London quiz!: How many famous spots can be seen from the Millennium Bridge?

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! With the lockdown easing a little I have been taking longer walks in London. The majority of the most popular sights are within an hours walk for me, and I have been taking turns walking around the areas whilst they are much quieter than normal. St Pauls, Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, Kings Cross, London Eye, Buckingham Palace… and with three cameras I am starting to build up a folder or two of new shots.

What I like about the GoPro is the burst function, allowing 15 shots to be taken in a couple seconds. This is good for capturing something fast moving, such as a backflip, and catching each sequence. I found it was also good for getting a 180 degree view of my surroundings, by hitting shoot and quickly rotating.

I look like a ballerina doing it, but thankfully there isn’t too many people around to see this.

I posted the shots to Instagram as the carousel format allows you to flick through as if you are there.

PS: Don’t look at the hashtags!! It gives the game away :p

The only problem is the fisheye lens makes a smooth transition between shots pretty hard, unlike panoramic mode on most smart phones.

But it was able to take in each and every angle facing east, and all the sights that can be seen from the bridge.

Using the pictures, how many famous landmarks can you see? Clue: Big Ben and the London Eye are behind me, so aren’t hidden between the buildings πŸ˜‰

Happy hunting!!



Due to the Coronavirus outbreak I am somewhat limited as to what I can do in London, but I aim to post as much as I can during this time. I promise to have some great posts coming your way once this is all over as I continue to explore London.

Stay home, stay safe and happy blogging!



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4 thoughts on “London quiz!: How many famous spots can be seen from the Millennium Bridge?”

    1. Thanks Pat. Some of these bridges have plenty of space, especially as some of them (including this one) are pedestrian only. It is a good idea to close some streets, especially if there is less traffic.

      And to be honest, I am still learning about so many landmarks here! I only know some of the most famous ones, so I may have missed a couple myself!


  1. Well I think I saw St. Pauls, the Tower Bridge, and that really pointy building I don’t know the name of.


    1. Hey Amy! You did, and I am not sure if we count the highrises as modern landmarks but because some of them have strange shapes (the Gherkin, the Walkie Talkie being examples) I counted them here haha.

      Also, the pointy building you are referring to is the Shard (again, named after it’s appearance), the tallest building in the UK and Europe outside of Russia.

      Thanks for stopping by!!


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