Switching on of Regent Streets famous Christmas lights (on its 200th anniversary!)

When it comes to anything outdoorsy this time of year in the UK, there’s always the risk of getting soaked.

However on 14th December London got well and truly into the Christmas spirit without a cloud in sight. The occasion was the switching on of the Christmas lights on Regent Street.

Regent Street is world famous. On regentstreetonline.com, it states the following about the street:

Named after the Prince Regent, the street was built in 1819 under the direction of architect John Nash and its Grade II listed facades represent some of the most distinguished architecture in London. When built, Regent Street was the original shopping street for the capital and has grown into a world-renowned destination that curates year-round memorable experiences that go beyond the world-class shopping.

So with the Christmas lights being turned on, this was a better time than ever to take a visit.


Crossing London Bridge was beautiful that night, the moon was the brightest I have seen it in a long time. In these shots the moon is in different locations, I assume the third photo was taken on the way back home later that evening.


First, I went to my work place just before the commute, to drop off some things before my morning shift. I left my place near Borough Station, headed to work, jumped on a Jubilee Line train at Southwark Station to Green Park, got off and onto a Piccadilly Line train one stop to Piccadilly Circus.

Looking back I don’t know why I was looming around London Bridge… maybe I went for a coffee or something.

It seems a lot, but the actual travelling doesn’t take too long at all. There are trains every couple of minutes and is a great- and sometimes crowded- way to get around the Capital.


Just off Piccadilly Circus is Carnaby Street, another popular street for similar reasons. It seems like many streets in the surrounding area are really putting in the effort which is great to see.

And it isn’t just for Christmas. Looking at the above decorations it is clear to see an ocean theme, and Project Zero (seen in the sign) is a movement trying to save our oceans.

I just took a look at Project Zero, and have linked the movement at the bottom of the post.

They state on their site:

Project 0 is a global movement supported by renowned scientists, business leaders, campaigners, culture makers and ocean experts, who are all working together to awaken the fight for the ocean.

The greatest threat to our planet is climate change and if we don’t take action now, the collapse of civilisation and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon. The ocean needs safe havens where it can replenish, and fortify itself against climate change, overfishing and pollution. That means strongly protecting at least 30% of the ocean by 2030, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, coastal to high seas areas and everywhere in between.

I am always happy to see such a movement, and knowing how many people will walk underneath this and google it like I have is great to think about.

I’m not sure if the guy above is taking a photo of me or taking a selfie…

Liberty department store is one I hadn’t heard of, but went into and was really impressed. Again, just round a corner (I was getting pretty lost at this point and every corner was new to me) but walking through this building I could tell it was a store with a big history. It was founded in 1875 and is situated in a gorgeous looking building decorated with the holidays in mind. I should have taken more shots in here, but as I wasn’t expecting to be wandering around a department store I was taking it all in before walking out another exit and back onto the streets. Next time perhaps.


Here is a somewhat blurry shot from outside, Liberty being the Tudor building with the Union Jack flying outside of it. This wasn’t the reason I took this photo, instead I wanted to capture that amazing moon again.

Take a look, you can see the whole row of street lights and the moon is just above it… and just as bright!!


Now back to Regent Street. The decorations were plain to see, just not lit up. But the moment they turned on I realised they weren’t just any high street Christmas lights.

The street celebrated the evening with fireworks, set off the moment the lights came on. You could hear the crowd (including me!) gasp in union as the fireworks lit up the sky. I wasn’t expecting it and I am sure many others weren’t either. Was it tradition, or because this was the streets 200th year? I am not sure but I don’t care. It was great.

It was an incredible sight on one of London’s most beautiful streets.


The crowd went as far as the eye could see. For obvious reasons traffic was closed for the event and people took advantage of the open roads. Further down Regent Street a stage was set up for what I assume was a mini festival of music, or maybe carol singers. It was obvious that people weren’t going to leave the area after the fireworks came to an end.


The displays mainly consisted of angels, arms out looking a little like an acrobat about to catch another midflight.


