When things go wrong

Think positive, as they may have also went well. I had to do a last minute nightshift last night (yes, after getting up early and going on the road trip in my previous post), and upon arriving at my station to head home this morning, the trains weren’t operating. 

Instead, I had to catch the replacement bus service.

This bus route took me around Sydney in a way I haven’t done before. I haven’t been on ground level on the other side of the water looking over to the CBD and the Opera House, so it was very much worth it. 

Even if it was 7.30am.

Sometimes, the things that get you down and in a mood can be the things that get get you out of it again. I am pleased I was able to have this view of Sydney.

Sydney Harbour: All 25 shots

I have an addiction. I could take the same photograph of the same location a thousand times if there were enough reasons. A change in the weather perhaps, a different time of day, a new addition to the skyline. I have taken plenty of shots of the Sydney Harbour Bridge/ Opera House that are going to waste in my folder, so I thought I would get closure. No more harbour photos, I need to focus my attention elsewhere. Enjoy the last remaining shots I have and look forward to many more landscapes moving forward.

  1. Soaring


2) Carnival Cruise as seen from hotel


3) Harbour at sunset


4) Under the bridge


5) Bridge from the west side


6) My first look at the bridge in person


7) Bridge from the east side (with climbers)


8) Closer Carnival cruise shot


9) Early morning Sydneysiders


10) Early morning reflections


11) Opera house at dawn


12) Opera House #2


13) SHB in all its glory


14) Opera House #3 with a little lighting


15) Early morning run


16) All of the lights (very grainy!)


17) Harbour after a much needed downpour


18) Bridge climbers


19) Ocean spray


20) The Entertainer


21) A view from The Rocks


22) Under the bridge #2, the encore


23) A lifetime of hapiness


24) A new chapter


25) Water Taxi


Did you pick a favourite? I think it has to be number 10 for me, I love the lighting and picture quality in this particular shot. Let me know yours as it will help me know what you like for future snaps, if I can take pictures readers love I will be a happy blogger and who knows, maybe I will upgrade my camera on my travels.

Thanks for viewing,


Another day, another way!

What I love about Sydney is the countless ways I can get into the CBD. There are so many wharfs! Today I decided to get the ferry from one of the countless terminals dotted around Sydney’s coastline.

Today’s journey, Neutral Bay (centre of image) to Circular Quay.

Because there are so many, the demand doesn’t seem to be so great. There was an exception to this recently during a very busy and warm weekend trying to get the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly, a very popular beach town (top right of the map). It was rammed, so much so that I had to wait for a second ferry as the first was at full capacity. This doesn’t seem to be commonplace though, each of my journeys has resulted in me finding a seat very easily and not having to give it up for someone that needs it more. The service reminds me more of a bus service with stops just down from streets and residential areas, one of the three stops today picked up a family. How cool is it that a ferry can stop solely to pick you up?


As I have said before, I recommend taking a different route to work if possible. It takes the boring, repeated routine out of life and spices the day up a little. Even if we can mix our day up a tiny bit in some way, we loosen those shackles that society and employment place us in that little bit more. By changing the daily routine, we gain a little more control.

To infinity!