How do you deal with a disrupted routine?

Since things have changed for us recently I have been thinking a lot about how to adapt to it. It isn’t easy especially with a daily routine in place. I’ve had nine whole days off work now with our new skeleton rota and despite catching up with housework and cooking, I haven’t done a lot with the days.

I have spent way too much of my free time simply thinking about how to spend my time. And today is my first day back at work. The free time ran out.


This was Old Street station in February. It is located underneath the (then) busy Old Street roundabout above. Now the underground station is empty, the local flower shop and cafes that operate down here are closed and only key workers walk through the station barriers.

I wonder if everyone in this shot are managing their free time better than I am. I am being a bit harsh on myself though, after all I did do the cleaning that I was putting off for ages, a couple of washes, and caught up with family daily over video chat. What’s frustrating is trying to think of a new daily routine and not achieving this. Lots of ideas ran through my head but none that developed into more than just a thought. Like a fisherman with his bait in the river, everything swims by without a single catch. It feels like a wasted day to me when reflecting.


My plan before the pandemic was to let readers vote for the places they would like me to visit in London. This would be done on Instagram using the poll feature on IG stories. I would put two popular London sights into the vote, 24 hours would be enough time to see the results and I would spend my next day off exploring and blogging my experience. I managed to go to Covent Garden (I blogged about this here and on Instagram) before having to take a pause for the foreseeable future.

So frustrating!!!!!

But what’s more frustrating would be to lose a family member to the virus, so I’ll end my whining there. I did take a bunch of photos before the lockdowns and you are currently seeing them in my recent posts. So at least this will keep me busy as I play with lighting and get more familiar with photography software. I have a long way to go to improving my shots so that’s something to keep me occupied.


And I need to remind myself that routine doesn’t just happen overnight. It is something that takes time and instead of getting wound up over indecision, let time take its course and eventually a new path will form. A river carves its way gradually and this is no different. Just let things fall into place one by one without rushing things. So I will try to be patient. Patience was never my strongpoint…


I have more pictures coming at least, some from around the London Eye, the Shard and Piccadilly Circus to name a few. Just quick shots passing through as I take mindless strolls. Sometimes these shots work out to be the best as a glorious photo opportunity comes our way, so plans aren’t always needed anyways. Not that I’m promising that sadly, just hopeful for the future!

And I hope you have managed to keep yourself occupied with things to get you through. Are you someone that needs to create a new routine to keep you sane? Or someone that is more free flowing and happy to just sit it out with a nice book and wait for things to get back to normal and carry on as you were?

I’d like to hear how you manage when the path ahead is blocked.

For now at least.



Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay home, stay safe and happy blogging!



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32 thoughts on “How do you deal with a disrupted routine?”

  1. You need to establish a new routine and now that you’ve taken care of the immediate chores you need to find some new ones, or learn a new skill. BTW that’s a great photo of the Gherkin. I get such a feeling of satisfaction whenever I see it as it’s become one of the iconic buildings in London.

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    1. I am pleased to get the chores out the way (the deep cleans that would take a while) so now I can at least relax a little and focus on a new routine.

      And glad you like the shot! I love the Gherkin too, one of my favourite buildings in London πŸ™‚ thanks for the comments Sheree πŸ˜€

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  2. I will have a blog post exactly about how to keep your sanity while confined and will be talking about having a routine… yes it does take time to build and implement a new one but keep it going πŸ’ͺand don’t be discouraged πŸ˜‰

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  3. Our lives are not much different as we’re stay-at-home people most of the time anyway other than grocery shopping, dr. appointments etc. We don’t socialize, & haven’t done for years.

    Husband has his gardening during the season which starts in a month or so, yard work, his model trains, driving his mobility scooter.

    I have the laptop, emails, books, cats, music playing all day long, light housework [ick] since I suspended the housekeepers, my atheist social sites, texting our kids, cooking, baking breads, manual treadmill, exerbike, my mobility scooter.

    I’ll have to cut our hair soon, & I did that for over 30 years, so it isn’t anything new. Maybe I should try a mohawk on my husband’s remaining strands….hahahaha…..