These angels lined the roads, with the lights flickering and lighting the wings up in a sequence. You can see the changes in the shots below.


Smaller displays lit the way down smaller streets, some of these streets offering hot buttered rum (which was delicious) and churros free of charge to keep the hands warm and hunger satisfied.


This night really got me into the Christmas spirit. People were happy, the classics were playing, the lights were shining. And it made me want to see what else London is doing for the winter season.

Now London is huge. I know all of these shots pretty much consist of the same lights however this is just one area of a city full of very cool areas. In fact I have already seen other areas I want to visit properly and blog about, one being Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. Apparently it’s awesome and for all ages.

I shall blog about some of these places soon.

And I am preparing my blog posts for 2020, I have mentioned I will be putting the destinations to vote on Instagram and the winning places will be visited and blogged about. Until then I will probably blog about everything Christmas that’s going on in London and grab a couple more of those hot buttered rums.

Below is a shot taken of a band performing that night, I wish I got their name. They were performing a great cover of I Say a Little Prayer and I hope I bump into them again on my wanders. I will upload a small clip of this as well as the shots to my Instagram shortly.


Speaking of Instagram, I have changed my website a little and added the clickable social media icons to the home page. I felt like it needed a little change, but wanted to keep the photographs as the focal point of the site. I did like the look of one theme that had a layout similar to a book (some of you may have noticed it briefly as I was trying it out), however my mum provided some feedback pretty much straight away telling me that she loved being able to look at the photos on the old theme and find older posts easily. So thank you mum, I have changed the theme with that in mind.


My Insta, Facebook and Twitter isn’t doing much right now, but as I build momentum and begin to post more frequently I will be using them more. Feel free to add me over on these channels, I would greatly appreciate it and promise that they will come to life very soon!

Thank you for reading, and apologies for not posting so much since returning to the UK. My mind has been all over the place with moving and sorting documents etc and I have honestly just felt a little flat. But I am very excited to get back into the swing of things and really looking forward to the year ahead!

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to my readers in the USA too. I am sitting opposite a bunch of Irish folk bringing the holidays a little closer to home with an epic roast, and I don’t blame them. From now on I feel like celebrating other countries and cultures holidays a little more… why keep it inside the borders? If it’s and excuse to be merry and have a little fun I am 100% on board.

And I will leave you with this question- what’s your plans for 2020? Anything exciting? Let me know and I will see you in the comments!






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Getting deep in thought in Edinburgh

I had a great time up in Edinburgh seeing family. The problem was catching a bad cold once I got back to London that had me in bed for a couple of days when I was planning to post about it. I am back down in London now on my days off work with enough energy, so hello again!


I know the trip to Edinburgh pretty well now, being my sisters current home and my mum’s birthplace. You may know it well now too, as I have posted about it many times. It is a great city. Beautiful, not too busy, easy to walk around… I am always happy to give it another visit. And from my mum’s home in Durham it isn’t a long journey at all. This will cause a little deja vu in some of you that have seen previous posts from Edinburgh, but it isn’t a city you can go to and not talk about again and again.

As I was checking the train times I noticed on the screen that trains were delayed. Pretty standard really. What I haven’t seen before however was a description as to why they were delayed, in particular on this specific and tragic occasion.


It actually told us that someone was hit by a train between Grantham and Newark North Gate. It is very sad to hear and we have no way of knowing if this was fatal, although the chances of course are very high. I was surprised that it mentioned exactly what happened as I would have just expected a ‘due to an incident’ kind of message. My mum and I had the person in our thoughts as we waited for the train, this gave us a reminder of how precious life is. I hope the family are okay.


So many people, it is impossible to know all of the struggles people go through. And despite seeing something like that on a board it is still hard to become too emotional. I have no idea who the person is and what they look like… Is it a boy or a girl? Young or old? Was it someone loving life and were incredibly happy that simply had an accident, or someone that couldn’t live for another moment? All we can do is read the text and try to imagine how awful this news would have been for their family that day. A reminder that just because we can’t see or know about other people’s problems it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Or that we are the only ones that have problems. This helps me to get by when times are hard.

