What’s your biggest plans for 2019?

Here we are, into January and a brand new year awaiting us. A clean slate. An opportunity to forget what has happened and start again or to continue what was going so well. This is different for everyone and as always, the New Year will mean so many things to so many people.

For me, I am going to keep travelling and blogging as I go. My mum and sister are travelled from the UK to Sydney yesterday so my new year is going to be off to an amazing start as I haven’t seen them in over a year. I am also going to remain focused on blogging throughout the year and improve on this as best I can whilst updating you regularly with where I am and what I am up to along the way. It is going to be another great year I am sure.

And what are your plans for the new year? Any holidays or special occasions happening in the next twelve months? Any interesting resolutions or changes you want to see in your life?

Make it a great one!


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Debate: Is this okay?

I’m back in Brisbane! I had such a good trip to Sydney and Melbourne, especially Melbourne as I have never been before and I cannot wait to be back again next year. I don’t know if I have mentioned already but my mum and sister are coming out in January to see me, so I am going to be back on a plane very soon. This time, Sydney and Cairns. I didn’t really take many photos last time I was up in Cairns so I will make up for that this time. It can’t wait to see them, it’s been over a year!

But back to my question. Like I said I am back in Brissy and I was walking through Queen Street recently and came across this scene. A group of people taking photos and petting a reindeer whilst a group of protesters protest in the background. There were vocal making sure they were heard.


A link to one article regarding this over at news.com.au states that a group, maybe this same group I am unsure, protested outside Queensland Children’s Hospital whilst sick children were having fun with the reindeer. This has led to angry responses towards the protesters as children that will be in hospital over the festive period were trying to enjoy the experience.

Now I am in two minds here. First, I am not really a fan of zoos or animals kept in enclosed spaces, however as this is clearly temporary I do not know how the animals are treated or live the rest of the year. The animals didn’t seem to be stressed, not that I know what a stressed reindeer looks like, but they were rather chilled and approached passers by. But I do like that people are constantly trying to increase the quality of life for animals, and I do not mind a peaceful protest. But is it immoral to protest outside of a children’s hospital? I guess if they see it as animal abuse and exploitation, exceptions cannot really be justified. Exploitation regardless of who wants to see them, right?

So I wanted to ask my readers what you think, if anyone in Brisbane has seen them and what side of the fence are you on? Is it okay for these beautiful animals to tour the city and provide a bit of happiness to passers by at the animals expense? Is it justified if it is only over the Christmas period? Should protesters remain silent if it could potentially upset the sick children who want a small dose of joy and fond memories to look back on?

Thank you for reading, let me know and I will see you in the comments.


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Ask me anything blog post- #2

Over the last couple of days I have really enjoyed giving advice that has helped me with my blog over its lifespan, as well as answering questions along the way. It reminds me of a post I published in March this year answering some questions after I asked the community if there was anything in particular they would like to know about me. I published the questions and answers in this post- Why I like to work when I travel.

I answered the following questions so will refrain from doing so again, however they can be seen in the above post. They are:

  • Where have you lived and do you have a job that is easy to obtain no matter where you live or do you do a new job each place you live?
  • Have you set a time limit for how long you will stay in one place to work, or are you playing it by ear?
  • How do you make each new place feel more like home when you move?
  • How many countries have you visited? Is there anywhere you went for a holiday and just ended up staying?
  • Why did you decide to travel, and how did you find the means?

The questions were very travel orientated, and of course my blog touches on multiple topics. It has only recently featured travel a lot more as I make my way around Australia, but I also have interests in philosophy, religion, food, gaming, music art. You name it, it is probably in my blog somewhere.

I really enjoyed the Q&A and answering the questions people had for me. As I don’t have too many selfies on my site, I feel it helps get to know me a little better.

So with this in mind, do you have a question you would like to ask me? Whether it is advice from my blogging and travelling experiences, my beliefs and opinions on a topic or my favourite food, I think it would be nice to try and create a post out of each and every question and of course, link to your blog in the process. Anything really, as I enjoy my blog being an open book that isn’t limited to one or two topics exclusively.

I am not the girl in the shot, I am the guy behind the camera. I just like the shot.

