I made a logo. What do you think?

Hey everyone, recently I’ve been having lots of thoughts about a logo for my blog and social media… I have had a few ideas in mind and today made the image that I thought about the most.

Now I don’t know if I prefer myself being in the display picture or having a logo for One Chance to See the World, but I think it is always good to have a design that can be associated with the channel. Especially if I am to going to start using more channels (Facebook and YouTube being the main ones) as I am feeling eager to start capturing more videos when on my wanders. I feel one logo that can be used for all platforms would provide more consistency, and would reduce the need for me to keep updating the DP when I move onto another location.

This is the logo I have decided on. So far!


What do you think? I had a couple others in mind, one being an hour glass as a symbol of my desire to live whilst we have the time. I felt that design just didn’t look right and only liked it when I added more to it. I just want a simple logo with minimal colour that can be recognised in black and white, so I decided against that and tried this one.

This logo also represents my desire to live life whilst I can, the heartbeat/ lifeline morphing into the outline of a passenger plane representing the travel aspect.

It’s simple, gets to the point and doesn’t matter if it is printed in black or white or with the colours inverted.


I would love to hear what you think. Do you like the idea of a logo representing a blog or channel? Or do you prefer a shot of the blogger themselves? Maybe something else with more colour or nature perhaps. I guess everyone is different and it would be impossible to ever get it 100% right, maybe the display picture is fairly irrelevant to you anyways. But regardless, I am eager to know your thoughts on this. What made you choose yours?

I hope to see you in the comments!




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80 thoughts on “I made a logo. What do you think?”

  1. I am partial to logo’s because I still remain anonymous. A logo should tell us something, at a glance, about what your blog is about. My logo is the Sacred Heart overlaid on a Betsy Ross flag (bigger version on my page has the stripes). So you know at a glance that 1) I am Catholic, and 2) I am American. You can probably intuit that 3) I will be discussing intersections of the two.

    What do you want your Logo to convey to us? It’s entirely possible the two spikes are supposed to be landscape icons I don’t recognize, but besides that Im having a hard time drawing a line between what your logo is and what your blog is about. I think you should incorporate either some acronym of your blog (letters in the heartbeat?) or make the heartbeat warp into a famous skyline (london? Make a new one for each city you happen to be in?)

    Forgive the critique though. It’s not a bad logo, and if you stick with it, it will come to symbolize your blog even if it doesn’t have much symbolism now. The key is setting it and not changing it for years!


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    1. Thanks Scoot, you use a logo so your feedback helps me a lot! And thank you for letting us know what the logo represents. It is always fascinating to learn what logos symbolize.

      I do feel on first glance the lines could also resemble a mountain range or a shark fin or something… as long as it can be relatable somehow! I am a little concerned however that it didn’t become apparent sooner for you and maybe I didn’t make it apparent enough, but as you long as you do like it after seeing what it represents, that makes me happy!


      1. Do a google search for “White Space Logo” and you’ll see tons of other examples. Some of them are more apparent than others, but they are excellent. If you wanted to make it more apparent, you could detail the nose of the airplane and have it “enclose” your “One Chance to see the world” name. Otherwise, I’m a big fan of white-space logo’s so it can be one of those “when you see it” type things.

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      2. I love these kind of logos! I didn’t know the term so had to Google it… but yeah these are some of my faves. Especially the FedEx logo with the hidden arrow… very clever!


  2. I think it look great. I would suggest you give the black line, just a pop of color. Like red, or whatever your favorite color is, just to give it more pop and to add personality.

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    1. I guess what I like about this logo is that I can mix it up from time to time and add a little colour. I do love colour however unsure just yet how to change it. I may do so at some point, and could even change it up from time to time during special occasions, green on St Paddy’s day for example!

      Thank you for the feedback πŸ™‚

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  3. I like it. The only thing I would say is that because your name is gender neutral, a picture would let your new followers know you are a man. I admit that for a while I wasn’t sure because your writing didn’t give it away. Just something to consider, but I like it as it is, too.

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    1. I guess one problem with a logo is that it isn’t as personal anymore, so I have decided currently to add the logo in my current photo, just so it’s there. Like you said my identity would be hidden so for now I will keep my face in the shot. Thank you!

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    1. I may add a bit of colour at some point Pat, just thinking of how to do so. And blue may be my favourite colour, so if I add some I am sure blue would be present!


    1. I was thinking of how much of the plane I want to be in the logo (such as adding engines for example) however similar to what Scoot mentioned with ‘white space logos’ above I liked the vague outline that may take a few moments to be recognizable. One of the reasons is the FedEx logo, have you seen the hidden arrow in it? I never noticed it for years however I love seeing the logo now to point it out to people! This is what made me choose a more simplistic design, that and I wan’t sure how to make it more pronounced as I am not very good as these things haha.

      Thank you and I really appreciate the feedback!