A peaceful train journey was had, and we arrived at our destination.


A cold and cloudy day, but this didn’t really matter too much. It gives the streets more of a dramatic feel, the statues looking down to us below a dark sky that reminds me of a darker history.



Red telephone boxes losing their red over a time when telephone boxes are more for photographs than for calling. They have become pretty useful for those wanting to advertise brands or send out messages to the world in the form of stickers.


Below, the golden toe of philosopher David Hume. It has become tradition for passers by to rub his toe for wisdom or luck. Some do it just to keep the pastime going.



As travel often does, we arrived quite peckish. We met my sister and decided to find somewhere that after midday would still serve breakfast as we were hoping to be there and eating a little earlier. We found this friendly pub (not the one in the above photo however) that would happily do this after the bartender checked with the chef.


I mean who wouldn’t want to go into a pub with a Scottish monkey as a mascot?


We sat and ate, I went for the Scottish breakfast. A little variation from the full english, the weird things you can see on my plate are as follows:

Haggis– savoury pudding, ingredients include sheep heart, liver, lungs and stomach. Interestingly looking this up I learned that traditional haggis has been banned in the US since 1971. Apparently no food consumed in the US is allowed to contain sheep lung.

Black pudding– also popular south of the border. A blood sausage consisting of pigs blood, mixed with oats, herbs and spices.

Tattie scones– (seen underneath my fried egg and toast) basically a potato scone, ‘tattie’ being a sottish term for potato.


It is certainly not for vegetarians/vegans, and I felt a million miles away from this whilst eating it. As I get older I am looking into vegetarianism/veganism more, and although I haven’t set out to be one I think I may at some point give it a go. It is hard changing up a lifestyle that I am used to, but I guess today is easier than ever.

Having this breakfast is like a time machine. In that old pub I felt what it would have been like to eat such a meal with family in the warmth by the fire whilst the cold, dark nights roll in.


Speaking of tougher times, we headed up the Royal Mile to the castle where I discovered a little memorial to those poor souls that were literally burned for witchcraft.


The castle is amazing as it sits right on top of an extinct volcano. The rock formed after an eruption 340 million years ago and later (much, much later!) provided a suitable place for a castle.

Here I am getting my castle fix.



The sound of bagpipes flow through the streets and it is a great sound. It is a reminder of the proud history Scotland has and the patriotism still seen today. And I can’t walk past the monument below without taking a moment to take it in and grab a few shots as I do. Scott Monument is my favourite structure so far in the city, it just looks awesome.



At the time Remembrance Day was taking place for fallen soldiers, hence the poppies and crosses on the grass around it.


The sun decided to come out and really made a difference.


Now I know the Scottish like to drink, but this is on another level. I decided to go for a drink with my mum after we said our goodbye’s to my sister and waited for the train back. We headed to a hotel bar providing nice views of the city.



As I headed to the toilet, I kid you not some guy left his trousers on the bathroom floor.

Trousers!! I must have deleted this picture from my phone so I went back into my Instagram story.


It looked like they were taken off in a hurried manner as change spilled onto the floor. There was no one in the bathroom, however when a housekeeper came in he looked just as confused as I was. I decided that I didn’t want to get drunk enough to forget my own jeans so left after one and headed to two of the cities museums.


A little further down Princes St are two buildings opposite one another. The Scottish National Gallery displaying historical paintings and the Royal Scottish Academy of contemporary art. As I do not know too much about art I preferred the Scottish National Gallery, as the artworks made more sense. They were created by talented artists and I could see the effort that went into them without any further knowledge needed.


Contemporary art is more hit and miss for me. Some of it I liked, like the sculpture below.


Others not so much, such as the colourful thing below with a very hefty price tag.


I try to be open minded but if something doesn’t blow me away on first looking, it has to do really well to impress me after that. I didn’t catch the meaning behind the one above, but looking at it I feel I could achieve that. I just have to assume that there is something more to it that is above my comprehension, or a meaning that is so clever it has to be interpreted in this very way. Maybe if I knew the meaning I could understand just how perfectly the sculpture represents it and respect it a little more. Who knows.


