Things I’ve learned in the last 48 hours

I’ve been working all day, 7am to 8.30pm to be exact, so had no time to blog today. It feels weird, like the daily routine I have had for so long was disturbed and it totally threw me off track. All I could think about at work was that I haven’t blogged today, something I started doing back in 2014. It is now certainly a big part of my life.

So, here are some little thoughts that went through my head in the space of time I was unable to blog. 

1. I started to miss northern hemisphere winters. 

I woke up at 7am and it was already 28 Celsius. I looked in horror at my pillow, covered in sweat. It isn’t often in my life I have experienced that, usually in northern England I wake up wishing I wore socks. The grass always seems greener on the other side, I bet if I got off a plane in England tomorrow I would be wishing I was walking along a beach again.

By the time midday got here is was 38 Celcius. That being said…

2. The heat is great for maintaining a decent weight. 

Christmas is round the corner, and what other time of the year consists of so many calories? Worst of all, this is the summer season! This is the time for the beach. Thankfully the heat makes me drink plenty of water and eat less, so it isn’t all bad. 

3. I can see the Sydney Tower Eye from my suburb. 

I haven’t seen this view before. Pretty cool!

4. New South Wales alcohol laws are still as strict as hell.

I went to our works Christmas party yesterday, it was great, I had lots of (free) beer. In the next bar, the bouncer asked to see my ID. I accidentally gave him my Opal card (This is equivalent to the Oyster Card in London, the card used for getting around on public transport in the city). This was enough to refuse me entry. 

Fair enough I guess. 

5. This cruise has a cool walkway.

It goes around the front of the vessel, I thought it was a thick line painted on the Bow at first.

Hey there!

6. Sunsets never get boring 

They’re like free paintings available every evening. Ever changing.


So yeah, some of the thoughts I had recently, I hope you welcome them with open arms. 


I know I said I would spend more time taking photos of places other than Circular Quay, however I have to admit I still take shots here almost everyday. Recently, Ovation of the Seas came to port and it would be a shame if I didn’t update you on this particular vessel.

Decks: 18

Maximum Capacity: 4,905 passengers

Length: 1,142 ft (348m)

Tonnage: 168,666

Can you see the stand out feature? The North Star Aerial Observatory on the top deck rises to allow passengers a 360 view of the environment, 90m above sea level. Apparently, this reaches higher than the pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. As you can see, the observatory raises as I get closer to the cruise. 

I think this next shot is my favourite, one half in the shade and the other half getting all the sunlight.

Look at all the lovely people…

A pretty impressive sight. To think each and everyone of those relatively small squares is a pretty big room and balcony, it really does help to comprehend the scale of this thing. It’s a beautiful monster.

Do you have a favourite shot of the above? Do let me know šŸ™‚


Not so fun fact: There was a gastro outbreak on board this vessel as I was taking these shots, roughly 200 people were ill as a result. I guess that is the negative aspect of being around almost 5000 people with nowhere to go. 

Was this ship in a movie?!

Today’s ship, Seabourne Encore. Not anywhere close to being the biggest in the harbour but certainly one of the most luxurious. A 6 star liner, I had a lovely chat with an English couple stepping off yesterday. They told me food and drink was all inclusive. Champagne on tap. I got room spin just thinking of this.

Can anyone remember watching Speed 2: Cruise Control? The sequel that was a huge flop, even Sandra Bullock regretted being in the movie. I enjoyed it, but then again I was about nine years old and had a fascination with ships after seeing the movie Titanic. 

The cruise above is a new ship in the Seabourne fleet. The same fleet that Seabourne Legend was a part of, the ship in Speed 2. 

Today, Seabourne Legend is Star Legend, operated by Windstar Cruises. Maybe it changed hands to prevent the ship being associated with the ill-fated movie? Who knows. 

I wouldn’t care what it was called, champagne on tap you say?!

Something in the distanceĀ 

A cruise ship emerges on the misty horizon off Bondi Beach, Sydney.

I almost forgot about this shot. The cruise followed me all the way to Circular Quay, where it docked a few hundred meters from where I work. Thousands of people slowly emerging in the distance and in eerie silence before dwarfing the buildings and boats as it enters the harbour.

An incredible feat of engineering surrounded by the incredible vastness of the ocean. I love looking out to sea.

From dawn til dusk

6am: Explorer of the Seas, a huge cruise by Royal Carabbean, enters the dock without waking a soul. I still find it fascinating how such a big vessel can be so silent in the water. 

The temperature has reached 30c today, warmer than it has been with the storms and heavy rainfall. For this reason I took another ten or so km walk down to Manly to soak up the last remaining hours of the weekend. As I was walking I just caught the back end, or stern as it is more formally known, disappearing behind the cliff face to the left of this picture. Sadly, this shot was taken mere seconds after the last of the ship was visible. The couple seen here would have had a fantastic view of it sailing by. 

I’ve left today’s post a little late as I am still sorting out a flat to move into. Once I am settled I will have so much more time for the things I enjoy doing, from blogging to working out. There is nothing worse than having your passions put on hold, but there is no better feeling than being able to do them again.

Have a great Sunday.