Do you embrace or fear the future?

Have you ever thought about the fact that you can edit guest comments as well as your previous posts? I can have an about page stating that I am a photographer, traveller and blogger, get a few lovely comments of support and change it to say I am an ivory poaching, terrorist-sympathising baby eater.

The post would have completely changed but the comments will still say ‘Love this’! And ‘I really like your perspective!’. It is pretty comical.

And just to make the comments even more convincing, we can change that kind messages of support to ‘I love this idea! I hate elephants too!’, really convincing the reader that you truly are an animal hating baby eater.

The internet is a scary place, especially as technology increases and it is harder to decipher what is real and what isn’t. Take a look at this video, courtesy of Barrack Obama. Apparently…

How hard will it be in the upcoming decades to know what is real and what is fake? I guess we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

The image above is from the music video for Pressure, a new song by Muse. The album is called Simulation Theory and is themed around this topic. I thought this clip from the video fit in well with the post, and I need to get Muse into a post every once in a while.

Matt, I know your ears are burning.
What do you think? Does the future scare you or fill you with excitement?


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Making the iPhone great again!

To segue beautifully from my earlier post today, an Apple/consumer story right in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

I walked by this sign as I was entering the Apple Store on George Street after an appointment with one of the geniuses. If you didn’t know what happened, I dropped my iPhone in water and unfortunately I just have to wait for it to shut down. So far it seems fine, although it can be troublesome when trying to charge.

I noticed a few people, but not too many, queuing outside the store. The message on the board- organised by Youtuber Dave Lee- states that they are building ‘the worlds longest line’ and to join the queue you need to head to the Facebook group ‘We Are Making iPhone Great Again’.

Sadly, I cannot find the Facebook page.

It reflects what I was saying in my most recent post The Biggest Insult is to be Considered Normal, with the trend of queuing outside of our favourite stores for hours or even days for the latest product. It seems this time round people wanted the glory of being first without the effort. 

Is this a sign that people are less interested in being the first for a product that millions will inevitably buy, or that consumers want the glory without the commitment?

Featured Image: @lukehopewell