In the space left on the floor I couldn’t help to think what if I brought along the guys abandoned jeans? Place it in the centre of the floor, change scattered around it and see who takes interest. See what meanings would arise. I mean everything has a meaning, I would call the piece ‘despair’.

Art of the times, our fast paced lives, the way we live and the contrast to how we want to live. The struggle to get our lives in order when the easier option is to grab a beer and slowly forget with each sip that our lives aren’t in order. Wearing jeans is a cultural but not a physical necessity to get through life, alcohol blurring the line between what is needed and what is accepted. The small change representing our willingness to waste many tools that help us, not realising that what seems minuscule and a burden in our pockets are small grains of sand that form a beach. A beach isn’t possible without these grains of sand.

That will be £11,000 please.


Art seller



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The impossible task of listing everything I want to do in London

Hey everyone, I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. A much better one than mine as I eagerly await my first paycheck, looking through the window at the London skyline like a dog waiting for walkies.

Roll on the 31st.


But I have tried to remain productive outside of work and compile a list of things I want to do in London. I recently told you that I was planning to do more on Instagram, using the platform’s polling feature to put two London activities in my story every week and see which one people want me to do. Two attractions that follow a similar theme, and with the list I already have, I won’t run out of things to do very soon.

An example of this is below, I have done a bunch of these and have enjoyed putting them together.

trafalgar square vs piccadilly circus

So far I have paired a few things up, and still putting a bunch of things to do in the list. For anyone from London or those that have spent time in the city, I will add the current list here and would love if you could help me think of more cool and interesting places.

The list so far (not in any kind of order) is:

Emirates Air Line cable car

Go up to London’s Sky Garden

Big Ben (warning- under construction until 2021)

See Tower Bridge lift up

Covent Garden

Borough Market

Try an authentic curry in Brick Lane

Have a crispy battered fish and chips in Camden Town.

Changing the Guard ceremony in front of Buckingham Palace

Meet the Beefeaters at the Tower of London

Trafalgar Square

Piccadilly Circus

Go sightseeing on an iconic London red bus

Visit Aldwych abandoned tube station (if open)

Soak up spectacular views of London’s skyline at The View from The Shard.

Take a boat trip on the Thames

See the Apollo 10 command capsule at the Science Museum

See Egyptian mummies and the world-famous Rosetta Stone at the British Museum

Tuck in to a pie, mash and liquor at one of London’s pie shops

Try the Chinese cuisine in London’s Chinatown restaurants

Visit Crossbones Graveyard, a graveyard for medieval prostitutes

Drink coffee in a Victorian toilet at the Attendant

Oldest prison in England (Clink Prison Museum)

London dungeons

Tallest bar in London/ Smallest pub in London

North London Derby

Take a tour of Wembley Stadium

See graffiti at Leake Street tunnel

Visit Karl Marx’s grave at Highgate Cemetery

Visit London’s oldest red telephone box

Walk over the famous Abbey Road pedestrian crossing

Take a Harry Potter Walking Tour

See the neon signs at Gods own Junkyard

St Pauls Cathedral

Visit Greenwich and stand on the Longitude 0 line

Brixton Market

Visit Pudding lane (Great Fire of London) and learn more about Samuel Pepys and his diary

Find the pump that cured Cholera in Soho

Have tea in the 300 year old Twinings tea shop

Visit a Roman Temple dedicated to Mithras

The Post Office Railway

Last Tuesday Society (not sure what this is exactly but it sounds strange and intriguing)

See the oldest surviving Surgical Theater in Europe

Stay overnight in London Zoo

Banksy’s ‘Designated Graffiti Area’

Churchill War Rooms

The Traffic Light Tree

Temple Church

Seven noses of Soho

The Embassy of the Republic of Texas

End of current list


A lot of places already!!!

Thank you to those that have already provided suggestions, this list will keep me going for a while. But then I need to take into consideration that I will try to do most of these, and if my posts are ‘this or that’, the ones that aren’t successful will have to be done at some point too! Maybe I will do a new poll for the losing options once I have made my way through.


