When you hit that wall

Today has been one of my least productive to date in this lockdown, apart from getting my daily practice on duolingo in before lunch. I had one of those days in which I didn’t know where to start, and instead of focusing on something and remaining focused on that thing I just acted like a rabbit in the headlights and froze. Frustrating to say the least.

DSC_0010 (1)

I did however look at every one of your wonderful comments on yesterday’s post and responded today. I want to thank you all for taking your time to comment on it, even if I am a little envious of most of you! It is fascinating to learn about all the different languages spoken, and how many bloggers speak one, two, even three or more languages. It is damn impressive. I feel I am still learning my mother tongue.


Today I slept in embarrassingly late too. So late I don’t even want to say until what time exactly! Not in this room though, my flatmate and I are currently celebrating having a spare room each to stretch our legs in which is really helping right now. We need space. Both spare rooms in the apartment have their own couch and table/chairs which is perfect for working in.

I must have needed the sleep though, but from what… all the sitting I’ve been doing?! I can hardly boast about tiring myself out with exercise. I did take a celebratory selfie once I got my camera charged and set up my new little office in the corner of the room though.


But I will say I have been staring at a screen waaaay too much in the past month, so the more sleep I can get the better. It can’t be good for our eyes to be stuck in isolation… the TV, the computer, the phone all constantly flashing in front of our faces. I have been listening to podcasts with my eyes closed which is a little break I guess, and the odd walk to the shops for exercise is the best I can do to evade the technological temptation. Maybe madness has kicked in and is the reason I braved a couple of selfies recently, I’m not sure. But I aim to take more shots of me because I feel it makes the blog a little more personal. So I will try. I have evaded it for too long.

That is all for now, I hope you have all had a productive day. Speak soon!



Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay home, stay safe and happy blogging!



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28 thoughts on “When you hit that wall”

  1. Since my macular degeneration diagnosis, I’ve downloaded blue light protectors on all my screens. I also have blue light filter coating on my eyeglasses, so there are ways to protect yourself.

    Your apartment looks very spacious, & I think we’re all in that position of needing it.

    Walking is always good, no matter how far.

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    1. Glad this is helping protect your eyes Pat. Much needed when we are looking at screens for so long!

      I am pleased my apt is half vacant, much more room to move. I need all the movement I can get!

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  2. Avoiding screens..really difficult! Glad to read that im not the only one struggling with this. Ive been trying to read a book or exercise everyday and that’s helped a bit..

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  3. Well, hey, sometimes doing nothing actually helps you get ahead in your skills. If you work out an hour or two a day, the day in rest will help the muscles regenerate. If you do cardio like running, it’s your sleeping that enables the fat burn. Learning a language? Same thing, you have to let you subconscious mind soak all the new knowledge in.

    To avoid those screens, do you have actual books by the way? Maybe see if you have a copy of War and Peace (lol).

    And by the way, love you coffee mug.

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    1. This is true, thanks for making me feel better! Breaks and days off are important. I don’t have any books with me sadly but I am enjoying listening to podcasts.

      Thanks for the motivation, and I am pleased you like the mug! 😀

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  4. We all have days like that. I appreciate that you keep us to date with what’s happening in your life. Even if it’s just exercise, it’s still activity no matter what. I’ve been doing Pilates, writing, and gaming. Now I’m playing nostalgic games after my BFF started playing older games. Regardless, glad to read about your life. 🙂

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    1. I like to blog even if it is an uneventful day, sorry though it isn’t much right now haha. I am glad you are keeping busy, and love that you are playing older games. One thing I miss doing is being able to get my old games consoles out and going back to my childhood. I will have to get them from my mums house when I next can. Fun times!

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  5. I think unproductive days is something we need to accept as other things during the quarantine as our brains are trying to catch up with everything. I catch myself thinking how many things I DIDN’T accomplish in the past weeks and then try to think of something to do productive the next day (not that it actually happens 🙂 ). But I have been trying to work out everyday. And recently moved on to sorting my old, pre-digital photo albums.

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    1. This certainly makes me feel better to think, as our brains are trying to process things, especially after having productive days. You sound like you have been fairly productive during the isolation though which is good! I hope you stumble across some great older photos that bring back fantastic memories 🙂

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  6. Sign up for an online Portuguese language class (someone in Brazil?). You’ll learn a lot more that way, i.e., speaking, than simply vocabulary as with Duolingo and it will force you to keep learning for your next class.

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    1. I do have Brazilian friends I could talk to from time to time! This will help for sure. I think we will share voice notes etc as like you said speaking will help me learn a lot more.

      Thanks for the comments!! Much appreciated.


  7. You do not have to be productive all the time. Just think of your downtime as a catapult to send you flying towards greater productivity. By the way, what language or languages have you been learning. These days, I am trying to learn another language too.

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    1. ‘Just think of your downtime as a catapult to send you flying towards greater productivity.’

      Love this! I will have to think this way when I next feel unproductive. I’m learning Portuguese! And yourself?

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  8. Love the mug! As for aimless, unproductive days, have you ever made a list? Works wonders for focusing and preventing the “out-of-sorts” feeling. You won’t get everything on the list done – maybe only one or two things – but if you’re a “list person” like I am, it really goes a long way to prevent that “at loose ends” feeling.

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    1. Glad you like the mug! I have tried but to be honest I haven’t been consistent with it… I used sticky notes on my desktop which was a great reminder everyday, but I do agree lists are a great way to keep organised and see progress. I should really get back to using them.

      Thanks for the advice here 🙂

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