Hang on, was I on Route 66? Looking through my Texas pics I noticed the signs below the giant cowboy, even if they didn’t catch my attention at the time.


Apparently not. Well, kind of. I asked google the question and the website route66news was kind in response.

‘Yes. It sits on an obscure and short-lived alignment of Route 66 from the 1920s.’

That’s enough for me to brag about!


The author adds:

Although the Big Texan no longer sits on Route 66, it began on Amarillo Boulevard (aka Route 66) in 1960 and often shows its Mother Road roots in the gift shop and decor. It moved to Interstate 40 during the early 1970s after Route 66 was bypassed.

Then an input from West Texas A&M University marketing professor and Route 66 researcher Nick Gerlich:

‘A solid argument can be made that the current Big Texan sits on or adjacent to the 1926-1928 alignment, which followed 18th Ave SE in from Washburn. The current freeway obscures much of that now, but the BT is one of few businesses to be able to say it has sat on two different alignments.’


Have any readers been? I miss that place. 

Even if I haven’t been on it I have visited a venue that has contributed to its legacy, I wouldn’t be researching the historical route right now. I guess that’s just as good as being on the route and not realising at all. 

Glass half full and all that.