I just want a walk and a doughnut…

‘Dough nut’, or ‘doughnut’ are terms first recorded in the early 1800’s. These people were the first bloggers. Those writing on walls with paints and stone tools, then using new inventions called ‘pens’ to write with ink on paper.

Some of the words they came up with to describe the fancy foods they were creating, would they have had any idea they would stand the test of time?!

I was walking by this doughnut shop in February and now the cravings are hitting me again.


Getting messy with a fat doughnut as I try to dodge the oncoming rush hour commuters. Ahh, those were the days. Moments of frustration that are now memories of when life was just a little bit easier. But I can still order these snacks to my house, so life is still way, way better than it could be.

I have had a couple of conversations with fellow bloggers about what will change as we slowly get back to normal, when it is safe to of course. The foot-operated hand sanitizer in my last post being an example. Will we have a heightened awareness of where our hands are going each and everyday, and where they have been? Greeting with a handshake might give us the urge to wash our hands straight afterwards with this pandemic still fresh in our minds. And if we do have this increased urge to sanitize, how long will it last? Humans have a great track record of forgetting things as we get back to normality after a tragic event.


Do you think you will change your routine in the long term?

I’ve never really liked handshakes anyway, there are too many variations these days. The fewer ways I can make a fool of myself in public, the better.



Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay home, stay safe and happy blogging!



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45 thoughts on “I just want a walk and a doughnut…”

  1. I can see handshakes being taboo for a little while, but I don’t think they will go away. Habits and tradition are hard to break. More likely than not, masks will be a thing. Already in Asia (thanks to SARS, maybe?) people wear masks. Some of them are fashion accessories.

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    1. Yeah we have been shaking hands for centuries (or longer?!), and we do love tradition. Not that I want to ban them of course, I am just happy with a little break haha. It will be interesting to see how long we refrain from doing this.

      And masks, yeah I have seen more and more people from the west using them, including myself as my local area has been handing them out. Maybe they are here to stay.


    1. Hugs I like, you can’t mess up a hug. And we really only hug people we are truly close to anyways, so I hope these make a comeback soon 🙂

      *gives virtual hug*

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      1. Virtual hug back ☺️ I’ve always been a ‘touchy feely’ person.. so – hugs for all, they’re free after all! 🥰

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    1. In what sense do you think, like the hygiene standards in general or using our hands less? Or something else? Interesting to think and as different cultures have different traditions when eating, seeing how the world adapts.

      I might have to start eating my doughnuts with a knife and fork!

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      1. Haha. I wasn’t talking about the hygiene standards, but since you mentioned, maybe that too! =)

        I’m talking about the food that we consume, like animal products.
        If you have 6.5 minutes to spare, may I recommend you this video on Youtube, titled CORONAVIRUS: How Did it Really Start & How Do We Stop it From Happening Again? COVID-19 (here is the link: https://youtu.be/aIoBAS6bLy8 if you prefer).

        If you think the message makes sense, kindly share it with your friends and family, maybe even with your followers.

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      2. I sent the video to family, thanks for sharing! It is something we really need to look at, and everyday I am thinking more and more about giving up meat. The poor animals in this video 😦

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  2. no need for handshakes but hopefully there won’t be such panic after that…I mean the feeling to obsessive wash our hands.. lots of crap will come and go so we never can be super safe…

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    1. I guess there are a million things we should be worried about in life! This is just one so we can’t focus our minds purely on a pandemic as there are so many things that could catch us off guard. We just have to be thankful most things can be kept at bay 🙂


  3. I think that some things will be forgotten almost immediately but the way we use the internet may change forever … more people working from home maybe. Lots of shops may not survive and so our high streets will look very different. Hope it’s not too long before you can safely go out and get a doughnut again.

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    1. More people working from home is one that will be looked at surely… as so many people are able to right now! Are you currently working from home?

      In the UK, many high streets are dying off in town centres as online shopping is much more commonplace now. Maybe this will speed up the death and councils find methods to bring high streets back to life in other ways.

      Thank you for your thoughts!! 🙂


    1. Arthritis doesn’t sound pleasant at all… however it saves you the need to greet with the hands and I am pleased to be someone that doesn’t have to do this right now as well!

      I am sorry to be spreading the craving for doughnuts xD

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    1. I am like this anyway! I never know what the other persons preference is. Maybe now it will be even worse haha. I think a nod of the head will be safe for everyone 😀


  4. I don’t like handshakes, especially when men shake my hand I don’t know why they feel they have to crush my hand. I miss the hugs though…it took me a long time to be ok with hugs but with close people it’s a great feeling to share. I like how in school a grade 2 teacher posted picture options to high five, wave, salute, say hi or get a hug. I like how no kid feels pressured to be ok with just one option. 🙂

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    1. Yeah that is definitely a man thing, we have been told to do this particularly in interview situations to show ‘confidence’… however in social situations it shouldn’t really matter so much. As long as the hugs aren’t so crushing!!

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    1. When I was typing the post I did type in Google ‘is it doughnut or donut?’ as I have heard both, realising donut was more of an American spelling. I just didn’t add it to the post as I wanted to see when the earliest use of the word was 🙂

      I have been doing a lot more nodding in London, and certain countries have the bow and I have been doing this more with asian guests/residents in the hotel and residential building that I have worked in that prefer this greeting. It’s nice!

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  5. Speaking of donuts… perhaps american name… before I usually ignore it however tasty it may look but now on it’s 2nd week of lockdown seems you trigger my craving for it and will buy when I can go out to buy some groceries haha!

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  6. On a totally different tack from fist bumps and gravy rings (which is what doughnuts were called when I was a youngster in the last Millennium) I do like your image of Freemason’s Hall. You know I like to give you ideas so another insider’s tip here. Did you know you can get a free guided tour there? It is fascinating and well worth doing. Obviously that is in normal times which I hope return soon.

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    1. Thank you for telling me the name of the building! I didn’t actually look it up after taking the photo for some reason, despite being the reason I took the shot.

      And gravy rings?! Were they used to dip in gravy or something? Interesting name! Haha

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      1. I know, totally ludicrous term but it is what they were called.
        Yes, that is the centre of world domination if you are a believer in conspiracy theories. It really is worth a visit when all this current nonsense blows over. It is fascinating.

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      2. I certainly know the conspiracies going around, but didn’t think about that until you just said the word there. Will have to do it!!


  7. Great post! I’d really love it if handshaking became taboo…we only ever shake the hands of strangers and the hands are usually the dirtiest part of the body. I don’t know this person’s hygiene, if they’re really gross? Do they wash their hands after using the bathroom? Do they use soap? Lol

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    1. It is true, our hands wander constantly and touch so many things! And not everyone washes their hands sadly! Not cool. I think I am with you on this, if handshakes weren’t so popular I would be okay with it 🙂

      Thanks for reading!

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