog 🙂

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