I really enjoy asking the community questions though my posts and answering them too. I feel we are getting to know one another more and more with every post and it is great. Who says we are all just fonts on a screen?

As always, happy blogging and I hope to answer some of your questions and gain inspiration for future posts!




Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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To those that don’t realise how great their lives are and why asking for free things destroys productivity

Today’s post will be dedicated to the people out there that you would expect be better people. Better because of their line of work, sometimes working with some very disadvantaged people in, what I would imagine to be, a very rewarding job. I have had a draft saved for some time and I thought I would use it as I have been reminded of this on a couple of occasions.

Picture the scene. I am working on reception in a previous hotel job, a fairly busy day of check ins. Despite this I am having a pleasant day and the steady flow of arrivals means that I can engage in conversation with most people. As always, 90% of people I engage with are very pleasant and are happy to have a chat about the day we are having. This puts me in a good mood and helps with my performance at work. I like to be in a good mood, I give off this good vibe to guests and they therefore receive great customer service and feed off it. They go out and have a great day, as do I. It is a great cycle of happiness and well-being but not everyone is happy to be in this cycle. Some people want to puncture the tires of this cycle with a dagger of misery and anger.


Take this lady. Lady X as I will call her in this post. Not that I remember her name anyway, I prefer to try and remember the good people out there. Life is too short to have precious brain-space taken by those that aren’t. She came to the desk in a fairly polite manner however with an agenda to get something for free. After carrying out tens of thousands of check ins over the years, I can now see it a mile off.

A little advice from a hoteliers point of view, if you go to a reception desk and think you are alone in asking for that cheeky upgrade or late check out, you are probably the 50th person that day. By all means go for it, but it certainly helps to be nice. Being nice goes a long way!

Lady X didn’t have this approach. She came to the desk and as she was finished telling me her name, she said something along these lines:

‘So I have had a crappy day to be honest. Firstly my flight here was delayed by THREE HOURS, and as I work for a charity with blind people I missed my lecture in the city. A lecture to a room of blind people. 

Now I haven’t been to this hotel before and I would love to give great feedback to the charity that has put me up here, and if you could give me an upgrade to a nicer room during my stay considering the day I have had, that would be great.’

What didn’t help this ladies case was the half condescending nature and tone of the delivery. It may read fairly polite, but the tone really changed it. If she was calm, understanding and less expecting in the way she asked, I would have at least tried to see it from her perspective. She has had a bad day, I get that. But we all do, and this doesn’t guarantee an upgrade to a hotel that has not contributed to this bad day at all.

I had to tell her that unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to do so as the delayed flight was out of our hands. She could of course view a room and if she would like to pay for an upgrade, we would action this as we have availability.

‘No, sorry I cannot accept this. Can I speak to your manager please.’

That was truly her response. The classic can I speak to the manager line, upset at the thought of not getting free things.

‘No problem’, I replied. I went to the back office and spoke to my manager, who was as confused and humoured as I was after I briefed him. He came outside to speak to her directly, introduced himself and repeated that we wouldn’t be able to action a free upgrade, but of course upgrade her if she wishes to add it to the bill. Not getting anywhere on the quest for free stuff, she asked for the keys and walked to the elevator.

I couldn’t believe the greed seen here. If we missed her wake up call on check out and she therefore missed her departing flight, of course she would get a complimentary upgrade on a future stay. But having a bad day and blaming us for it? Madness. I should have left work after my shift, found the nearest restaurant and demanded 50% off because of the stress I received at work. I know how that would have went.

Just a couple of hours after this, I had a very similar issue. You know what they say about waiting for a bus and then two come at once. I remember this one just as well as I couldn’t believe how soon after the first one I found myself in a similar situation.

This time, a member of cabin crew for an airline came to the desk after already checking in. We had airline pilots and crew stay with us due to our close proximity to the airport and it was great to have. Again, the majority were really nice. This one was an exception.

