Debate: Is this okay?

I’m back in Brisbane! I had such a good trip to Sydney and Melbourne, especially Melbourne as I have never been before and I cannot wait to be back again next year. I don’t know if I have mentioned already but my mum and sister are coming out in January to see me, so I am going to be back on a plane very soon. This time, Sydney and Cairns. I didn’t really take many photos last time I was up in Cairns so I will make up for that this time. It can’t wait to see them, it’s been over a year!

But back to my question. Like I said I am back in Brissy and I was walking through Queen Street recently and came across this scene. A group of people taking photos and petting a reindeer whilst a group of protesters protest in the background. There were vocal making sure they were heard.


A link to one article regarding this over at states that a group, maybe this same group I am unsure, protested outside Queensland Children’s Hospital whilst sick children were having fun with the reindeer. This has led to angry responses towards the protesters as children that will be in hospital over the festive period were trying to enjoy the experience.

Now I am in two minds here. First, I am not really a fan of zoos or animals kept in enclosed spaces, however as this is clearly temporary I do not know how the animals are treated or live the rest of the year. The animals didn’t seem to be stressed, not that I know what a stressed reindeer looks like, but they were rather chilled and approached passers by. But I do like that people are constantly trying to increase the quality of life for animals, and I do not mind a peaceful protest. But is it immoral to protest outside of a children’s hospital? I guess if they see it as animal abuse and exploitation, exceptions cannot really be justified. Exploitation regardless of who wants to see them, right?

So I wanted to ask my readers what you think, if anyone in Brisbane has seen them and what side of the fence are you on? Is it okay for these beautiful animals to tour the city and provide a bit of happiness to passers by at the animals expense? Is it justified if it is only over the Christmas period? Should protesters remain silent if it could potentially upset the sick children who want a small dose of joy and fond memories to look back on?

Thank you for reading, let me know and I will see you in the comments.


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Anonymous, or a branch of Anonymous focused on animal welfare, are currently occupying Pitt Street in Sydney. They are standing in a square, facing outward to the crowd with laptops and screens displaying the abuse animals suffer for our consumption.

Before anyone assumes this is a post on one particular side of the fence, I am not vegetarian or a vegan. I do have days in which I question myself, especially in the presence of such footage. I won’t show the footage, just some shots of the group.



I personally love seeing people fight for a cause that promotes a better life for others and animals. More can be read of this ‘Cube of Truth’ in this Guardian Article. Despite the fact that I haven’t changed my diet, it is something that I consider regularly. No doubt I am lazy by a vegans standards and a wuss by fellow meat eaters.

What makes me consider the welfare of others and animals more than anything is our lack of willingness to be conscious. We didn’t ask to be born with such a sensitive central nervous system, nor be asked to be born at all. Our lives ultimately lie in the hands of those that are stronger than we are, considering this we were pretty damn lucky to be born human. Only some of us, the ones with enough liberty to be able to read this post in relative comfort. This doesn’t mean we humans are sitting happily at the top of the food chain, we may not (currently) be turned into human nuggets served with fries at some intergalactic music festival but we sure get fucked in different ways. Often how fucked we will be can be predicted whilst we are still in the womb. The slaves of tomorrow haven’t even been born yet to know this. That is what makes me consider ethics and morality more than anything.