When the eyes follow you…

This piece of street art I found in Katoomba, New South Wales near the famous Blue Mountains a little while back. This wasn’t in Beverly Place, the street full of artwork that I blogged about here but it wasn’t too far away and taken on the same day.

I find the image a little eerie, the figures in black and white and all stopping to look directly at the passer by. No conversation, all the attemtion is pointed towards you.

This plaque goes into a little detail regarding the nature of the art.

Just another little post for my streetart section, and I didn’t want to leave this interesting wall out.


Artist: M. Lynn

Location: Katoomba (Blue Mountains), NSW


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Travel Diary: I went on the worlds steepest railway!

I think my fear of heights is steadily fading. I only needed three (strong) beers to brave this railway, one that I would have really regretted had I decided against it. Regret can be as strong as the fear that prevents you from doing something but can last much, much longer.

Scenic Railway is an attraction at Scenic World, Blue Mountains. It offers a 52 degree incline on the steepest passenger railway in the world and one of the best views I have ever seen. Passengers can also adjust the seats to really give that cliffhanger feel.

It could easily be classed as a roller coaster if the speed was there. Thankfully for me it was a bearable speed as it descended down a 310 metre drop via a cliff side tunnel and into the Jurassic Rainforest below. I will add the views from the train soon in the Blue Mountains gallery, but for now enjoy the sheer ridiculousness of this railway line.

Could you ride this? I highly recommend it, a truly once in a lifetime experience.