Lady Y questioned why she didn’t have the coffee machine in her room like her previous stays. After looking up her previous stays with us, it turns out due to lack of availability we upgraded her to the next room type on every single one of her previous stays, maybe apart from one time. I told her that the room she currently has was the one shes always booked, however every other time it wasn’t available. I was hoping that telling her about her previous complimentary upgrades would make her more grateful than anything, but it didn’t. She again asked for the keys, took them and without another word, huffed and walked towards the elevator.

To me, this kind of attitude is toxic. I don’t know why some people are unable to control their inner greed, but it seems a very hard thing to do. I try to think of the kind of day they have had that would lead to such misery, but I really cannot justify it. If the person has a low mood, fair enough. But to unleash that misery onto someone they have never met before, there is no excuse. And how bad can a day be?

I mean, the first guest worked with blind people. Shouldn’t she be taking this time to reflect on how lucky she is? I imagine working for a charity would help keep me in check and constantly provide an enhanced perspective in life and the things I should be thankful for. Not here. And the member of cabin crew… surely they know what hospitality work is like? She is the very person she probably hates dealing with on the flight.

The irony.


I remember the day my dad died. As soon as we left the hospital room, we were walking through the corridor and out of the hospital doors when a person was holding up another person. It looked like they were having a stroke or a seizure, I am not sure what it was but my mum, sister and I ran to the nearest room of doctors and nurses and alerted them of the patient in the corridor. They attended to the person and we walked out of the hospital. I am not sure what happened after that.

Seeing my own father take his final breaths was not an excuse to be an asshole. It never was and it never will be. Granted, there were times when I was totally demotivated to speak to anyone and had occasional bursts of anger, but I never had the energy to go out of my way to put that misery onto someone else, nor the desire. I would have also been in no mood whatsoever to ask for an upgrade or free coffee machine on my next hotel stay, and being turned down for these would not have been an issue at all in comparison. This is why I find it very hard to have sympathy for people that don’t realise how good they have it, lucky to be in a job that flies them to five star hotels with occasional delays. What a great life.

But of course, I don’t know what happens behind the scenes. What may cause such negativity. But putting this stress onto other people and using them as some kind of verbal- or worse- physical punching bag is weak. There is no excuse for this.

This has made me realise that although I greatly appreciate free things, I would much prefer to work hard and earn them. It is the same with saving money. I have always been terrible at it and still am, and I would much rather work hard to be able to free myself of a low income and give myself the opportunities to have what I want when I want, instead of sitting around and waiting for luck to come my way. It helps me to try and be creative and keep myself going, trying to better myself and improve wherever I can.

So here is my advice to myself, and maybe you feel the same way. Don’t expect free things, earn those things. If I want to be first class on a flight or receive an upgrade to a nicer hotel room, I don’t want to limit my productivity and use chance as the deciding factor. I would much rather work hard every day so this is a guarantee. It will make me feel much more accomplished in the mean time and I will have developed so much more in the process. It is the same with lottery tickets. I don’t buy them because that gives me an excuse to sit back and hope chance favours me this time. It gives me an excuse to refrain from following my passions and achieving my dreams. And life is too short for us to not take control.


Featured Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Angry Face by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Happy Face by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash


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Don’t fear an age.

I read an article online recently of a girl holding a funeral for her twenties. She turned 30 and felt her ‘fun decade’ was over. Surrounded by black balloons with a drink in hand, she mourned the year it all ended. You can see the article here.

For me, I don’t mind turning 30. It doesn’t worry me so long as I am in a place I am happy to be by this age.

Tell me, would you rather be a poor student at 17 or a happy 30 year old? For me the answer is obvious. Age is only a number, so long as we don’t let age decide who we are. I am all for maturing, however I am not going to live my life dictated by what people are doing at my age but how I feel at the time. People are diverse. I have colleagues and friends that at 21 got married and had children. I have friends in their thirties partying like it is their first year of university. On paper I would not have guessed their ages, but one thing is for sure. Their age is irrelevant.

I am not looking forward to turning 30 in June. Not because I don’t want to, but because of the attitude people have to turning 30. A (supposedly) constant spiral downhill of body pains, nights in with a cup of tea and cat adopting. I am sure if that is what people expect life to be like 30+, I wouldn’t be surprised if life leads them there. This life is fabulous if that is what you want it to be. But that is my point, make life what you want it to be. This is my aim, and I can easily imagine my thirties being the best decade of my life if I ensure that I am working hard to achieve this.

