Unknown lifelong friendships 

Going back to my earlier walk in the park- which was no ‘walk in the park’ so to speak due to the heavy rainfall- I dried off in a cafe and tucked into a chicken and mayo sandwich with a large latte. One thing I’ve noticed is that we really are quick to dish out the ‘legend’ status. 

As I collected my sandwich the nice guy behind the till said ‘you’re a legend, thank you.’ This is great and I appreciated the kind words, however am I really deserving of this title?

Martin Luther King- Inspirational leader in the Civil Rights Movement

Neil Armstrong- First man on the moon

Adele- Billions of YouTube views and multi million record sales.

Blogger Sam- Bought a sandwich and a large coffee

As I took a moment to bask in the glory of being legendary I listened as another waiter let a customer know his coffee was made. The customer was facing away from the counter and using a nearby stool to do some morning stretches pre or post jog. 

‘Oi Ed, your coffee is here’

That wasn’t bad service, instead it was service between two friends comfortable with one another. How many of these friendships do we miss everyday in the cafes we don’t visit? Friendships that formed over that one shared location in their seperate daily routines. It was fascinating to see this one tiny section of a giant web of people that meet briefly everyday before going on with their day. It gave me a much needed warm feeling after a cold downpour.

For every negative story in the media there are billions of happy encounters everyday.