Always have a plan B…

Well I’m not getting anywhere fast…

You don’t expect such a disruption when walking, sometimes in traffic yes but rarely is even the footpath of a busy street in the CBD off limits. It was all good though, I went back down one block and the next street along was still open.

This happened on Friday, and wasn’t sure what it was about. I didn’t have time, this made me a little late however if people are willing to lie down in the middle of the crossroad my problems are small in comparison.

I was told by someone next to me that one of the signs had the word ‘bastards’ on it, so they certainly weren’t happy about something.

That something I have found out is climate change. Or a lack of action I guess. After a quick Google this article from The Age mentions a protest on this street, at the same time I took the photo. It was around noon and apparently protesters played dead in the street to stage a mock extinction. I am not sure if people caught a better view of it from the other side however all I could see was a line of police and horses.

Thankfully this protest wasn’t moving, so I didn’t really need a plan B other than run back and around another block. But sometimes we need plan B’s even in times when we can’t think of a reason why we would even need one. And it is funny how helpless we are when we are so used to a routine and one thing changes. Like a police line blocking the way. If this protest was bigger and blocking the whole of Bourke Street that I was about to cross, I would have been like ‘what the hell do I do?’… like a goldfish in a bowl with nowhere to go. I only ever give myself a few minutes to spare when heading to work everyday as I live so close, and moments like this remind me why that can be silly.



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