Impulse buying 

I’ve just purchased a one way flight to Sydney. It cost me £350 which is half the price of the dates around it, leaving London on September 1st. I have no idea what the above image is. It is in my camera roll and probably from a drunk whatsapp conversation. It looks good, what can I say. I also feel it goes well with the title of this post.

One great benefit of spending time in a hotel with a good amount of time to yourself is the ability to think with little or no intervention from others. I thought about what I wanted to do and I will make it happen. I have no images to capture so far without giving away my precious bank details or itinerary. Follow my blog long enough for September to arrive and I am sure I will have the relevant images to keep the travel blog enthusiast content.

So, Australia here I come. My reasons for venturing to this nation is the location. I haven’t visited this continent before. Will it live up to previous travels around Europe? North and South America? Asia? I’m sure it will. Every nation has its great aspects, and those aspects are what we chase when we are there.

Mr. Bean lived here! 

I’m attending a wedding. I say I’m at a wedding, I’m more of a plus one, sitting back and relaxing by the pool as the ceremony takes place. Basically I get all the benefits of the party tonight and have no responsibilities beforehand. Score.

It’s a wedding mixing British and Nigerian culture, interesting to say the least. Colourful too. The venue is right out in the countryside and looks great with the fields all the way to the horizon.

I learned after arriving that Mr Bean lived here at one point. It’s funny to think how a man acting stupid on television can be successful enough to own a place like this. Imagine living here!

We should all aspire to be a Mr Bean, well, a Rowan Atkinson.


Malaysia, my first time in South-East Asia. My first time in Asia at all, in fact. Stepping foot in Kuala Lumpur for the first time I wanted to explore and receive some great recommendations from locals, even more so in Langkawi as I felt I would have limited contact with people on the small Island. Using Tinder as my local guide, (that’s right, Tinder) I found some great spots… it isn’t simply an app for casual sex and overly optimistic romantics looking for love. I love using the app when I am abroad, there is no quicker way to chat to people in a certain area. Who else in history has had this opportunity?!

Do religious people use Tinder? I don’t know. There is a beauty in finding alternate uses for such things, a more innocent use if you will. A life hack that my parents couldn’t have had access to, my grandparents would have read about it in science fiction. One place I was recommended by a pretty Malaysian girl that I didn’t ever meet (I didn’t meet anyone on Tinder during the trip, just for the record) was the Ruang Bar. I had no idea where it was until I sat on a bench facing a makeshift bar made out of wooden crates. It was only when my friend and I placed our cocktails onto the drinks menu that I realised where I was. The bar I was told about! A very fun night unfolded.


Some people avoid alcohol not because of health reasons, not because they dislike it either, but because they have been told to avoid it in preparation for judgement in an afterlife.

Thank goodness I am not one of those people.




Beco do Batman, São Paulo.

I’ve always been one to stick to my comforts. This may be a result of bullying at school, anxiety or simply a lack of motivation to change. I had always stuck to the same path and daily routine.

I think this is what has made me want to travel more than anything, the years of tip-toeing in the shallow end suddenly built up and a sudden sense of urgency weighed me down. Thankfully this sense of urgency hasn’t died. The older we get the more we lose, this keeps this snowball rolling. I still find myself wanting to go back to that old mentality at times, why should I go on holiday somewhere different? The last place was fine. Why listen to new music? The songs I have listened to a thousand times have served me well. Is it worth risking number 68 on the menu when I know number 75 is delicious?

Before I tasted my favorite food, I was content. Before I discovered my favorite band, I was nodding my head to something else. Before I found my favorite destination, I was telling my friends how good the last place was. Would I go back in time to one of little discovery and experience? Hell No.

Climb the steps before turning back, you can always come back later, if the thought ever crosses your mind.



Thank you to my followers for inspiring me to keep posting. I hope to keep my blog growing and to explore as many of your blogs as I can, a follow is greatly appreciated.

Muito obrigado!

The freedom of city living 

There’s a relentless buzz that I love, a hum of traffic, sirens blasting atop emergency service vehicles, footsteps tapping away at the concrete paving slabs above a rickety, screeching metro system below. I wouldn’t change it, Newcastle itself isn’t anywhere near as busy as say, London, and I am fine with that. I feel I get the best of both worlds- I can find peace and quiet if I want to fairly easily but still have much variety to fulfill my varying needs.

When I head back to my hometown (well, village), I know why I moved away. I love heading up that hill towards my true home with the fields surrounding me, more farm animals in sight than I have probably seen all year and a sign welcoming me whilst reminding me to slow down. It’s a village remember, there is no need to be in such a rush anymore. After endless cups of tea and a sunset seemingly- and generously- taking forever to disappear over a horizon behind a thousand fields, I feel the day has come to an end. Not like it does in the city, I feel I have more of a say there. At home, nature acts like my parents did when I was young. When the lights are off, get settled and wait for the rooster to wake you up.

The problem is, when I am back home I clearly have no work commitments holding me back. I don’t want to sleep, I want to explore, to have a few drinks, to walk around. This is pretty hard during the weekday, society is kept to a much more strict schedule here. Everything closes early, even the pubs. There are no late night restaurants, 24-hour garages are the only saving grace. I was there recently, having a few beers and was eager to keep my hometown friends out until the last call. ‘On a Tuesday?!’ One replied. Well, why the hell not? If we work in industries outside the 9-5, why is Tuesday such a bad day? Motivation however does dwindle after 10pm, when the stars outshine the deserted streets, when breathing is one of the louder sounds around us other than the sound of the slot machines and empty pint glasses tapping against the bar as the last locals go home.

This is why I love city living. Every day can be a weekend, if that’s what you want. I go back to my hometown to remind myself how beautiful nature is, how bright the stars can be and that leaving my front door unlocked overnight may result in a farm animal walking in. To enjoy peace and tranquility and alone time when needed. I go back to the city for another kind of freedom. The freedom to choose what I want and when I want without nature dictating when I should sleep or play.

Will I be in bed by 11pm or stay out til 4am? Who knows, and I plan to keep it that way!


I would love for my blog to continue growing, to keep challenging myself and to hear your stories. Thank you to my followers for inspiring me to keep posting, by following my blog I promise you will put a smile on my face!



For Those of You in the Big City 

I love living in a small city. It’s commutable, people have time to have a chat in the street and there is just the right amount of variety. That is until the Christmas shopping starts. I always tell myself I could live in a big city, until I find myself walking around a toy store looking for a present for my Goddaughter, fighting the crowds like it’s a Prodigy gig. 

I remind myself that some cities are like this all the time. If you live in a big city, you have my respect. 

Burrito time.

The further you travel, the closer it is to home

I must have been one of the first people they had spoken to since arriving in Europe. Travelling all the way from Lubbock TX, they were delighted when I told them I once lived and worked in their city. For them it was a huge coincidence. For me, in a job that involves speaking to many international travelers, it was a matter of time.

Not to take anything away from the chat, it was great to meet them and brought back some awesome memories. I remember being in their shoes in their home city. It was just as much of a surprise when a guy at the bar recognised my accent and told me how he went to school in my hometown. It was very funny to hear how we brought back the northern English accent that had clearly faded over time.
It was also a surprise when I bumped into a friend in New York City, checking into a hotel as I was checking out. Being so far from home, it took a while to sink in. We crossed paths like we did at college and the local store. A couple thousand miles did not change anything. 

The more I travel, the more I have these experiences. 

I hope I’m not the only one!