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    1. You sound well prepared to isolate for a little while Pat.

      Can you cut my hair?! We were talking about this at work today… I am going to need to find a haircut somewhere haha.

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  4. 🀨 an feel moments of meditation, working on learning those photo programs. Experimental cooking? Planning future ideas for your blog. Good luck. How you organize those things becomes the routine

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  5. Because I’m a writer, I work from home. So, my routine hasn’t been disrupted except that I don’t receive housekeeping services on a regular basis, and my local singing and writing groups and water exercise classes aren’t meeting face to face. I’ve had time to work on my novel and post to my blog more often. I also enjoy good books, magazines, and podcasts. All this helps me stay sane.

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    1. It is great that you won’t be disrupted as a writer, the beauty in writing is that you can do it anywhere! Shame that your classes have been stopped though, but hopefully you can use this extra time for the passions you can still continue with.

      Stay safe, and stay sane! :p

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  6. I’ve been kicking myself for not going to the library before it closed down. I love reading novels but I’m reading blog posts instead. I listen to music, watch movies, spend time annoying my fam, I miss my friends terribly but we keep in touch. I used to have dance classes, we missed our recital so just keeping up with practicing at home.

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    1. Have you started reading eBooks instead as the library closed, or just blogs mainly? At least there is plenty of reading material online πŸ™‚

      Keep practicing dance! And being in touch with family. So important πŸ™‚


  7. Surprisingly, mine didn’t change much. It’s lots of work; we need to work more because we are adapting our products to the new reality with less workforce. Also, working remotely is more difficult, takes more time to put things together. I do not commute, but I would use my commute for social media and personal emails anyway :). The new thing is that now I talk to my husband over Face Time every morning for at least half-hour because we do not know when we will be able to see each other in person. I miss volunteering and cultural events, but some of that has moved online, and I am clearing my backlog on multiple things :).

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    1. The way we have adapted to this new way of working is fascinating. And I am very interested to see how things change permanently, if they do.

      It must be hard not seeing your husband everyday though, but at least you can still communicate. Of course this isn’t comparable to being with each other and I hope that this all ends soon.


  8. My husband and I just welcomed our first child before this all happened which, in a way, was perfect timing. It means that we have this concentrated period of time to build a routine with her before life resumes, which I am trying to see as a blessing. Strange times indeed but life will go back to normal eventually! Don’t push yourself too hard to achieve all the things or be more productive than normal during this time. Make it whatever you need it to be. For me, this means spending an incredible amount of uninterrupted time with my daughter and husband. For you, it may mean writing more blogs or, as you say, working on your photography editing skills. The only expectation we should have for ourselves is to get through this with our sanity largely intact πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is amazing news, congratulations!! I think this is the perfect way to think about the current situation, more precious family time. I can imagine that it’s hard to leave the house anyway with a newborn! πŸ˜„ all the best to you and your little family πŸ™‚


  9. As I have written in one of my posts I am somewhat of an introvert therefore, I am adjusting fairly well. However, my extroverted friends are having quite a time sitting still. Praying for those who are not in a safe space, and for healing in this nation!!!

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  10. If you have one of those “this is what I will do when I have time” lists, it would be good to start working on the list. πŸ™‚ I have one as I tend to start several projects at home without actually finishing them. Now I’m finishing them – or at least attempting. πŸ™‚

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    1. Good stuff! I need to make a list so I can have it as a reminder, but I don’t as of yet. I bet you feel great now you are finishing some of the things on that list!

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  11. Really funny to read because I’ve experienced this pre and post lockdown.
    I have to say from Feb to mid March I was enjoying all of the extra free time. Since lockdowns I’ve struggled and since getting back to England on Monday, I’ve found this past week particularly difficult.

    Hope you’re able to find things to keep you busy!

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    1. The longer we have the harder it is to keep busy I guess! I am grateful to have this blog as this is the main reason I stay productive. I am cooking more too. I do hope that you are able to find things to pass the time Jason!

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