First impressions of London

London is so different to the rest of the UK. 13% of the country’s 66 million people live here, and you can tell as soon as you get that sweaty tube into the city center. I have to go overseas to find another city as busy, New York City is of comparable size. Neither are the biggest, but much bigger than any of the Australian cities I have been living in for the past two years. Within these borders however those that live elsewhere know just how much bigger London is.

I realised this when I first landed in City Airport after this mega trip from Melbourne. The airport itself was fairly small, but one of five (or six depending on what you count as London) in the city. Googling just how many airports London has I learned that Heathrow is in fact the USA’s 6th biggest airport, followed by Frankfurt. Who knew!


And during the tube-ride from the airport to Kings Cross I found it very difficult to remain in high spirits. The sight of concrete, the smell of exhaust fumes and constant bumping into people isn’t the best way to carry out your day. The bright blue suitcase I bought to be easily spotted on the luggage carousel felt like a big mistake on a packed underground train. The fact I even commuted with one through London was an eye opener itself. After was seemed like forever I was begging to be in my home village in the north east, it would take me a week up there to see as many people as I did on the tube alone.

But three great weeks passed, and I made my way down to London to start my job. I work close to London Bridge, right in the heart of London. For this reason I am surrounded by tourists and commuters alike, walking by some of the cities (and worlds) most popular attractions.


This was one of the first pictures I took in the city. A beautiful morning, even those heading to work seemingly stopping to take in Tower Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the world. I don’t want to use this post to provide too much info on the structures in the images, as I want to create individual posts dedicated to them. As I mentioned in my previous post I would like to use Instagram more and incorporate it into my blog, using the poll feature to let you decide where I visit. Then I will take the time to explore the city and dedicate posts to certain attractions and places of interest that you want to see.

Saying that, I have had time to do a few laps of the City of London, taking in many iconic sights.

A great route for a run is over London Bridge (above) and along the river, back over the river via Tower Bridge and back to where I started. The numerous tourists I have to dodge hasn’t annoyed me yet, I still find it great to live in such a buzzing area. However I am sure I have ruined many photos along the way. I have decided to give up saying sorry 90% of the time for minor bumps and things before sunset as it is just inevitable, and if I say it anymore I will probably go insane. This is why the capital is seen to have so many rude people, it is just too populated. Being polite 100% of the time is just not possible.

The shots don’t do its hecticness justice, but London looks great from here.


The old and the new. Between the two segments of the Tower of London, the modern day highrises can be seen showing how timeless London is. Many of the cities skyscrapers have funny nicknames which makes each one much easier to identify.

How good does London look under a blue sky? Since arriving I have had great weather…


And not so great weather.


Day walks…


And adventures after sunset.


The past couple of days haven’t been as nice as the ones you see in this shot, taken roughly a week or two ago. Below is a great view of the high rises and Tower of London from across the Thames.


Can you identify ‘The Shard’, ‘The Gherkin’, and ‘The Walkie Talkie’ in amongst these shots?


This month is going to be a tough one for me financially. I only received two weeks pay in September as I started work mid way through the month, and I am now brought back to the harsh reality that I will be paid monthly. This means that half pay will have to last me all the way until the end of October, and London is certainly not a city that you can survive in for too long on anything less that full time pay. I will be fine, however my blog posts until then won’t really consist of too much travel. If there is anything else you would like me to post about during this time I would welcome suggestions, I recall a few people asking me to post about how to grow and develop their own blog so I could do a post on how I run mine I guess, what has worked for me and what hasn’t.

I am going to try hard to save for a proper camera too, recently I have had more of an urge than ever to use something other than my iPhone 5. As good as the shots can be from it, it cannot compare to a proper camera. It is like me putting on the glasses I should always wear, it is easy to forget how much you miss out on until you see things through a better lens.

How long will this take in one of the most expensive cities in the world? I am not sure, but I will try. Work is great. Free meals, free gym and classes across the road a couple times a week and right now I live a short distance away so no commuting costs. These will all contribute massively and are very, very welcome.

And with that, I ask you employed people out there.. how often are you paid? Weekly? Fortnightly? Monthly? Do you like how you have it currently? For the monthlies do you feel like a millionaire like me for the first week and eat noodles for the last three? I would like to know if I am not the only one.

Stay tuned guys, more posts are coming. And when I receive my first full paycheck I will- despite trying to be more sensible with my money- ensure I will have some very fun posts heading your way.

Thank you, and I hope you had a great weekend.