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  4. I like the logo but would give it some color in the background if used for your icon or avatar. The B&W would be ok for some things.
    Perhaps a photo background like a sky with clouds so it became neutral, stayed simple and helped those who didn’t see it to realize the airplane. (I saw the heartbeat and airplane right away, BTW) You could even use the cloud detail from your current photo of you so it still connected with that.
    As far as whether to keep a photo of you as well, I would say yes. The number one thing that made me sign up to follow your blog instead of the tons of other travel blogs is your genuine personable nature that comes through. Your photos are good and descriptions and adventures are interesting, but it’s how you care about and connect with your readers that stands out. YOU are your best asset. Keep it personal.
    I even find your new acronym name a little off-putting compared to your old title because when I see it in my inbox I have to grapple with it to remember who and what the blog is instead of instantly connecting…just a thought.
    Any way you go you’ll succeed as long as you continue to share your journeys.
    Cheers! -Sheri

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    1. A few people have mentioned colour too Sheri, and I like your idea of having an image of clouds or maybe landscape behind it to help the logo come to life. Thanks for that. And thank you for the valuable feedback, I have taken this on board and I have changed my logos on Instagram back to my picture with just a little logo inside, like I currently have here. I have also changed my site title back to ‘One Chance to See the World’ instead of ‘OCTSTW’ as I agree it didn’t look great, nor did it make sense to anyone that hasn’t seen my blog before. I did have ‘Living!’ there previously as I am sure you would have seen, but I took this out as that is the only place I had that word! It isn’t the name of my blog so I didn’t want different names floating about.

      Again thank you very much Sheri, it is appreciated!! I hope to keep making blog posts you enjoy πŸ™‚

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  5. I see where youre going with it and admire the creativity, but I’m not sure about it because if I ever see an airliner looking like it’s going wing up into a barrel roll I’m thinking it’s in a lot of trouble.

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    1. Thank you for your honesty and feedback it’s appreciated Krukarius, do you mean adding an image behind it, or adding mountains etc to the black line silhouette?


      1. Thanks, I was worried I would add too much to it as the logos I love are very simple. Maybe I could change it up a little when I am in a new location, like you said add a skyscraper or famous landmark from that place. Something to think about!

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  6. I like the concept, but I’d give 2 bits of feedback.

    1. It isn’t clear enough that is a plane at a glance. I see more skyline and EKG trace than plane. Maybe that’s fine, but I didn’t see a plane until I looked at the comments.
    2. The all caps and the road. I think a sans typeface in Sentence case might work better. The serifs aren’t working with the smooth line work.

    Just my 2Β’

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    1. Thank you for the feedback here! To be honest I don’t mind so much if it is mistaken for something else travel or nature wise, as a skyline or mountains for example can still provide an image worthy of a travel blog! But I understand as I was wondering when I did it whether the plane would be easy to see. I guess not!

      And regarding the wording, I have changed the font as I agree with you there, although I don’t know much about fonts! I had to Google what you were saying to help me understand a little better haha. The last logo in the post has been switched with the updated one, although I left it in capitals as I wanted the ‘D’ do finish nicely where the cockpit and rounded front of the plane would be. I hope this is a little improvement!

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  7. yes, sorta–well maybe. definitely have a good start, but i’m wondering at what angle you are looking at it. perhaps if the wing were slanted back more (rather than vertical). the wording of the font is fine, but the font is wrong. guess i would look for more of a sleek handscript?

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    1. Similar to the comment above the font doesn’t seem to be the best, so I have changed it to hopefully complement the smooth lines a little better. I tried lower case and different fonts and I personally didn’t like too many of them, but hopefully the change in font is a slight improvement. I have swapped the last pic in the post to the updated one.

      And after playing with the picture it looks more like a plane (with us standing underneath it as it flies overhead) if I rotate it 90 degrees with the nose pointing upwards, but I couldn’t then have the writing alongside the body. Nor would the lifeline look so much like one as it is meant to go from left to right. But I really like the picture of the plane rotated 90 degrees… I am in a dilemma! Haha.

      Thank you for the honest feedback here, I truly appreciate it πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you, I am pleased you like the logo πŸ™‚ Yours sounds great, glad you have found an image that represents what you are about!! πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the feedback, I added a little arc to the text as the planes outline isn’t perfectly straight, but as I have saved the logo I could change it up anytime. I will probably play about with it a little bit to see what looks better. Regarding the heartbeat trail, I like it as it represents how I feel about wanting to live life whilst we can, but maybe I could edit this to be a little easier on the eye. Less sharp and more curved lines perhaps?

      Thank you again πŸ™‚

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    1. I took a look, love it!! I love that it is dedicated to your mum, thought went into the design and makes this even more special. I wish you and the family all the best.

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  8. It’s a really good logo! It’s simple, recognisable, and gets so much across! I don’t know if you intended to have this, but the lines also sort of looked like a city skyline to me, and I guess that stands for more travel!

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    1. Thanks Jayant, I think I will have the writing included and sometimes use the one without for watermarks or something. I appreciate the feedback and glad you like the logo πŸ™‚

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