Live like flags in the wind

Windy days. Terrible for outdoor lunch, great for flying flags. 

Will humanities love for flags ever burn out? I doubt it, so long as wind is a thing and I must admit they look great on a day like this.

The thing about flags is, they don’t look as good without wind. And they can’t stop being flags, even on a calm day. The beauty about being human is we can make the most of every day and the circumstances of that day. Calm, stormy, busy, quiet… everyday has a perk and we are adaptable enough to make the most of these changes. 

Only choose to be a flag if the breeze is there! I’m hoping that makes some kind of sense.

Travel Diary: Darling Harbour

I hadn’t heard of Darling Harbour until I was taken there. What great views of the skyline!

I went with family for lunch and a look around the museum, which involved boarding two Royal Navy ships, one submarine and a replica of the HMS Endeavour. The Endeavour was particularly fascinating when walking (sometimes crawling) around, it gave a real insight as to the living conditions of the day.

The staff were very informative and friendly, one lady told me her husband was from Newcastle after recognising my accent.

What a great day to be at sea.