The blogger

A blogger from the north east of England, passionate about writing and eager to learn the art of photography. In September I moved back to the UK after two amazing years travelling Australia.


After a brief trip back to see family up north, I have now moved to London. I am planning to stay a few years, explore as much as I can and have plenty of experiences along the way. I ask you to help me. I am very excited to get out there, take some shots and share some stories with you.

I appreciate everyone that has engaged with me so far in the years I have been blogging, and welcome to the site if you are new. Join me and over 10,000 others as I walk the hidden streets, grab a beer at the oldest pubs and see the city from the tallest skyscrapers.

Adventures start January 2020*


*well, whenever normality is restored.



Featured photo: Scott Monument, Edinburgh

385 thoughts on “The blogger”

  1. It’s true. You woke up and found yourself in Uncle Bardie Country. Now that you have followed Uncle Bardie, you may find yourself at that fork in the road that you have to take. With Uncle Bardie for a guide, you can be comforted that you may stub your toe on a pun, find you can’t resist laughing at those things you never thought funny, and wake up to wonder what Uncle Bardie is up to. It’s okay. That itch can be scratched. Simply tune in to the next Post, It could very well be a doozy or not. Either way it will be coming from the whacky mind of Uncle Bardie. So thanks for following Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such. It beats bananas any day. Unless…but that’s a whole ‘nother thang. And one last thing. Have a great day (or night, depending on your perspective).

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  2. Thanks for choosing to follow my site Haiku Hound Sam. It is based in Melbourne. I was interested to check some of your posts about our famous city especially the MCG one. As a Collingwood supporter, most are born to follow the magpies I must say I was cheered to see you barracked for them as they defeated Melbourne. I was at the MCG for the 1970 Grand Final when Collingwood was sadly beaten by Carlton. That day saw the biggest crowd ever at the G, around 110,000. If you missed sunsets over the Bay and have time check some of my blog sunset photos. Cheers Denis

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    1. Nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it. I will take a look at yours.

      I loved the game, however it must have been amazing to be there with 110,000 other people! What an atmosphere. Hopefully I will get another chance to see a game before I leave.

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  3. Hey Sam! Thanks for subscribing to my blog the Background, I am a retired city planner who recently finished a career of over 40 years โ€“ first to New Jersey in the latter half in St. Louis. With this background and growing frustration with the political and social environment that I decided to offer my comments to the public in hopes of enabling informed voters. I am a Democrat, self disguised as a social moderate and fiscal conservative. By the way I’m an avid photographer who travels around the countryside were cut short by stroke in 2012. I am a retired city planner who finished a career of over 40 years โ€“ the first half in New Jersey and the latter half in St. Louis

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    1. No worries, thanks for stopping by! I also have a meet and greet section to introduce yourself, if you want to visit it is a great place to get your blog out there to some more people and also find lots more!


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