I am currently living really close to Borough Market and the Shard, both seen in the picture above. I have tried hard not to have too many wanders into the tourist areas before I get myself a new camera on payday and do some proper blog posts on the locations I visit. But I have been working full time anyway which has helped. So far I am happy to just have some casual wanders day and night around the local neighbourhood that is Southwark.


Despite feeling a little anxious to be moving into London’s city centre, I have felt very safe on all my walks and on public transport. One reason for this is because it is just so busy all the time, no matter the time of day. I feel safer in numbers, and despite the higher crime rates inevitable in a city of 10 million, I would much rather be around a high population if it happened and not down some dark back alley in the middle of nowhere. The constant sirens of the emergency services and sight of police everywhere is welcomed too. Not that I want there to be a new emergency every ten minutes, but knowing that they are there protecting the city.

And with that I haven’t met too many miserable people either. The common belief (particularly being from a much smaller city up north) is that everyone looks down and that London isn’t a particularly friendly city. But I have found that most people I have engaged with have been pleasant, even in the most chaotic of crowds. I am hoping this isn’t just beginners luck and it stays like this whilst I live here, I can only imagine how many people I could possibly meet on my adventures and I am really, really looking forward to getting out there and exploring properly.

The beginning of November will be when I am back in the zone.

Thank you for bearing with me over the last month or so, I haven’t blogged much since moving back to the UK but it will all be changing in a week or so. It is all about finding routine and I am settling in well and cannot wait to do some more solid full time blogging in London.

Let me know what you would like me to do, have a great weekend and see you all soon!



The websites I used for these activities are linked below.







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First impressions of London

London is so different to the rest of the UK. 13% of the country’s 66 million people live here, and you can tell as soon as you get that sweaty tube into the city center. I have to go overseas to find another city as busy, New York City is of comparable size. Neither are the biggest, but much bigger than any of the Australian cities I have been living in for the past two years. Within these borders however those that live elsewhere know just how much bigger London is.

I realised this when I first landed in City Airport after this mega trip from Melbourne. The airport itself was fairly small, but one of five (or six depending on what you count as London) in the city. Googling just how many airports London has I learned that Heathrow is in fact the USA’s 6th biggest airport, followed by Frankfurt. Who knew!


And during the tube-ride from the airport to Kings Cross I found it very difficult to remain in high spirits. The sight of concrete, the smell of exhaust fumes and constant bumping into people isn’t the best way to carry out your day. The bright blue suitcase I bought to be easily spotted on the luggage carousel felt like a big mistake on a packed underground train. The fact I even commuted with one through London was an eye opener itself. After was seemed like forever I was begging to be in my home village in the north east, it would take me a week up there to see as many people as I did on the tube alone.

But three great weeks passed, and I made my way down to London to start my job. I work close to London Bridge, right in the heart of London. For this reason I am surrounded by tourists and commuters alike, walking by some of the cities (and worlds) most popular attractions.


This was one of the first pictures I took in the city. A beautiful morning, even those heading to work seemingly stopping to take in Tower Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the world. I don’t want to use this post to provide too much info on the structures in the images, as I want to create individual posts dedicated to them. As I mentioned in my previous post I would like to use Instagram more and incorporate it into my blog, using the poll feature to let you decide where I visit. Then I will take the time to explore the city and dedicate posts to certain attractions and places of interest that you want to see.

Saying that, I have had time to do a few laps of the City of London, taking in many iconic sights.

A great route for a run is over London Bridge (above) and along the river, back over the river via Tower Bridge and back to where I started. The numerous tourists I have to dodge hasn’t annoyed me yet, I still find it great to live in such a buzzing area. However I am sure I have ruined many photos along the way. I have decided to give up saying sorry 90% of the time for minor bumps and things before sunset as it is just inevitable, and if I say it anymore I will probably go insane. This is why the capital is seen to have so many rude people, it is just too populated. Being polite 100% of the time is just not possible.

The shots don’t do its hecticness justice, but London looks great from here.