Who do we look up to more? The spotty teenager riding his bike on an early morning paper round for a couple of quid each day, or Dwayne Johnson, a highly successful, motivated and super ripped forty-something? It seems for role models like him, age is not an issue.

So why do we look up to people older than us, yet envy those that are younger than us? I believe it is all down to achievement and ensuring we are in the right place at the time. Youth is beautiful because we are free of responsibility and have time to think about what we want to be in the future. Adulthood is when shit hits the fan.

But it doesn’t have to hit the fan. It just takes a little work. 30 could be the best year of your life. Or 50, or 70. We can only live in the moment and it is down to us to make that moment a good one.

Don’t let time dictate your happiness.



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Bloggers are fake

Can you remember when I told you about an article I believe I triggered back home in the UK? It was on a popular Middlesbrough delicacy that is selling very well at a certain chain of pubs here in Brisbane.

No? Well, here it is if you fancy taking a look. It’s like a 30 second read.

I was in this exact same spot yesterday to try the parmo that is advertised, I had been craving it for a long time and decided to check it out. As it arrived to the table, I was about to take a picture to blog my thoughts before being distracted by a young couple in front of me. He was taking a photo of her pretending to dip a chip into some ketchup, it was funny to see it outside of an Instagram shot, a bit like going behind the scenes of a movie. In the end I don’t think she ate the chip.

It reminded me of this post that I typed up about guys being cameramen for their girlfriends and the new trend of looking away from the camera.

I refrained from taking my photo, as I didn’t want to be just another millennial taking a photo of food before I started to eat it. I did just that this morning instead as I logged onto WordPress. This was a very nice breakfast by the way.

I am not sure if the couple were huge food bloggers or not. But it reminded me that social media paints a completely different picture to the reality of the occasion. We act in our pictures and spend more time trying to make the occasion look good instead of actually making the occasion a good one. I actually started to feel a little bitter.

Then I thought to myself, who the hell am I to judge? This could be their job. They may have enjoyed the food but they get paid to review it and of course, this means documenting it. They could have millions of followers and obviously need to keep up to date with whats happening on their page as much as possible, working via their phones in their free time. This might be a one off post and for all I know they usually never have their phone at the dinner table. I made a quick sweeping judgement of millennial culture without knowing the individuals, and failed to look at myself in the process. It was two people having fun. That’s it really.

So I am in two minds about social media. It’s a weird phenomenon. It is full of people pretending to look into the distance at something, when the actual thought is how many likes it will get. We therefore know that this is what everyone else is doing, but we just keep the cycle going. But I shouldn’t use it as an excuse to breed negativity, it is just a sign of the times. And I am pretty confident that if people back in the industrial revolution would have been able to take part, they damn sure would have. Think of all the selfies that would have been taken on the Titanic, lets not pretend that people then would have refrained! Maybe something in our society has triggered our desire for followers and attention, but its only this era that is doing it because we are the only era in history that were able to.

Lets cherish it and the funny things it makes us do. If its harmless, I should be happy with that.


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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The dead end job can be a blessing

I wonder- if I was able to live through my teens again- would I have went to university? It was a great way to meet new people and the internship I had in the States after I completed my course was probably one of the best things I have ever done. However these are the cherries on top of the cake. The cake of course being a degree. Was that cake good enough for me to recommend?

For some, it is a necessity. If you are going down a certain career path, a degree may be the door into that career. There isn’t another way about it. For others, such as myself, a degree wasn’t necessary but a faster route into a job. I studied ‘International Tourism and Hospitality Management’, mainly because all I wanted to do in my teens was travel. I didn’t have a career in mind, and I still don’t. Heck, my 60+ year old lecturer told me he still didn’t know what to do with his life. As a 20 year old this put me at ease.

I probably would still choose university if I had the option again, but only for the benefits around the degree. The social skills and the job in Texas that filled me with confidence, gave me some lifelong friends in another part of the world and truly allowed me to see how amazing travelling is. But I have told my friends that didn’t attend university that living in hostels abroad is very similar to university life. Endless parties, so much diversity and noodles for breakfast. Except there is no lecture to attend hungover the following morning. You could say hostel life is university life 2.0.

