The start of a new normal

I walked by this little cafe/restaurant/bar on the way back from the shops today. I would usually walk by such a place without turning my head as London is crammed with so many places to eat and drink, it is hard for something in such a crazy busy city to catch my attention. But tonight it did, as our PM has requested bars and restaurants to close this evening and not open tomorrow. We are entering crazy times.


And when I say ‘we’ I am referring to the world, not just my little corner of it. That is the strangest thing to me. It isn’t like I am texting family and friends asking why that police helicopter is hovering above our streets or something. I have had friends in Brazil and the US reach out to me and we have talked about how we are all being affected. It really is a small world and I am feeling it more than ever right now.

For good and bad reasons. Bad as many people are being affected, the good to come from it (hopefully) is that we all ride this out together. We forget our differences and see how we are the same. I am hoping so anyway.

Will this be the last time that little cafe will be open this month? This year? Forever!? I saw people hugging inside, it could just be friends a little intoxicated, it could be the owners saying goodbye to regulars. You never know. But it made me sad thinking of how many businesses are going through trouble right now, how many lives are being affected, how our lives are being disrupted. I know it could always be worse, but it doesn’t stop me being sad when life could always be better.

Such a crazy time for all of us. We can only see what comes of it and where this virus takes us. But thankfully we can all see this through together.

Have the best weekend possible everyone.


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59 thoughts on “The start of a new normal”

    1. So sad to hear this all over the world, I have friends in the States telling me about it too. You will bounce back of course, but it doesn’t stop this being scary and uncertain times. All the best and I hope you are okay!


    1. Lol
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      They play all day

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  1. Our small community grocery was pretty stocked (I was forced to go, needed a few things). People were mindful not to be greedy in their purchases, so there would be some for others. Whereas my daughter went to town (we buy a certain dog food) to the large chain grocery store. She wanted to get a large package of chicken breasts. There was a woman in front of them, while others waited to get some also. That woman took 15 packages of chicken all that were left in the case, needless to say my daughter was livid as were others. Some people are so selfish and greedy. The difference between small communities and large ones.

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    1. I am finding the small stores to be much more pleasant experiences. I even saw a video today of a small shop in Scotland buying hundreds of masks and sanitisers and giving them out for free. There are no riots in the small shops!

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  2. I sure miss hanging around people, chatting for no real reason or making people laugh while waiting for coffee. I miss browsing my fave bookstores and instrument shops and watching people who know what they’re doing play the guitars and answer questions. As a recovering recluse, this situation sucks because it’s too damned easy to fall back into “latchkey kid” behavior and anti-social habits.

    I forced myself to make phone calls and get in touch with people today. It worked out pretty well.

    As far as what to do at home, well, My kids are feathered, finned, and pawed with floppy ears and tongues that love to lick. My house is a mess but now I have time to clean it REALLY well. I have instruments to practice, music to play, coffee to wake up and good fruit wine to wind down.

    I think I’ll be good a while. And the weather’s sometimes nice enough to be out in the yard starting the garden back up.

    In the meantime, I’m gonna finish my lasagna, fold the laundry, watch “Apocalypse Now” (again), and let the dogs out to pee one more time.

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    1. Pets really help with being in isolation! I wish I had one…

      I guess if you worry about falling into bad habits just try your best to do what you can to get out and about, even socialise from a distance with people. And there is always blogging of course! And video chatting which is an alternative now that we have social distancing. Keep connected with people where possible. The world can feel very lonely for us right now.

      It was so strange to read your comments on missing things like going to the cafe with friends or your favorite bookstore… I had to pinch myself to make sure this wasn’t all a bad dream!

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  3. We are entering a period in which ultraconservatives in the U.S. long, openly, for martial law. I was shouted down, this evening, when I begged to differ. Darkness will deepen before the dawn, but you’re on point: We are going to realize how much we need one another.

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    1. I live in a red state. I hear you about the martial law thing. Because you know they have their right to bear arms and believe all that 45 says. Itโ€™s frightening the level of their delusion. Peace brother.

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    2. There will always be groups longing for certain things, I don’t think that will ever leave sadly. But I do hope this kind of event demonstrates how similar we are, instead of highlighting how we differ. I hope!!

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  4. No more traveling for us either for awhile too! just around the corner will do within our area. Really sad for a start of 2020 lot’s of bad things happened already. Anyway, stay safe!

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    1. It has been a crazy start to 2020 for sure! Who could have imagined this. Hopefully you get to enjoy some trips a little closer to home ๐Ÿ™‚

      Stay safe too!


  5. It is indeed a strange and scary time. But I am heartened by the acts of kindness i have seen, not just neighbours, or local communities, but between those further apart. Even though we are being told to stay apart, in a strange way this is bringing us together. I don’t know how this will pan out, but I completely agree with you and hope that part of the legacy of it will be that we all realise that we are the same.

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    1. ‘Even though we are being told to stay apart, in a strange way this is bringing us together.’ I couldn’t agree more. Sadly it takes events like this to do just that, but better late than never I suppose.

      Loving the acts of kindness I am hearing about too. It shows kindness is an option! And I am pleased to be seeing it.

      Thanks for the lovely comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Yes, it does doesn’t it! It’s definitely the silver lining here, there is a ripple of kindness which seems to be spreading everywhere. I wonder what sort of world we will be in when we come out of this the other side? I hope that the kindness continues.

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  6. In an event like this I’m grateful to enjoy running so much. It’s been easier to feel like life is normal when I’m still able to do that. It’s the anxiety of not knowing what will be out of stock at the grocery store each week that is getting to me. Granted I do have plenty of food, I’m just spoiled by my usual routine of always getting everything I want.

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    1. It is so liberating to go for a run, and I can imagine even more so now after the lockdowns. Especially running in areas away from people and into nature.

      Our government were on TV criticising those that have been selfishly buying, so hopefully there will be less panic and more on the store shelves when people realise we aren’t running out. But it is strange to not have that guarantee everyday, I agree!

      I hope you’re well.


  7. The start of a new normal, how right it is. We have to adapt to this new norm and learn from this pandemic. Human being gotta stop acting as if the planet belongs to us or we can do anything to it, because it is not. We, human being, don’t own it. ๐ŸŒ

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  8. Not sure it will be the start of a new normal. Things will definitely change for a while though, even after the virus is old news.

    People are notoriously bad about learning from the past though.

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    1. Hopefully it is the start of a temporary new ‘normal’, but not a permanent one of course. We will just have to see how long that lasts!

      I agree. We forget things very easily, which is very scary.

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  9. I defiantly agree with you on reaching out in world where everyone needs to look beyond. I see it too here in the US. I really hope you are doing well and remember to breath and hope is in the Lord.

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