My Australian Journey #1

This is the first of my throwback posts looking back at the two years of my Australian adventure, I am adding all my favourite photos and stories to my Instagram account linked below. I will also be updating my blog daily with the pictures I use on Insta, and the links to the posts I published at the time.

I hope you enjoy!


My first A380 experience, September 1st 2017. This was a great flight and more can be read here.


Changi Airport is my favourite airport so far and great to wander around. You can read why I think this and what can be discovered here.


Singapore, September 2nd and half way through my journey from London to Sydney. This was a mini trip within my travel journey to Australia, see my night shots of the city here.

I don’t want to add too many words to these posts, I think it is better to leave that for the posts I typed at the time. Plus with my busy Instagram schedule it will be much more manageable to upload this way. Quick posts, plenty of pictures and a few links in each page for you to read as you please.

Let me know what you think!



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Why not choose the Exit seat?!

What I have noticed on my recent flights is that I always seem to be asked about taking the emergency exit seat. Usually I am flying by myself however my mum and sister were with me this time around and all three of us were offered it. Is this something that is offered to everyone, it’s just that most people decline? I don’t know, but I don’t mind it at all.

I mean for starters… All that leg room!

I can almost stretch my legs out fully, and being 6ft this is very good stuff.

The downside I found out was when I saw everyone in front of me start to recline in their seats after the seatbelt sign went off. I thought ‘that’s a good idea, I’m knackered’ before realising that I didn’t have that little button on my armrest. So basically we sacrifice the reclining chair for the leg room. And I don’t know which I prefer. Probably being able to put my seat back on a night flight (as I will be trying to sleep anyway) and the leg room during the day.

And of course being near the wing means the view is… of the wing. And I had one of my deep thoughts out this window as I could see little else than the engine keeping us airborne. I thought how strange it was that most of us on board have very little idea how the aerodynamics work on such journeys, we are all just lucky that a small number of humans have figured it out throughout history and made it possible and we just pay for a ticket and use it. They say it’s embarrassing that some people still clap when the plane lands (does this actually happen by the way? I’ve never seen it) however in my head that’s exactly what I want to do. I mean, it’s something humans only in the past few generations have been able to do in our 200,000 year existence, why shouldn’t we do a little celebrating!

Saying that, I usually do that via a beer or two.


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Keep your friends in high places

One of the things I will miss the most about living in Europe is the variety and diversity. There are plenty of countries within, and these countries are small compared with some of the mammoth nations some of you may reside. 

A two hour flight in any direction will almost guarantee you a different language, traditional national dish and with this, a great time.
I cannot wait for the weekend to be over and to make the most of this. In three days time I will depart northern England and with barely enough time to watch an in flight movie, land in sunny Spain. It has been a while since I have travelled short haul, it is nice to sit back and relax without the worry of what I am going to wear to get me through a 14+ hour flight. If you haven’t travelled long haul, choose comfort over style and thank me later!

My flatmate travels regularly throughout Europe with his job. I feel he is incredibly lucky. Then again he isn’t, if we see our careers as fate decided by the Sorting Hat, where does our ambition come into it? It doesn’t and like a muscle, if it isn’t used it starts to fade.
A group of us were chatting around the kitchen table two New Years Eve’s ago about the year ahead. My  travelling friend mentioned his trip to Germany for a conference amongst other trips. This caught the attention of another friend who is a pilot for a low budget airline in Europe. It turned out they were on the same scheduled flight, my pilot friend and my business travelling friend. How cool is that? The pilot insisted that he would do a call out, full name and all, claiming to have a very special passenger on board, special because he was the Duke of a town nearby. He stuck to his word and from this day on I take everything I hear from a pilot with a pinch of salt. 

It cannot imagine having a friend in the cockpit of a passenger jet I am flying in, the same friends I wouldn’t trust to hold my phone for a second. 

Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your pilots in a very good mood!


I have another confession. I read in-flight magazines. They help me to forget that I am about to be launched 30,000ft at 600mph, especially with adverts like this one.


I would hate to read this and think ‘you know what? I might have to get this.’, please don’t be in that kind of relationship. It isn’t healthy. Not that you should take advice from a single guy, that is up to you.

Trust is a beautiful thing, if implemented with the right person and a disaster if given to the wrong person. I hate that I cannot give 100% love and trust to everyone. If I did, how long would it work out? How long before something terrible happens to be, benefiting the trusted person?

I was rudely awakened the other day by a man banging on my door despite it still being morning. I couldn’t hide the fact that I was barely awake despite trying my best. He said:

‘Excuse me mate, sorry to bother you but I have just taken a tablet and its lodged in my throat. Can I get a glass of water?’

For him to knock on my door he had to know the security code, he was also wearing overalls dotted in white paint. I said of course. He downed it, thanked me and walked on by.

Now, was I in the wrong for having a little internal debate with myself whether or not to do it? What if he had a knife or gun and now, access to my flat? My flatmate was away on business, something he often posts on social media. What if the guy at my door was just checking to see if the flat was empty all together?

If I was vulnerable, I probably wouldn’t have opened the door. If it was late at night, I might not have either. I don’t think it is ignorant of people to seem cautious with strangers, they aren’t the ones ruining society. It is the ones that show trust can let us down and does regularly.


Before any flight, I have a few drinks at the bar. I am no alcoholic however if I was to have a job requiring frequent air travel, I may well become one.


I’m not the guy in the above photo, by the way. It is a friend looking pretty relaxed on our way to a festival a couple of summers back. The sunshine didn’t cease, sadly neither did our sunburns. This weather is always a shock to our northern English skin.

I fear flying, I also love flying. I am no good with heights and the fact that -50c temperatures, 600 mph windspeeds and a 35,000 ft drop is right outside the window I’m looking out of, both astounds and terrifies me. The most extreme of extremes right there, with the odd temporary distraction whilst cabin crew hand me an orange juice. I understand that flight is so reliable that this is a pointless worry. It doesn’t help. Despite my concerns I make myself look out of the window. I tell myself that I am one of the first generations of humanity to ever experience what earth looks like above the clouds. I can travel anywhere within a day if I can afford it, to lands that my ancestors didn’t know existed.

For this reason I make myself fly. I want to experience what is unique to modern day humans. At the same time, it is frightening to consider how far behind we are. To consider that I will fly over nations that would have me killed for my opinions. Some nations still burn ‘witches’. Our technology is growing faster than our own intelligence, distance and tolerance need to coincide. With more and more people travelling overseas I can only hope we are forced into a more tolerant mindset, I guess I could advertise blogging to those that are easily offended by a differing culture. It is better to vent anger in words on a blog post than to blow up the interior of an aircraft mid flight.

Who knew militant atheism could sound so good?