The old and the new. Between the two segments of the Tower of London, the modern day highrises can be seen showing how timeless London is. Many of the cities skyscrapers have funny nicknames which makes each one much easier to identify.

How good does London look under a blue sky? Since arriving I have had great weather…


And not so great weather.


Day walks…


And adventures after sunset.


The past couple of days haven’t been as nice as the ones you see in this shot, taken roughly a week or two ago. Below is a great view of the high rises and Tower of London from across the Thames.


Can you identify ‘The Shard’, ‘The Gherkin’, and ‘The Walkie Talkie’ in amongst these shots?


This month is going to be a tough one for me financially. I only received two weeks pay in September as I started work mid way through the month, and I am now brought back to the harsh reality that I will be paid monthly. This means that half pay will have to last me all the way until the end of October, and London is certainly not a city that you can survive in for too long on anything less that full time pay. I will be fine, however my blog posts until then won’t really consist of too much travel. If there is anything else you would like me to post about during this time I would welcome suggestions, I recall a few people asking me to post about how to grow and develop their own blog so I could do a post on how I run mine I guess, what has worked for me and what hasn’t.

I am going to try hard to save for a proper camera too, recently I have had more of an urge than ever to use something other than my iPhone 5. As good as the shots can be from it, it cannot compare to a proper camera. It is like me putting on the glasses I should always wear, it is easy to forget how much you miss out on until you see things through a better lens.

How long will this take in one of the most expensive cities in the world? I am not sure, but I will try. Work is great. Free meals, free gym and classes across the road a couple times a week and right now I live a short distance away so no commuting costs. These will all contribute massively and are very, very welcome.

And with that, I ask you employed people out there.. how often are you paid? Weekly? Fortnightly? Monthly? Do you like how you have it currently? For the monthlies do you feel like a millionaire like me for the first week and eat noodles for the last three? I would like to know if I am not the only one.

Stay tuned guys, more posts are coming. And when I receive my first full paycheck I will- despite trying to be more sensible with my money- ensure I will have some very fun posts heading your way.

Thank you, and I hope you had a great weekend.




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Melbourne CBD from the Yarra River

If the weather is good, I want to make the most of it. And even though we’re in winter here in Melbourne it has been pretty nice the past couple days. Before work I decided to unwind by doing a slow lap of the river, and here are some shots looking at the skyline as the sun was going down. The city looks great underneath a blue sky.

Happy Monday everyone!



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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People of Melbourne, what should I do?

Things for me don’t often hit home until they are right there in front of me. I don’t get the urgency until I have no choice but to act. It used to be revising for an exam, one of my earliest examples of this… That pastime is pretty much non existent. Then just organising my life in general and ensuring things went to plan, such as not agreeing to two events on the same day. I have often realised only the day such a mistake before and well, shit. I usually don’t find the motivation to address something ahead of time, this only really occurs when it is right there in front of me. I can visualise it much better when I see the end of the track, and too often it’s too late I go right through it.


It’s just who I am. Not that I necessarily want it to be this way, I struggle with the planning phase and this has made me into the person that I am today. The kind of traveller I am too. But I like to take each day as it comes on the road, plan little but make the day productive. I don’t know if any of you can relate but I am very stuck in the ‘now’ in life…  And this has good and bad aspects.

This is part laziness, part mental health and low mood. In the past when I have had free time I just liked to do nothing. But the ‘nothing’ was often something unseen, like waiting for certain feelings to pass or get stuck in a never ending abyss of deep thinking. But other times I have tried to escape certain demons holding me back and kept busy, blogging for example. But again, it is rarely scheduled posts and more posts I just type up there and then. These days are behind me thankfully however my day to day living stays somewhat the same. It has moulded my behaviours I guess.

Thank goodness I am on a two year visa, I have plenty of time to find out what I need to do. Six months in Melbourne gives me ample time to see what needs to be seen in Victoria’s Capital. If it was a two week holiday I would probably have a bigger ‘What I Should Have Done Better’ speech in old age. And despite it seeming like I don’t like the way I do things, I find it much easier and more enjoyable to just travel with very little plans. Speak to locals and fellow backpackers and go from there than wonder the web and the seemingly infinite websites aiming to guide me.