But back to the post, my reasons for attending university was to avoid the dreaded dead end job. I didn’t want to go straight into work without any skills at all and get stuck there. However what I have learned as I mature is that these kinds of jobs aren’t always doom and gloom, and can have the opposite affect. For some people, it has launched them into a career and success they could have never imagined. It can be a gateway to freedom if utilized in the right way. We are taught at a young age that we don’t want these kind of jobs, jobs that we get stuck in with no viable way to progress or develop from. I have found that these kind of jobs can be much more liberating and provide more potential than your more career focused peers.

Take Casey Neistat. I have mentioned this YouTuber before as I watch his videos a lot as inspiration and to remind myself that he was once in a very dead end job. He used to be a dishwasher in his late teens, living in a trailer park with his girlfriend and infant son. He moved to New York City, worked hard and as of today has just under 10.5 million subscribers.

This is one his videos, Do What You Can’t.

I remember in an interview he said being a dishwasher had value, as he knew he most definitely did not want to do that job ever again. He made the most of his job but says that:

‘If you don’t know what you wanna do in life, spend as much time as possible doing something you fucking hate doing.

When you do that 50 hours a week you spend a lot of time thinking about what you wish you were doing.’

It worked for him.

Another example I have is someone a little less well known. A rap-battle camera man that now works for UNILAD. Rap Battling was a passion of his and through this he became a well known figure in rap battles. I am sure many of you may be surprised that I like rap battling. I enjoy the British scene as it is less guns and more jokes and British humour. I watched an interview with Liam Bagnall– who made his name doing great camera work in the UK and also overseas- talking about his progression. He once worked nightshift and was out of touch with the battle rap scene. By working overnight, he managed to watch endless videos that he wouldn’t have been able to in another role and this benefited him greatly. This sleepy job at the dead of night made it possible for him to follow his passion and lead him to where he is now, currently working for a huge online website and company.

It made me think that these kinds of jobs can be the complete opposite of dead end. If you have an idea of what you want to do, or in Casey’s example even if you don’t, there is not just a way out of these jobs but a great opportunity within them. There are some people out there in a stable career that are so busy that they have very little time pursuing their interests and hobbies. A job with less responsibility can free up precious time to think and even build on something you want to do. This is how I have been able to blog as much as I can and watch it grow it along the way. Working nightshift? Use the quiet time to draw up ideas and build a website. Dishwasher? Put your phone against the wall and watch videos to learn and gain inspiration from.

For me personally, I try to squeeze as much out of every day as possible, especially in the times that time is easily wasted. On a commute to work or standing in a long queue, these are opportunities that are largely wasted as we gaze out of the window. These are the times that can determine how successful we can be, the times that are truly precious, very valuable and can unlock plenty of potential. If your job allows you the time to scroll endlessly through social media or watch episodes of your favourite TV show, these are times that can launch us into a career that we have always wanted.

Lets use it whilst we can.


Featured Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Happy blogging!

I got attacked by an agnostic feminist

First of all, I am not one to throw the term ‘feminazi’ around like a frisbee. I have never used it before nor do I intend to. I want equality for both genders and I don’t think the feminist movement is a bad one, although of course like so many movements you get a few bad eggs. One of these eggs hit me in the face last night. It caught me off guard that I really wanted to post about it.

I was sitting in a bar after work. I was with a colleague and she had to leave, I stayed and finished my drink whilst tapping words into my iPhone. It is a bar that generously gives me discount for working in a business nearby. I was sitting at a table when a young couple sat down next to me. It didn’t take long before we got chatting.

The girl leaned over to me a few minutes into them being there. She asked if I had been stood up by someone. Fair enough, I could well have been. Thankfully, this hasn’t happened to me before. I have had girls tell me they didn’t want a date with me, absolutely. But being stood up is something I haven’t had to endure and I don’t know how happy I would have been to admit it if I was indeed left waiting for a date that didn’t turn up. I told her I hadn’t been stood up. I could see she wasn’t entirely convinced, I asked why she assumed I had been.

