Fear of Heights

Here’s me looking out of the 77th floor of the Q1 Tower in the Gold Coast, hiding my fear of heights that always comes out during the first few minutes of such an elevator ride.

Funnily enough, our day trip to the Gold Coast mainly consisted of being inside this building. Seriously. We went up after a great lunch and my sister decided that she wanted to do the Sky Point Climb at sunset, an outside climb that takes you to the very point of the tower. Terrifying. 

So 99% of the photos I will post from this trip will be from this building, which works I guess because I can see 99% of the city from here. 

See you all soon!


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Look up.

Some people make the most of even the dullest of days. I was walking towards Circular Quay last month and noticed someone enjoying the cloudy weather more than most, between two AMP Buildings. 

Here is a closer look.

IMG_5337 (4)

It is a shame that it was so cloudy however I am sure it did not prevent this from being a once in a lifetime experience. After a little research, I have learned that this was the AMP Foundation Big Zipperthe first building-to-building charity zipline in Australia that took place between 20th-21st October. There is a pretty incredible/terrifying image from the top of the zipwire that can be viewed by clicking the link.

Opportunities like this remind me that they won’t be around forever, and neither will I. Fear is great for keeping us alive, however we need to fight it sometimes if we really want to live.


I’ll stay on the sidewalk, thanks

As much as I want to do the Harbour Bridge Walk, I just don’t think I’ll be able to. I know the view will be one of, if not, the best I’ve ever seen… It is something that fills me with anxiety more than excitement.

I did a rooftop stadium tour of St James’ Park in Newcastle and that was scary enough. I was protected by a waist high railing (and a hard hat despite nothing being above me and little use if I fell), standing directly over the pitch below. Here it is the same but higher and nothing but a rail on both sides. I would be tied to safety equipment, not that it would cure my fear of heights or make the terrifying ordeal any more bearable.

To those brave enough to do this, I salute you.


Before any flight, I have a few drinks at the bar. I am no alcoholic however if I was to have a job requiring frequent air travel, I may well become one.


I’m not the guy in the above photo, by the way. It is a friend looking pretty relaxed on our way to a festival a couple of summers back. The sunshine didn’t cease, sadly neither did our sunburns. This weather is always a shock to our northern English skin.

I fear flying, I also love flying. I am no good with heights and the fact that -50c temperatures, 600 mph windspeeds and a 35,000 ft drop is right outside the window I’m looking out of, both astounds and terrifies me. The most extreme of extremes right there, with the odd temporary distraction whilst cabin crew hand me an orange juice. I understand that flight is so reliable that this is a pointless worry. It doesn’t help. Despite my concerns I make myself look out of the window. I tell myself that I am one of the first generations of humanity to ever experience what earth looks like above the clouds. I can travel anywhere within a day if I can afford it, to lands that my ancestors didn’t know existed.

For this reason I make myself fly. I want to experience what is unique to modern day humans. At the same time, it is frightening to consider how far behind we are. To consider that I will fly over nations that would have me killed for my opinions. Some nations still burn ‘witches’. Our technology is growing faster than our own intelligence, distance and tolerance need to coincide. With more and more people travelling overseas I can only hope we are forced into a more tolerant mindset, I guess I could advertise blogging to those that are easily offended by a differing culture. It is better to vent anger in words on a blog post than to blow up the interior of an aircraft mid flight.

Who knew militant atheism could sound so good?