But on the other hand, I am thinking damn… I’m going to live in another city in just three days. What have I planned, or worse, what haven’t I planned?!

In three days time, I will be in Melbourne. I cannot wait to get there, meet some people and take in some of these recommendations. And potentially working in hospitality will benefit me greatly here. I have been to Melbourne previously, for two days, and can be seen in my post about the train journey from Sydney here and my brief time in the city here.

I saw a few things whilst I was there. The street art…


The cool little streets with cafes and restaurants…


This building…


St. Kilder…


And a day tour of the Great Ocean Road…


However this was an unexpectedly rushed trip for the reasons I mention in the posts linked, and will make sure to give Melbourne the time it deserves this time around.

I know I have been speaking to a few of you that are either from Melbourne or have visited, thank you for the suggestions and I would love to have more recommendations you and others have for the city. Again, I would much rather speak to those that have seen it for themselves instead of find an article online that could have been written by someone that has never stepped foot here. I have taken on board some of the places you guys have mentioned before, however if I have some of these in one designated post for me to refer back to every now and then (with a shoutout to you if I do it!), this would be greatly appreciated and something I will make sure I do if it is within my ability. I will try my hardest to make it possible, and asking for your advice is me planning more than I have done prior to many trips, so I guess I am improving on this pre-planning thing ever so slightly.

Hello to you in Melbourne if you are there (and to everyone that isn’t of course) and if you have something you feel is a must then I would love to hear it. Who knows, I may even see you there!



Have a great Wednesday,



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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A sneak peak at the view from Brisbane’s tallest building!

Yesterday I took a walk through the Botanic Gardens and gazed up at the new Skytower. I decided to do a quick post as it has grown to be the tallest building in Brisbane and the third tallest in Australia.


I want to say thank you to @emilyblackwrites for allowing me to share this next view from what seems to be the very top of the building. It is a great shot looking down at the gardens I was walking through in my featured image.

What a great shot! The gardens look tiny from here, as does everything. To think this is going to be the daily view for hundreds of residents is something to envy, but thanks to Instagram we all get to share it for a moment.

What do you think of the building? Let me know!


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Brisbane Skytower: Brisbane’s new tallest building 

I’ve walked past this building daily and watched it grow over time. So for this reason I thought it would be good to do a quick post on it.

It’s an impressive size and is now the tallest building in Brisbane.

Walking through the Botanic Gardens it dominates the skyline. It’s almost complete by the looks of things and looks awesome with the sun hitting the windows. Even being surrounded by tall trees isn’t enough to block out the view of the 887ft tower.

Sometimes it is hard to capture the perspective in a photo, but being Sunday there were markets on in the gardens and this helped take care of that.

This is the view right underneath it. Skytower will also have the highest infinity pool in Australia. Not a bad view during a swim!

It’s a great addition to the Brisbane skyline, if high rises are your thing. It’s also the joint-third tallest building in Australia, rivaling the bigger cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

Brisbane holding its own!



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Rainy days

This morning it poured down here in Brisbane. In fact it may have rained all night as I was caught in it at midnight after watching Newcastle get beat by Tottenham… a goal that really shouldn’t have went in. The weather cleared up nicely by this afternoon.

I am not sure about you however I love a rainy day. The soothing sound of rain hitting the ground chills me right out, I have been using rainfall soundtracks on Spotify and YouTube to help me concentrate on writing too with great results. I also love that it gives me an excuse to wind down a little and just stay in one spot without the urgency to get out the house and into the world. It doesn’t feel so much like a wasted day if the sun isn’t blazing.

But it doesn’t mean the day is unproductive, more that it is just productive in a different way. Less physical and more sit and read a book or blog. It gives us a different way to go about the day and I like that. Rain has been rare in Brisbane recently so it was a positive change.

How was the weather where you are this weekend? Are you a fan of a rainy day? I feel my fellow Brits will be strongly against me on this one!


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