Feeling every emotion today

Good evening everyone, my post comes later today as I wasn’t able to publish at work. Today I wanted to upload these shots of the Shard that actually have very little to do with how I am feeling, other than this is the city in which I currently feel them.


The weather in both these shots was perfect, and today was another glorious day. Around 20c I believe (68f) and no clouds whatsoever. The images here are from different days earlier this year, but both close to Southwark tube station.

The sun puts me in a good mood. That is normal for us humans, I don’t think I actually know of anyone that gets depressed at the thought. But today I felt a little gloomy.


We freak out here when the sun finally beats the clouds. And even though we are in a lockdown, I just knew that there would be a few that couldn’t help themselves and venture outside and fill up the parks. That is what got me down a bit.

I work in residential, meaning I have to work and today residents went out solo or with a partner for a jog or long walk. That is (currently) acceptable. However some came back saying the parks were busy, some people sunbathing in groups. Not acceptable.

I understand that I am working outside of the home (I have to) but I am trying to be as distant as I can with everyone and keep with the rules set by the government and the company I work for. We have put a lot of measures in place to protect us all and I am content with this so far.

Some of the population are still meeting friends from outside of their own homes. Fact. It is so frustrating to know that despite most people doing their bit, there is always a small minority that just don’t care. And sometimes these small numbers can do way more damage than they are aware of. I have to meet people outside of my own home, true, but only at work. I wouldn’t and haven’t met anyone outside of my home to socialise. I would genuinely feel partly responsible for the continual rise in cases, all because I just couldn’t help myself but go against what has been recommended by experts.

But I need to be proud of the 99% more than the ignorant 1%. Most people are good people and it can be easily overlooked when all we hear about are the negatives. And I like to think those that have broken the rules are doing it out of plain stupidity and not because they don’t care about the vulnerable.

But I felt relaxed again after watching the Queen give a speech this evening on TV. She spoke elegantly in a calm manner, addressing the nation for only the fifth time other than her Christmas messages. She has only spoken in times of trouble, this pandemic certainly falling in that category.

I will be genuinely sad when Queen Elizabeth II reign is over, being a country with a royal family she has been a good Queen to us. And she certainly hasn’t had the easiest life. With all the chaos going on in the world it is nice to hear a message of hope. And I have just learned that our PM Boris is in hospital… I understand that everyone’s political stance differs (and I will avoid the topic of politics here!) however no one should suffer and I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

And I guess my message to end the post is that in all the chaos that is going on in the world, it is important to know we cannot change everything ourselves. But we can make a difference in our little ways and as long as we are being good people and constantly seeking to improve, that is all we can do.

Stay safe, I am sorry for being a little delayed in responding to some of your comments due to working however after tomorrow I have a whole eleven days off. That’s right, ELEVEN. So I will be present more than I have been in the past couple days.

I am sending my love to you all out there, wherever you live and whatever your situation.

Take care!


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay home, stay safe and happy blogging!



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33 thoughts on “Feeling every emotion today”

  1. Thanks, Sam. I want to hear that speech, & if it’s not televised here then I’ll access from this page later after I’ve done dinner.

    I am glad to hear you’re healthy, & doing your best for the rules now, as are we. None have been confirmed here yet, & hopefully it stays that way. Many of our small cities & villages are begging people to stay out now even if they do have vacation cabins around the areas.

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  2. Yes, it’s interesting. Most days, I run the gamut of emotion. From being unbelievably grateful and happy to fear to claustrophobia and on it goes. I understand some people protesting quarantine and shutting down of economies BUT I do not understand these people gathering in huge crowds. That makes no sense to me at all. Some people tried to infect people with AIDS, too. I guess there are some really weird people out there.

    We will get a different perspective and some of it will be good. Did the Queen get the virus? Or is that weird stuff floating around? I know Boris has it and is hospitalized now for tests.

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    1. People are crazy… I don’t understand anyone wanting to infect others, but it is something that happens sadly.

      So far the Queen seems to be fine, I haven’t heard any headlines saying she has it. Prince Charles has it though and was self isolating and Boris is sadly unwell with it.


  3. There are always those that defy authority and don’t have a lick of common sense. I wish we had a public figure like the queen to put minds at ease with understanding and compassion. Unfortunately (sadly) we have just the opposite. As you stated we won’t get into that. Even though I have freedom of space and outdoors, I’d trade it for peace of mind, that everything was being done that could be. Be safe, take care.

