I’ve never seen one this big before…

Goddamn I love Cadbury. As a child this bar was one of my favourites. As I have grown, it appears that the chocolate bar has, too.


It seems to be a popular belief that over time some of our favourite chocolates are shrinking and the prices are growing, such as the glorious Creme Egg and the classic Mars Bar. Whether this is down to our tiny child hands growing into fully grown adult ones or companies trying to save money, I am not too sure. Freddo however has turned this assumption on its head. I felt the packet, it does indeed feel like one whole bar! I am used to bars 1/20th of this size and looking at the top right of the packaging, believed it was a multi pack.

The nostalgia is flooding through my veins and heading straight for my sweet tooth. How long will I be able to resist buying one?