My one regret in Brisbane

Brisbane is the second city I have lived in after Sydney. From my experience in Sydney I took into account a couple of things and implemented them in Brisbane for my six months here.

One of them was choosing to stay in a hostel instead of a hotel.

Sydney is huge, and despite the commute to work not being too much hassle I met a few people that decided to stay in hostels right in the CBD. This would have cut my travel time drastically and allowed me a bit more time to blog too. I often feel that in a larger city it can seem harder to socialise as everyone is so rushed and in such big crowds, it is harder to walk by a friend in the street and stop for a quick catch up. Because I was blogging so frequently and in an apartment outside the city, I feel I didn’t socialise. I didn’t mind that too much though as this was the six months that really boosted my blogging. However being in a hostel would have been fun and travelling to work would have been a breeze.

It was only after Sydney that I stayed in my first hostel. It was during my 88 days farmwork and I did it because, well, I had to. But this showed me how fun hostels can be and how easy it is to make friends there. Friends I will no doubt keep in contact with for years to come.

And with this in mind I booked a hostel in Brisbane close to work. I have stayed here for the duration of my time in the city and despite being a sacrifice in privacy, it gives me more freedom to travel around. If I want to go to Sydney for a week I just pack and leave. No rent to pay! But although I have had an amazing time in Brisbane, I feel I may have benefited from doing this a little differently.

In Sydney I should have stayed in a hostel. And in Brisbane I should have stayed in an apartment. It is cool I have tried both living styles out however I did them the wrong way round. This is my friends pool in her apartment complex, it is really close to the city and I work among the highrises.


Brisbane is small enough to get a decent place close to the city. And commute times are short. I could probably walk to work from here if I wanted to, or grab one of those really convenient Lime Scooters to get me there.

I only have a month left here, so I am sticking to my guns and seeing it out in a hostel. Don’t get me wrong I have loved it and made some great friends here, and my two minute walk to work has given me so much more time to write. But I just wanted to share my thoughts on this with you as my time here comes to an end and I look back at my time in Brissy.

Now, time to think of my options for Melbourne in March…



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My ice is too cold!

I love to give TripAdvisor a good browse in the weeks before a holiday. Nothing gets me in the mood to explore than to hear from those that have left fresh footsteps in the sand. The problem with this of course is sometimes people stand in crap on route.

22 (2)

I confessed recently that I was going onto an 18-30’s holiday, what I won’t confess is the hotel. I don’t need to, it’s basic and will only be used for sleep. Nothing exciting here I’m afraid! On this kind of trip, the hotel isn’t often the luxury, more of the necessity. I did of course look at the reviews, which are decent considering our busy location. Close to the beach and close to vibrant areas. Hilariously and as always, there were some not so happy guests.

‘It was too noisy’

You’re in Benidorm!

‘If I had a pound for every time I heard doors banging from youngsters, I would have been able to pay for another week there’

You’re also in Benidorm!

‘There was only one English TV channel’

You’re in Spain?!

It is as if some people close their eyes and book whatever hotel receives the first click, expecting it to be everything they want. Of course if people want to go to a resort of this nature and have a quiet holiday I am sure it is possible with a little research. But to book such a hotel in such an area and complain about what was probably obvious and predictable all along, is a little strange to say the least. Some reviews I have read seem pretty unnecessary.

I personally cannot wait to get there and complain that the sand is too hot, the food too Spanish and that the English accent a little weird. I wonder how much of a refund I will receive…


The internet is an amazing thing. I remember my first holidays as a child, jumping straight onto a coach from the airport, not knowing anything about the hotel we were going to until we arrived. Thankfully the hotels were great so it defeats the point a little, but stay with me. To be able to look at honest reviews from actual guests and make a decision before getting there truly is remarkable. No longer do we have to rely on companies to give undoubtedly biased descriptions and images, the internet is too powerful. Make use of this amazing opportunity and choose what is best for you and where. There is less and less excuse to have a bad holiday in 2017.

I am not going to get much sleep there, at least I have read the warning signs in advance!




A lady with no arms inspired me today 

This evening I watched a wonderful woman check into a hotel, wide smile and full of energy. The weather is freezing so it didn’t surprise me to see a large coat covering her. Her sleeves were loosely swinging so I assumed her arms would be inside the coat.

‘I have no arms, but you can pass me the keys’, she says as her foot leaves the shoe and makes it’s way to the top of the reception desk. The receptionist placed the room keys between her toes like it’s second nature. Then, the receptionist finds a low table for her to sign the registration form. One foot used as a paperweight, the other signing with more grace than I have with my hand.

The pair converse in typical fashion, talking about the weather and plans for the day. She smiles and they both exchange a goodnight. ‘See you at breakfast!’ the lady declares before disappearing into the elevator.

A lot of my night has been spent thinking about their conversation. The wonderful and friendly vibe despite the horrible nature of her condition. I could not tell if this was from birth or after a more recent event but regardless, it didn’t affect the high spirits of both individuals. 

I have heard many complaints in hotel lobbies. Complaints that really do make me question people. 

‘There are no beans for breakfast!’

‘My mini fridge hasn’t been replenished!’

Complaints delivered with enough anger to suggest that they are of much more importance than they are. I cannot imagine being so miserable about such petty things. I watch the news as a reminder that my little problems are a blessing. The day I make a fuss over such little factors is the day I lose my humanity.