She responded with, ‘Why did you mention being stood up? Are you ashamed because it affects your masculinity?!

Very confused, I could only respond with ‘What?!’.

I do have to say at this point that I could tell from her eyes that she was very drunk. The guy she was with put his head in his hands in embarrassment, he seemed a lot more sober. Despite her being drunk, she still wrongly assumed I was a male that was out on a date that didn’t want to meet me and that I was precious about my masculinity when confronted on the rejection I experienced. The trouble with this is, I just came here for a cheap beer after work. Judging someone after sitting next to them for five minutes is a pretty bad move. Not just judging internally, but to turn to that person and tell them who they are is not very nice, especially when the radar is so off track.


Hey, she was drunk. I am not proud of who I am when drunk, and I thank anyone who has dealt with my drunken ramblings when I am in such a state. Being the sober one in the situation only reminds me that I have probably been as stupid when drunk and that I have a new found respect for bar security that have to take trash talk on a nightly basis. Speaking to the guy she was with after she went outside on the phone to a friend, I found out they were on a Tinder date. I don’t know if their date was a successful one, only they can answer that. I personally would have ran a mile after her accusation. She did come back and the next thing I know is that she still involved me in their conversation, and that she opened up about losing religion. I could only assume that she caught the title of my blog whilst I was on my phone as it was strange that she opened up to me, withing about ten minutes of knowing me, on a topic I am so interested in. The topic change was out of the blue. She suddenly got tearful and told me and her date- I did not know who was on a date with who at this point- that she was losing religion and that she doesn’t know if this was a bad thing. It was something that she had all her life and that she was suddenly relearning everything.

It was actually at this point that the conversation got interesting and that I was more willing to chat to this seemingly judgmental person. Her dutch courage turned to vulnerability and both Tinder guy and myself tried to encourage her that there is a lot of beauty in leaving religion. It has, in our case at least, made this life one we really want to cherish. It doesn’t mean the final credits will definitely roll as we say our last breath, there could be some kind of afterlife, whether it be a God or an advanced alien setup. We could be in the matrix. The multiverse may well contain the most awesome and infinitely wonderful opportunities once our atoms disperse and head to the stars that we are built from. To be saddened by an absence of religion does take a dose of pessimism, enhanced by alcohol of course.


So yes, I had an interesting chat with an ‘agnostic feminazi’. I hope there aren’t too many of them around, thankfully it doesn’t seem that way. It also doesn’t really alter my opinion on feminists or agnostics, if one person could change such opinions we would have some awful opinions on pretty much everyone.

I finished my beer, thought about the conversation and was grateful that interesting conversations can sometimes pop out of nowhere, even if I am seen as a overly masculine, emotional date reject in the process. Cheers!

Featured Image by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

In honour of Princess

This post is dedicated to someone I see every Friday at 2pm. I don’t ask to see her, but she is there. I don’t know why she is there, nor what is going through her mind when she arrives. It is a weekly reminder for me that the mind is one hell of a crazy place to be and despite sounding like something you would read in a novel, is entirely true.

evan-kirby-111680 (2)

After searching ‘lady’ on Unsplash, this is the image that I found to be most fitting to the post. I wouldn’t want to take an actual photo of the person I am about to write about, nor take photos of my workplace. The image above is very similar to what I see weekly and I am really eager to share this particular experience with my readers.

I started work exactly two months ago on September 11th. A place of work with fantastic views of Sydney Harbour. It is no surprise that we get many people walking by that pause for a moment for a photo opportunity or a little reflection. This is when I first met Princess, doing just that. She was standing there wearing a hat, gazing out of the window just above the stairs leading down to the quay. Wearing a red dress and showing no signs of distress or needing any kind of assistance, her back straight with good posture, gazing straight out to sea. Nothing strange about it, until the duty manager told me that this is what she does every Friday at 2pm. This is one part of her routine. I have since learned that every Friday she comes in from east side of the building (if you were viewing Sydney from a map) and stares out the window, a little further up from where I first saw her. She looks out over the harbour for about ten minutes, before moving down towards the staircase that takes you to the waterfront on the west side of the building. At this point she doesn’t immediately make a move downstairs, instead she gazes for another ten minutes out to the ocean. She then proceeds to make her way down the stairs and up towards the Opera House. What she does after this is unknown.


