What’s more iconic: London buses or London cabs?

Another day, another opportunity to feel lost, confused, and wonder if my runny nose is more than the typical cold.

Also, did you know that the ‘Hong Kong flu’ (as it was called) killed over 1 million people in 1968? I am learning about new pandemics everyday. Not that I want to think of pandemics every waking moment, I take walks to take my mind off them. Although the silence is a constant reminder.

But after Boris’ speech yesterday, the population seems to be a little confused by it. So we can do this, but not this? Some can go back to work and we can do more hobbies, but can’t see family? Many are still demanding clarity, and I am just sticking to walking down the empty streets. It seems like the best thing still.

I wonder how full this bus station usually is. I think it’s cool to see where the buses reside when they aren’t taking commuters and tourists around London. Like a celebrity going home after an evening on the red carpet. It is pretty much the same thing right? I am sure these red buses have celebrity status in London and around the world. A bit like these taxis too, I found a bunch of them escaping the limelight down a side street.


Buses are free in the city right now I should add, however I am not sure how long that will last.

If you had to get around London, would it be a red bus or black cab? I don’t know which is more iconic, but I would like to know which you think is.



Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay home, stay safe and happy blogging!


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18 thoughts on “What’s more iconic: London buses or London cabs?”

  1. The double-decker buses are more iconic, for sure. Though the cabs are a thing here as well. I don’t thing US had such buses for a long time, and they’re still just a tourist company novelty not public transportation. But Yellow Cabs and others have been long time fixtures in NY and other American cities, so they’re less interesting to us abroad.
    It is confusing how the pandemic ‘rules’ are in flux. I know the biggest worry for spread after actual outbreak data study is closed spaces where people stay for a fairly extended period of time (offices, restaurants, etc) and close proximity, of course. I suspect keeping families apart is because they tend to get too close and the length of time they spend together tends to be fairly long. Birthday parties, Weddings, Funerals have all been a problem since people hug each other etc., and they spend hours there. Outdoor activities with brief encounters are safer and are resuming here. I’m hoping they’ll allow restaurants to have well-spaced outdoor seating. Sorry you’re still feeling so anxious. This is perhaps first time in history they’ve been able to really try to prevent so many deaths – due to our amazing communication tools. Pandemics are nothing new, just our ability to potentially do something about them in this way. It feels like a giant socio-economic experiment…because I suppose it is.


    1. The famous US yellow cabs are very iconic ๐Ÿ™‚ and although US buses don’t really stand out much, the yellow school buses do! (There is a very yellow theme here isn’t there?! haha). I like them a lot.

      I can understand how easy it would be for a virus to spread between families, as you say these are the people we get so close to in rooms for the longest periods. Hugs, kisses, blowing out candles on birthday cakes… the lot! But I have to be grateful of the technology we have today allowing us to see whats happening around the world and brace ourselves. The thing is now actually making the most of this time!!


    1. We are lucky to have so many iconic features in London! There is a photo opportunity around every corner. As you say even the police and there funny helmets haha. And the Queens Guards. I can’t wait to take some more pictures!!


    1. Yes! With the open exit at the back?! I guess it is a health and safety thing these days. But I am glad the red buses are still a thing ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. The buses for me, sit on top and tour the city in different routes. Great picks always. Wondering why that silver trailer is parked there!?


  3. I did most of my touring London by foot, and I am sure that’s the best as with any city. But I also took a red bus, because it’s an attraction of it’s own.


    1. You can see quite a lot of London by foot, and what great exercise too. Now I am more familiar with the layout I hope to walk to many sights. Avoid public transport when I can, but still take photos of it!


  4. Travelling around central London on the top deck of a bus makes me feel like a seven year-old again. But as an age old grey my pleasure comes from the closer view of the buildings above the ground floor frontage you only get at street level. You get a greater sense of the history, the continuity, the variety of the street once you can ignore the shop fronts and doorways which compulsively change with every change of occupant.

    The tube becomes of interest once you know what you’re seeing (did you know that every station on the Northern Line is decorated with a different coloured tile? It’s so that early passengers who couldn’t read would know where to alight even if they couldn’t understand the station name on the platform) but I still think that the tube is a bit of an ordeal rather than a pleasure. And the tube does at least provide a point of reference against the transit systems in Paris, New York, Vancouver, San Francisco or Berlin for example.

    An old favourite in my younger days was riding the Greyhound buses across the USA and Canada: they were iconic in their day. But then along came those politicians who asserted that anyone over the age of 30 who still travelled by bus was someone who was a failure in life. It’s taken over 30 years to prove how wrong they were, not just about buses but everything else they told us.

    Keep exploring. Stay engaged.


    1. I know what you mean about being on street level, walking through the entrances like the people did at the time it was built. And all the architecture and design meant to catch our eye as we do. And regarding design I did not know that about the Northern Line! Until recently that was my line to work, so when I can next travel I will keep an eye out for this.

      It is a shame public transport is looked down upon for this reason, I mean if one can drive great, but in Europe it certainly isn’t seen as a failure. I remember getting the Greyhound from Washington DC to New York, watching the skyline slowly grow in front of us. Great memories!!


  5. I guess I would lean toward the buses, but your question also got me wondering which of these is more iconic: red phone boxes or red post boxes. (I, too, have had a month-long runny nose. Coronavirus? Spring allergies? A cold?)


    1. Ooooo that’s a good question! I would have to say the phone boxes as I see so many tourists taking photos inside them (not now though for obvious reasons), although both are typically British.

      I hope you just have a cold! Keep distant :p


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