Learning not to hate each other in lockdown

It seems we are all struggling to stay sane right now, who knew staying indoors would be so difficult. It is certainly more difficult when told to do something compared to when we have the choice.

I for one certainly took my walks for granted.


I have always loved walking, and always dreamed of walking down new streets in a new location. I guess I took being allowed to do so for granted, not seeing anything on the horizon that would take this right away so fast.


But before you know it something is on the horizon, and moves like a shockwave taking you out. We are all being hit by that shockwave right now. But attempts are being taken to reduce the effects such as staying indoors, although being stuck with each other in such a small area is having an effect too.


My mum, sister and I all live separately and we all enjoy video calling everyday. We aren’t constantly under each others feet and I think in the long term this will be beneficial. Not that I want to be in isolation for a long time and of course I miss my family a hell of a lot, but we can do each others heads in after a little while. We all have our habits and do things that grind each others gears, and this is normal. I hope.

So although I wish we were all together to get through this, I am feeling grateful for technology allowing us to chat anytime. A time that we all agree on and we can’t be pests at the times when we just want some alone time. The best of both worlds really. I have a flatmate that I don’t see too often and we chat on the odd occasion but that’s it. I worry if I moved in a little earlier and we were a little closer by now we would be much more prone to annoying each other. I am also working which breaks up the day and allows me a change of scenery, something that has kept me in a good state of mind for sure.

How are you finding isolation? Who are you living with and are you ripping each others hair out yet? I hope not, although this is perfectly normal for families!


Sending love to you all.


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay home, stay safe and happy blogging!



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31 thoughts on “Learning not to hate each other in lockdown”

    1. Perfect! Are you saying that the whole family are sharing the chores? This sounds too good to be true surely xD

      Glad to hear you are all well and not fighting. You guys have it figured out!

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      1. I just think it is great that you are all helping. I will be honest I hardly did chores as a kid (I wasn’t really asked though) but I wish I helped more.

        I am pleased your kids are more helpful than I was!

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      2. I also did practically no chores as a kid as well. When my kids were younger and their friends came over to play/hang out – I made them do chores as well, I still remember my girlfriend calling me and saying, wow, I cant believe you did that, she does not even do chores are our house. Funny

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  1. We’ve been married almost 54 years, & haven’t torn our hair out yet. Came close a few times, but we’re still in one piece. I think it’s more difficult for the younger ones than us.

    I worry a lot about our kids more than ourselves, & our daughter is stuck with 2 school age kids driving her mad, & they have the virus right near them.

    At least their other 3 kids are on their own, but our eldest granddaughter is due for a baby in less than a month. What an awful time to be having a newborn!

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    1. If you can live with each other for 54 years I am sure a little time in isolation is nothing Pat! How is your family, everything okay? Exciting news about your granddaughter, congratulations to her and the family too! Maybe this time will be perfect for staying inside and being close to one another.


      1. None of us are close….we all live in different cities, hours & hours apart. My granddaughter lives in Manitoba, & we don’t see her, let alone her kids.

        2 of our kids are here in BC, 3rd one in Saskatchewan. Daughter, 5 hours away by vehicle, is now surrounded by the virus, & she & her husband are out of work. Government is kicking through with some support money.

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      2. Pleased the government is helping. Canada is such a huge country too… mind you a five hour drive will be just around the corner for you relatively speaking!

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  2. I just moved back home a few weeks ago, so I’m still in self-isolation. The first few weeks when everyone started leaving were probably the emptiest days I’ve seen recently… I’m honestly glad to be back home and surrounded by people (at a 2m distance)! At the moment, I’m just compensating for a whole year of being away and talking their ears off, let’s see how long I can keep that up before I’ve worn my family out!

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    1. I take it the move back is purely for isolation Matt? How is everything going with life in general for you? I am sure your family are loving having you back!!

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      1. It’s going alright so far! I did fly back only for the isolation, once in-person classes shut down. Uni is still on and it’s finals season, so I’m working more nights than I am days, so that’s a little strange, waking up in the dark and sleeping in the light, but I’m really grateful for the company during the hours we’re all awake together! The last week I was at uni was eerily quiet as everyone began packing up and leaving. In fact, the longest conversation I’d had all week then was with my Uber driver to the station!

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      2. That will be weird! I have done my fair share of night shifts and I missed the sunshine a lot. But order will be restored at some point, and you have company in the meantime so that’s good! Sounds like there is more company there than at uni towards the end of in-person classes.

        Glad to hear you’re good Matt, and good luck with the finals 🙂

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  3. Being a key worker I’ve not had the cabin fever of staring at 4 walls all day as I’ve been able to get out to work. My wife works from home and my teenage son is using technology to do his school work and chat to his friends whilst gaming. Thank heavens for Internet and technology. The weather is helping. Having spring like weather in the UK with blue skies and sunshine always lifts the mood. Having dogs gives us an opportunity to get out and walk So far so good.

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    1. Internet/technology is a saviour, isn’t it?! The nice weather too, however I worry that this might mean more people are out and about which could result in a tougher lockdown, we will see. Sunshine always helps to lift the mood though 🙂

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  4. I live with my family of five, we’re all adults do if we do get on each other’s nerves we just say our piece and give each other space. But yes there are more negative impacts than the ones you mention… My heart goes out to those in abusive relationships and bad marriages… I hope they survive this and finally gather up the strength to change their lives.

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    1. Sounds like you all resolve anything pretty fast, that’s good. Yes I have heard sadly that incidents of abuse ect have risen during this time, it is very sad to hear 😦


  5. I’m home with my husband Jason. I’ve worked from home since 2015, but he joined me in working from home about 2.5 weeks ago. It’s working out ok. Luckily our bedroom remodel was finished the end of February so we moved my work desk into the spare bedroom and he’s using the desktop in the living room. I try to not go into the living room too often during the workday to keep some separate space. We’re working out more together and taking more walks. There might be a few more annoyances (he has this habit of constantly leaving the kitchen light on when he leaves the room) but no arguments or anything. Besides him I’ve only seen my dad in person lately. He’s come over to go running. I’m sure technically he shouldn’t since he doesn’t live in our house, but running keeps us both sane and feel more connected. I miss my 5 month old nephew the most, but we’re limiting him to his parents and my mom who babysits him just to err on the side of caution.

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    1. I think the space is a good idea during isolation for sure. But you are both getting out and about and being sensible with it which is good! And no arguments= happy days 😀

      Soon we will be able to see our families again I am sure 🙂

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  6. Myself, wife and 16 month old daughter are doing well. I’m back to work in a week after being furloughed for over two months. We’ve been fortunate in that we live close to areas we can still go wild camp. It’s helped!


    1. Good to hear Jake! And glad to read you are able to get back to work. Having some countryside on your doorstep is a blessing, especially now! I hope you have a great week before you start work again 🙂


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