It might be a good time to tell you how we know her name. We don’t. It was a name that just stuck after some colleagues attempted to talk to her. If you try to talk to her, she walks away. She won’t leave the premises, she will just leave your presence. She doesn’t say a word during the 20-30 minute visit, however it is guaranteed she will be there again on Friday as she was yesterday. This visit is for some reason necessary for her. The same duty manager followed her one day out of the hotel, with a little distance as he was curious as to where she goes. This is how we found out the Opera House is her next destination. Unfortunately DM duties include being at the property at all times, meaning his time outside was very limited. This and the fact that it would be disrespectful to stalk someone that is seemingly of no harm. As far as I am aware no one else has tried to gain more answers, and despite it not being a big deal for most staff that know of her I would love to find out more with each and every Friday I am in the building.

How crazy. In her mind, she wakes up and then makes her way to our building. She then sticks to the same routine without fail and carries out her silent duties. Are we the first part of her journey? Is her whole day planned like this? Is the rest of her week spent with the same rituals in different establishments? So many questions can be asked here and it is a shame that I probably won’t be able to find out if she remains so reluctant to speak.

No matter where we go in life, the mind is probably the craziest place to be. Each and every one of our heads contains different logic and reasoning. We all have interests and desires, different daily rituals and routines. Then, there are people that vary much more in their behaviours, people that act in ways that we cannot understand despite trying our hardest. How many people lead similar lives in a city the size of Sydney? I am sure this one example is the tip of the iceberg.

As big as the bunch of keys is that is strapped to the waist of the duty manager, the one key we don’t have is the one to unlock such a mind. The most crazy and mysterious door of all.

Featured Image: Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash

Second Photo by Alessio Lin on Unsplash

The difference between a life livable and a life enjoyable

I love rainy days, I just prefer to live in a climate that makes me value rainy days more often. That is the thing with us British folk. We get too much of what some of the world is in desperate need of. Every time I switch on the news it is another nation burning from wildfires- recently Canada and the USA and even more recently Spain and Portugal.

Wildfires in Portugal. EPA/BBC News

As I sit in this tiny cafe and type up today’s post in Northern Sydney, I can’t help but listen in to the conversation between the lovely Asian owner and a local that stopped by for a quick coffee. ‘I am so happy I don’t have to water the flowers today’ she said in broken English. Here, rain is valued a little more. Downpours are nowhere near as frequent as they are back in blighty, so there is more optimism as the pair gaze out of the cafe entrance. People still walk around in shorts and flip flops, embracing the warm droplets splashing against them on route to pick up their pre orders. Oddly, I am the one wearing the most clothing, I assumed Aussies around me would feel the cool much more than me. Then again I don’t think some people here have jeans to put on.

Our world is incredible. It is capable of producing so many variable climates and terrains; hot and cold, wet and dry, land and sea, incredible peaks and deep oceans, bright days and the darkest nights. The diversity is pretty damn remarkable. What it doesn’t have is a perfect system, these variables aren’t spread evenly to make life struggle free. I imagine earth like a car built with the most incredible engine but with wheels facing opposite directions, the most aerodynamic shell but placed back to front. Would I give this car a ten out of ten if the features were there but not implemented correctly? Of course not. The world is this car. The features are great but the design is far from perfect.

It is certainly enough to help us scrape by, thankfully humans have intervened with technology to make this more bearable. We can all praise the conditions in which we live, but what would these conditions be like without our intervention? Can you imagine no air con, no heating, no cars to escape wildfires and no roof to shelter from the storms? As much as we should all be grateful for the Goldilocks zone we inhabit, let us not forget the incredible human achievements that make life not just livable, but enjoyable. The fact that we can spend a huge chunk of our lives not worrying about our environment killing us is a luxury many people didn’t have and still don’t. To have life is a gift. To have actual leisure time to enjoy it is much more precious.