Something a little different everyday

I’m currently working a bunch of PM shifts, meaning I’m rushing around on a morning trying to get things done as I have no time after work on an evening. But sometimes it has it’s perks. I decided to have a cut through Queen Victoria Market on route to work on what has been a very wet and miserable day, and needed a hot cup of something.

I stumbled upon this Indian Chai company Chai Co. and they have a hot chocolate with spices drink on the menu. If there’s two things that warm me up its hot chocolate and spices, but I’ve never had it together. I’ve had chilli and chocolate before which was an interesting combination, so I thought why not.

It wasn’t as chocolatey as I expected, but the people were friendly and it did indeed warm me up. The mix of flavours was interesting, I’d probably have it again.

I think it’s important to try and do something different each day. No matter how big or small, something that makes each day a little different as helps us to break the mundane cycles we often find ourselves trapped in. Today it was changing the drink that set me up for my shift. It’s the little things in life that can lift our moods and be a catalyst for bigger changes.

I hope you do something a little different today, and let me know what it was!

Have a great day wherever you are, from a cold and wet Melbourne.



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Blog, eat, blog, eat… (a post from 2016!)

What I love finding in earlier posts is that I haven’t lost my love of blogging. From the title of this post from 2016 I can see that blog, eat, blog, eat was a ritual that I have kind of stuck with to this day. The only difference is back then I would have bouts of frequent blogging and times with little activity. One of the reasons was episodes of anxiety and depression that had me lose all motivation to blog. But since then I have morphed my blog into one with more optimism and bright colours. This has helped a lot.

This post was a quick one. It was from the Botanist, one of my favourite bars in Newcastle, England. This gin tasting session was in fact a reason why I found a new love for gin, as learning more about how it is made convinced me to give it another chance. I just learned not to drink it at parties.

In fact, as my book writing remains dormant as I build my blog, this very moment at the table in the Botanist is the opening lines to my book. Will it remain there? I am not sure but I guess we will see.


From January 21st, 2016…

It’s restaurant week here in Newcastle, so the pounds that leave my wallet are being added to my gross tonnage.

It’s a great idea for the difficult weeks after Christmas, but bloody hard to make a booking. Oh, there was a little gin tasting session thrown in too yesterday. I really don’t like gin (probably more psychological than anything after what I can only describe as the hangover of all hangovers, and waking up in my friends parents bed to be sick all over their sheets) but I didn’t have the heart to tell him and it was an interesting talk to say the least.

BBQ yesterday, Italian tonight?

That’s all I can type for now, I’m getting out of breath.



Just a quickie, how would everyone feel if I was to upload throwback posts into my blog every so often? I know I have asked this previously with positive results, however I may blog during the day and find an older article to talk about on an evening, as I like posting twice a day and it gives me a chance to repost some of the thousand+ posts that have hardly been viewed as I got used to blogging. It’s like a little time machine that helps me remember how this blog formed and I think you will enjoy some of the posts.

Let me know what you think!


Originally posted 21/1/2016

Re-posted 07/02/2019


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Happy blogging,


Where I come to blog

The WiFi at home has packed up, meaning it is impossible to blog at home unless I use my phone, and this eats my data very fast. For that reason I have spent a considerable amount of time in the local coffee shop, which actually motivates me more as I am out of the house and doing something. There is something about being in public that stimulates me, I feel a bit more alive with all the chatter around me.


I like this place because A, it is right around the corner from my place and B, the WiFi is good. It also has charger points in good locations in case my laptop runs low on battery and the staff are a little friendlier than some of the places I have been to. On top of this you get a nice little addition of chocolate drops on the spoon, which is a lovely touch even if it does quickly melt to the mug. It looks like they added more this time too. I don’t know what I did to deserve that, maybe they caught me blogging and assumed it is a review. I don’t do reviews and I am no where near big enough to promote a business by advertising their products. I don’t want to be that kind of blog anyway.

So I wanted to give a little insight as to where I type my words, like I said I find blogging much easier out of my home. I also mix it up a little bit to keep me from becoming demotivated, a new spot helps perk me up. I do however have to have a secluded spot, I don’t like the idea of people behind me peering onto the screen and watching me work. I have always been a little self conscious as to what I do, I like the mix of being in a place bursting with life but having a little privacy. I bet it is great fun being a very popular blogger, one that has hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of fans that like and comment the second the ‘Publish’ button is pressed, but can work completely uninterrupted in the process. That certainly sounds fascinating.

Where do you blog? Do you have favourite place in or outside of the home? I feel it would be nice to get to know you all a little better.





Restaurant typos

It’s the weekend and I’m sure you are probably all up to no good and drunk already so I thought I would leave you with a typo I found at an Italian restaurant.

Can you spot it?

Apparently it goes very well with mussels… Shite wine is the future but I think I’ll take a beer.

Don’t tolerate any shite this weekend let alone drink it. I hope you find some fantastic typos too!


I don’t know what is worse for me, wearing a tie or coffee. An easy choice for some, a weird opening sentence for others. I enjoy both, but in moderation. 

Everything in moderation, including moderation. Joe Rogan reminded me of this quote from Oscar Wilde in a recent podcast. Sometimes I take my moderation into consideration, other times I let loose. I have too much coffee. I shake, I become unsettled. Tourettes become a little more intense, not too noticeable, but there. Then wearing a tie becomes stressful. I feel strangled, I want to escape the top button that feels like a straitjacket. Why did I think that strong coffee would do me wonders? How did this drug get legalised in the workplace?!