Watching a certain action movie being filmed in Edinburgh!

I have done quite a bit of travelling since coming back from Australia. I have been back for one month now and had some much needed rest days between blog posts, but not too many. Edinburgh to the Isle of Wight via Bristol as I recently shared with you, then a few days in my hometown with friends and family. This is what I counted as my ‘rest days’, knowing I am home having some proper cooked meals in a place I can totally relax is the best rest possible. I then headed back up to Edinburgh to stay with my sister overnight before a flight to Berlin.

And as a certain something was being filmed in the Scottish capital, we went to check it out.

Durham Train Station

And after a glorious journey up the east coast of the country I arrived in Edinburgh.


The weather was perfect. Blue skies to complement the Scottish flags under a blazing sun. I wonder if this will make a movie look far-fetched… yes I can take all the storylines and car chases, but sunshine in Scotland?! Come on now.



Above is St Giles’ Cathedral. A dominant building on the Royal Mile, this was one of the film locations for the movie Avengers: Infinity War. I am sure fans of the Avengers movie’s will recognize the sets, although it is beautiful to see regardless.

Below, Cockburn Street which was also used in some scenes. Next door to the ‘Scott Brothers’ store is a shop for Harry Potter fans. I didn’t look at the sign however it was called ‘Diagon House’ last time I was here and I assume it is the same store. I made a very quick post on this here, as well as show you the outside of the coffee shop JK Rowling used to write her novels in.


But on this trip it was another huge movie franchise. Fast & Furious 9 is partially being set in the city and I managed to find the filming of it with the help of my sister.

But before that, a message from Vin Diesel himself.

Thankfully we didn’t have to go far, Waterloo Place was the location we found the filming taking place. It is just a couple of minutes walk from Waverley Station and on route to Carlton Hill, a great place if you want some amazing views of Edinburgh.


A stuntman chills on a lorry between takes

Between takes, the street was open for pedestrians only. The road was fenced off from either side, only vehicles used for the movie were on the street. We managed to get there as a scene was taking place and I got this bit of footage.


It was cool to see the drone camera capturing it all, and to imagine what it will look like on the big screen. It is a fairly small street, so takes only lasted a few seconds.

The scene ended, the street opened and we walked to the other side. The staff didn’t mind us recording as we went past, we just had to keep moving and were reminded continuously as we made our way through. It makes sense though, I can only imagine how long it would take to create a movie of this size.




The street was filled with everyone you can imagine that would be involved in such a production. Crew, actors and stunt doubles, volunteers, first aiders… it was pretty exciting to walk through and see them putting it together. My sister loves this kind of thing, and is was actually a paid extra in the movie!!



Below, all the camera work and the majority of the team on this particular set.


So I have to admit here, the actor seen in the first video wasn’t Vin Diesel, but his stunt double. This was made clear as we walked past the bus.





As we made it to the other side, we decided that today was the perfect day to climb up Carlton Hill. This is the best spot to take in the whole city, in all it’s natural and architectural glory.

Athur’s Seat. In person you could actually see people right on the cliff edge, walks up there are very popular but I haven’t done it myself.


Cranes. Lots of Cranes.


The National Monument of Scotland


What I love about Edinburgh is that both a busy city and quiet natural beauty spots are a short walk away. It is that perfect size for me, with just the right amount of everything.


I have realised climbing is becoming more and more of a challenge as the years go by…


Above are views from Carlton Hill, looking over to the Firth of Fourth and Leith, where my sister currently lives.


We made it back down, and the street used for filming seemed a lot quieter. With this we walked through the cities gardens on route back to the flat.


I cannot get enough of the beauty of Edinburgh. So many amazing buildings on a dramatic landscape, it is no surprise the city is home to numerous World Heritage Sites.

Below is one of my favourite buildings in the city, Scott Monument.


This is a monument for Scottish author Walter Scott, and stands just over 200ft tall. It is possible to climb the stairs to the very top with some great views over the city.


Love bagpipes!


Posing in front of Edinburgh Castle


And I will leave you with Wojtek, a ‘beer-drinking soldier bear’ adopted by Polish troops during war that helped carry ammunition before ending his days in Edinburgh. It wasn’t a memorial I was expecting in the city centre, but one I welcome.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post from one of my favourite cities in the UK. Are you a fan of the Fast and the Furious movies? Let me know and let me know if you have been to Edinburgh!

See you all soon.




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The closest I will probably get to the Titanic shipwreck

Today, under the influence of painkillers, I visited an exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum showcasing James Cameron’s deep ocean obsession, submarine quests and fascination with the Titanic. The exhibition contained short movies of his visits to the Titanic and incredible venture down the Mariana Trench (35,787 ft!) and information on the Deepsea Challenger submersible that was actually built here in Sydney.

It was eerie enough seeing this replica of the shipwreck… I can’t imagine being at the lonely, dark depths of the ocean and seeing this slowly emerge as the subs lights catch the vessel. A huge ship once full of life and excitement to reach New York reduced to a lifeless shell with very little trace of the people that built and sailed it. It shows how fragile life can be and that tomorrow is never guaranteed, no matter how perfect life can seem. Nature doesn’t care for your class or status.

It has always been a fascination of mine since I learned about the disaster, largely down to this movie that came out when I was just eight years old. Since then it is a historical event that has always stuck with me and this was a very interesting visit. It is even more eerie to know that the shipwreck won’t last forever, the remains of one of the most famous and tragic events of the 20th century will eventually fade away in time. At least we found it in time.


Due to popular demand it has been extended to 5th May, more info can be found here.


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Was this ship in a movie?!

Today’s ship, Seabourne Encore. Not anywhere close to being the biggest in the harbour but certainly one of the most luxurious. A 6 star liner, I had a lovely chat with an English couple stepping off yesterday. They told me food and drink was all inclusive. Champagne on tap. I got room spin just thinking of this.

Can anyone remember watching Speed 2: Cruise Control? The sequel that was a huge flop, even Sandra Bullock regretted being in the movie. I enjoyed it, but then again I was about nine years old and had a fascination with ships after seeing the movie Titanic. 

The cruise above is a new ship in the Seabourne fleet. The same fleet that Seabourne Legend was a part of, the ship in Speed 2. 

Today, Seabourne Legend is Star Legend, operated by Windstar Cruises. Maybe it changed hands to prevent the ship being associated with the ill-fated movie? Who knows. 

I wouldn’t care what it was called, champagne on tap you say?!