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62 thoughts on “First impressions of London”

  1. I LOVED London when I visited a few times in my late teens WAY back in the late 90’s.

    I came from the US, but I genuinely laughed at how polite in general people were compared to cities here.

    I hope you are enjoying your time!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I bet there are many interesting changes since then, despite being a very historical city. The high-rises for example! And it is funny you state how polite it was, as so many Brits think the opposite haha. But so far I have only really had good experiences.

      Enjoying it a lot, and I hope you get to visit again one day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. are you logged in? If so it shouldn’t ask for your email when commenting, maybe if you aren’t it is the only way to identify you. That’s the only reason I can think of!


      2. It is, I will delete the ones where it comes up. Sorry I have just finished work, I will try and think why it is doing it. Do you usually view the posts through the WordPress Reader, or just straight onto my website?


      3. Thanks, Sam. Every time I type in my username, it flips to anonymous, or my email address, & I don’t want that showing, which it still does above.


      4. Maybe not message for a little while, see if it changes with time. I am going to sleep soon, I have deleted the messages with your email, so make sure it doesn’t happen when I am sleeping haha!


  2. I’ve been paid every other week for so long that I’m not sure I realized there was another way to pay people. If making it last is a problem, I’d suggest that the moment you get paid, put half in a savings account and take it out to live on two weeks later. That way, you’re basically getting paid every other week, which might be easier. Good luck!!

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  3. Hi Sam, great to hear that you’re enjoying the new chapter despite the slight dip in finances!!! Definitely think posts on how you’ve grown your blog and adjusting back after travelling for so long would be great 🙂 All the best!!

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Beautiful pictures! That’s how I remember London! Can you actually incorporate your Instagram pictures into a blog post? I have an Instagram feed to m WP, but I never embedded the actual photos.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you! And I am unsure, I have the feed added to the bottom of my website (that shows on my posts) however not sure about adding it to the actual post itself. I am having issues with my Insta feed currently, so it isn’t showing however I hope to rectify this soon!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am sure you will :p It would be interesting to see how it compares to US airports, I know Atlanta is huge, travelled through it a couple of times.


  5. I love the way you described your arrival.. the crowd, the bustle, crowds and so.. this is London. I lived in London 6months and it was simply unforgettable 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Anita! Glad you liked London when you lived here. 6 months would have been the perfect amount to give you enough time to see everything you wanted to see, as well as some off the beaten track areas that tourists on shorter trips would have missed. Hopefully I will see plenty in my time here!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And it’s a totally different experience to live there instead of just visiting for few days as a tourist. I had luck I had a friends who is a Native Londoner so he showed me also the less crowded tourist spots. Hope you’ll have an amazing time ther

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Definitely. I much prefer these longer trips compared to the average week or two holiday, as it gives us so much more time to tread the unbeaten tracks and really live like a local. It is great you knew someone that knows the city too, helps a lot!!

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  6. Been paid monthly for years, don’t think I’d want to be paid any other way. Does make it a struggle when you’re switching jobs though and short to begin with. I figure food and commuting can work out spendy in London though so at least you don’t have to worry too much on that front.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I have found that Brits tend to love it or hate it, I so far love it. Despite being British I still love to see the red telephone boxes, the double decker buses and funny police hats… I guess it is because this is what tourists want to see and London has something typically British around every corner. Glad you liked the photos, thanks for reading!!

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  7. Hi Sam, My family and I saw you at Hays Galleria the other day,you accused me of being obsessed. Well I had a good visit with my doctor later and we all enjoyed meeting you so a good day all round! Let us know if you come down on the DLR or the Clipper and we’ll get you a pint or a pizza and stretch the half-pay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Don! I was hoping to hear from you all, it was lovely talking to you on the river and you were all so friendly and happy to chat. I admit at first I was cautious as London is such a big city and I have certainly met some crazy people on the streets, I was relieved that you were all lovely and happy to have a pleasant conversation! It would be great to see you all again, I will be down that way at some point soon and would be delighted to have good company. My email is if you want to drop me an email so I have a method of contact.

      I hope you are all having a lovely weekend,


  8. In my country (Kenya), monthly salaries are the norm, you have to make it all last for 4 weeks.
    Budgeting apps have come through for me big time!
    Also try track your daily expenses, and do a summary of how much you’ve spent per item over the month.
    It does help to put things into perspective.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could do with a budgeting app to help me last a month! Four weeks seems like forever to me. I certainly could do with being more organised though, I don’t help myself by not making a record of what I have been spending.

      Thank you for the comments and sending my love over to Kenya! I hope you aren’t struggling too much with the pandemic.

      Liked by 1 person

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