A Zelda reference in street art?!

Just a quick update on this post for those that may have read it whilst I lived back in Sydney (and for those that are new to my blog!). The artist behind this piece is Reg Mombassa, a New Zealander that moved to Australia and has a distinctive style of art that can clearly be seen in the image above and below. Thank you to Mark Holsworth for the information, I have linked both Mark and the artist here so you can go and check out their pages.

This is what I love about the internet, I have moved from Sydney to a rural town way up in Queensland temporarily and I am still able to find out information about the artwork around a construction site from people I haven’t met in person, located anywhere in the world. What a time to be alive.

I hope you are all have a great weekend!


I like the street art here, although it doesn’t seem to be art that was been created by a passer by. But then again, would a construction company bother to make their workplace more aesthetically pleasing with art? I am doubtful, but remain optimistic. Also, would a hard-hat help in an accident involving that GIANT metal container 30 odd feet above them? Again, a little doubtful. One of their hats actually fell off shortly after I took this shot, rapidly reducing the life expectancy for a few seconds. He survived.


It sure makes the area prettier. In fact, it made me pay much more attention to an area that I wouldn’t have paid attention to at all. The scene in the piece is very strange. I can see the Harbour Bridge in there, can you spot it? Also the tree on the right of the image takes me straight back to my childhood. For any Nintendo 64/ Zelda fans out there, it has a rather striking resemblance to The Great Deku tree that dies in the beginning of the game. Spoiler alert, although it has been twenty years.

This was a very emotional moment for childhood me. (This is actually the graphics from the more recent 3DS version, I wanted to let this be known)

Saying that, it is pretty remarkable that the graphics that were used on a large console have now been revamped and used on one not much bigger than an iPhone. They probably are capable of these graphics on a smartphone now. But this doesn’t take away from the fact that this was a game ahead of its time, showing what is possible by pushing something to its limits. Something I feel I need to do more with myself, using my capabilities to the best of my capability. It would be a waste not too, a Ferrari wasn’t made to be driven around country roads at 30mph, so why should we limit ourselves?

So that is the inspiration I take from the art located at Wynyard in Sydney’s CBD. If you get something else from the image, let me know. I would love to hear it.

One thing I have noticed since I have been blogging is that I have not played video games. At all. This isn’t really possible whilst travelling and I am sure that if it was possible, it would have serious repercussions for blogging. Gaming can be addictive and with games becoming more and more movie-like in graphics, I am not surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised if gaming becomes more popular than cinema… Has it already? Why watch a movie when you can be in control of one? When I am done with my travels I may get back into it. Video games are an art form, and one that really inspired me as a child.

If a twenty year old video game had the ability to still inspire me, I can only imagine what the future holds…

Edinburgh is my favourite English city

I found a bunch of impressive post apocalyptic images of Britain today, created to help promote the new video game Horizon: Zero Dawn, posted here by Unilad with the title This is what Horizon Zero Dawn would look like in England.

For example, here is my city.


Mind you, I have walked the streets at 6.45 am on a Sunday morning, the resemblance is uncanny. I have to say the street cleaners do a damn fine job.

Below, is Edinburgh.


Edinburgh is a beautiful setting for such a story.

Haaang on, Edinburgh is an English city? Dublin and Cardiff too? I understand that it is a British website, so before I start a post with ‘Dear World’… maybe I have to look inward to find why the UK is still being labeled as England. No wonder the rest of the UK (and Ireland) hate us…

It reminds me of the time Grand Theft Auto took a stab at this. Introducing Frankie Boyle with ‘All the way from Scotland, England’. I don’t often say this, heck I probably won’t ever again, but I recommend you read the comments and not the actual video if you are easily offended. Classic Frankie material here.

At least they were making a point (much of the Rockstar team are Scottish and based in Edinburgh). I mean how hard is it to differentiate between England, the UK and Ireland?

Again, alternate facts is an epidemic passed on by more than Donald Trump, even if he is given the credit for it.