Do you embrace or fear the future?

Have you ever thought about the fact that you can edit guest comments as well as your previous posts? I can have an about page stating that I am a photographer, traveller and blogger, get a few lovely comments of support and change it to say I am an ivory poaching, terrorist-sympathising baby eater.

The post would have completely changed but the comments will still say ‘Love this’! And ‘I really like your perspective!’. It is pretty comical.

And just to make the comments even more convincing, we can change that kind messages of support to ‘I love this idea! I hate elephants too!’, really convincing the reader that you truly are an animal hating baby eater.

The internet is a scary place, especially as technology increases and it is harder to decipher what is real and what isn’t. Take a look at this video, courtesy of Barrack Obama. Apparently…

How hard will it be in the upcoming decades to know what is real and what is fake? I guess we will have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

The image above is from the music video for Pressure, a new song by Muse. The album is called Simulation Theory and is themed around this topic. I thought this clip from the video fit in well with the post, and I need to get Muse into a post every once in a while.

Matt, I know your ears are burning.
What do you think? Does the future scare you or fill you with excitement?


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Happy blogging!

Shackled to fate

A column provides information on the first arrivals in Australia by Europeans. The Rocks, Sydney.

So I did something very silly the other day. I was at the birthday party of a work colleague at her house, in the garden to be precise. I had a few beers, as expected. There was a huge ice bucket at the bottom of the garden filled with our beers and as I went to get my 5th (maybe 6th?), out slipped my iPhone from my pocket and straight into the bucket. 

It was a big bucket. The few seconds it was in there seemed much longer as I frantically pushed the beers and ice cubes around until I found it. This is much harder at night whilst mildly intoxicated. Into a bowl of rice it went and here I am typing to you on it. Woohoo!

I went to the Apple Store to get the charger port cleaned out, I was told that although it is working the water damage indicators have been set off and it is a matter of time before it shuts down. How marvellous. You would think waterproof phones would be a priority for a company that has successfully launched face recognition and living in a country that is very coastal, it would put my mind at rest if they were.

So I just have to wait. Days? Months? Who knows. I hope to one day live in an age in which we don’t have to wait for the expiry date to hit, whether it is a disease of the human body or the technology we use. It is a weird time for us to exist, a time in which we can diagnose disease and predict how long we have before it takes over without being able to stop it in its tracks. This sucks a lot. So today, I thank the lucky stars that it is my phone going down this path and not me.

I knew there was something I should be grateful about today!

Cars are modern horses

A sausage, bean and chese melt, the first in a couple of months as I have really tried to cut down before travelling this year. A large coffee because they ran out of regular cups and were feeling generous. This holiday is off to a flying start!

I love airports. They fascinate me. After a very stressful last minute pack I have finally made it to the airport. I am lucky enough to have a very convenient metro system that takes me from the city centre to the airport terminal doors in roughly 20 minutes. This means I can enjoy a few bevvies and not worry how much the airport parking will cost for seven days, all for £3.30.

Ports of the air, the new and quicker way to travel and unseen for centuries. Oh how lucky we are to have them. Sea ports are great and all, however one cup of coffee and a pasty would not be sufficient to fill me travelling by sea from the north of England to the south of Spain. Isn’t it amazing to be able to travel such vast distances in so little time? I would get over it but I do not want to.

Like the car is the new and improved, air conditioned horse of today, airports fill our increasing demand for travel. What is next, the space port? Vaccum-tunnel port? Whatever it is I am sure to be as excited as historical sailors would be to see the ports of today.