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  4. Thank you for your posts. I have been following you for awhile but I especially enjoy your posts about London, which is a city that is near and dear to my heart. My son lives in Newcastle while he gets his PhD so I enjoy the references to there as well.

    The Queen is amazing, and I loved her speech. It made me feel better, more than anything I have heard so far. I completely agree with your feelings about people ignoring the restrictions. It’s selfish and will ultimately turn round and bite them because we will have to isolate longer. I live in the US and it’s the same here. I am “essential” as well and it’s really frustrating to be doing the best I can and see that. But, as you say, most people are doing the right thing. It’s a roller coaster, for sure, but I’m confident that brighter days are ahead. Stay well, and thanks again for your posts. I really enjoy them!

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    1. Thank you so much for following my blog, I truly appreciate it and your kind comments are motivation for me to keep going. I will do so and have many London posts coming your way! I also hope your son is enjoying Newcastle, it is a great city especially for a student.

      Hopefully enough people are following the rules to have this over quicker, I really don’t want a stricter lockdown. Stay safe and I look forward to putting more posts out there for you to enjoy!


  5. Today I read how some churches are still having services with some states even allowing for exemptions of their stay at home orders to churches. I find that absolutely ridiculous. In this age of technology there’s no reason to have in person services right now. I find it incredibly selfish and read a comment from one pastor that people “want to follow God’s law, not man’s law” to which I would say ok, if you get sick then let God take care of you and free up the doctors, nurses and ventilators to treat those who followed the stay at home orders.

    Sorry had to get that rant out to someone today other than my husband.

    I’m glad you’re able to still work and are staying healthy. I appreciate being able to read how things are going across the ocean.

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    1. I can second this rant! A friend emailed me a video of one of the Orthodox archbishop, who was explaining, that people shall not fear and should go to the churches!!! Can you imagine that?!

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    2. ‘I would say ok, if you get sick then let God take care of you and free up the doctors, nurses and ventilators to treat those who followed the stay at home orders.’

      Well said!! I couldn’t agree more and you put it beautifully. Those pastors sound so ignorant, and I didn’t know services were still going on. I hope this changes soon!

      Feel free to rant on here anytime 😀

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      1. I agree how there is no shame or guilt is beyond me… it just emphasizes the arrogance I often see within the religious community that helped to drive me away from it. That said I do know a fair amount of church goers who are using virtual services and I’m glad they’re actually following their religious instruction to “love one another” which of course means helping to protect one another.

        Haha ok thanks 🙂

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      2. Virtual services are good, and maybe they are the future! Especially for older folk that can’t really attend for mobility reasons. Maybe more events turn to virtual options too if they see success during lockdown. Interesting to hear!


  6. Thanks for posting about your feeling and experiences. We have a few people ‘cheating’ here as well, but remarkably few that I’ve seen, which is comforting. And we can only do our own part, of course and everyone that isolates from others breaks the cycle and ‘flattens the curve’ as they say.
    It was wonderful to see the Queen’s address. I’m so glad you posted it here. Being in the US I missed that she did so, though it was likely mentioned somewhere here since it is a rare occasion.
    My mum was Canadian and grew up with great respect for the Queen. I find the royal family and its traditions and place in governance fascinating, and I’ve gained my own respect for Queen Elizabeth II by her actions throughout her reign. I thought the recent series The Crown did a great job in showing how difficult her place has been through changing times and the grace and integrity…and sometimes personal ruthlessness…with which she has carried out her duty. I would not want her job (as she didn’t necessarily either, for that matter) but if it had been bestowed upon me, I could only hope I would have done it as well as she. She’s remarkable! Her address on covid-19 is inspiring to me, and she’s been able to offer that inspiration many times to the world, in a way that few public figures can. I respect her, and I too will be sorry to see her reign come to a close eventually.

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    1. I have to say it seems to be only a small minority breaking the rules, and I am pleased that is the case here and where you are, as well as around the world.

      Interesting to know your mum was Canadian, the Queen has done a great job of gaining respect not just from Commonwealth nations, but around the world also. I totally agree with you she has had a lot on her plate with this role, from her youth to this virus now, and still a professional. Hopefully she continues for a while to come!

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