Muse were incredible

The hot weather yesterday did not deter me from fighting my way to the front as soon as I made it into the arena. It was around 30 degrees Celsius when I checked my iPhone, I chilled in a beer garden with three American fans and watched the Olympic Park slowly fill with fellow fans in Muse t-shirts, most of them bought during their last tour here in 2013.

 Thankfully I got there during the support band and therefore the crowds were present but not packed like sardines. The view from the front of the arena of the crowds behind me were pretty impressive. I have no idea what it must be like performing in front of so many people, I can only image the feeling.

Now of the five Muse gigs I have been to, this is by far the closest I have been to the band. I was in touching distance, it is certainly strange to be so close. Being able to look right into the eyes of Matt, even seeing them breathe, it reminds me that they are human. This stage set was not the biggest or most ambitious they have had, so focusing on the members and not the backdrop was the right choice this time around.

‘That’ riff to Plug in Baby. One of my favourite riffs of all time!

What I love about this band is that many of their songs aren’t on the typical topics heard in many mainstream songs. They aren’t all about love or breakups. They are about conspiracies, politics, religion, issues affecting the world and the animations going along with the performance often reflect these quite well. Below was taken during the song ‘The Globalist’. I can let you guess the theme of this one…

Confetti got everywhere. I almost caught a drum stick. I am pretty sure Matt looked at me and I can now say I have seen them five times in two separate continents. What a buzz, and what a show. These guys truly are one of the best bands of all time, I highly recommend you see them live if you haven’t already. I was on a high on the packed train  home and despite being a little hungover today, reliving the gig on YouTube and in my camera roll is a great remedy.

Will I ever find a band I enjoy more? I highly doubt it. There is probably more chance of snow here in Sydney this summer, and thanks to the confetti canons, this is the closest reminder of being back home this winter.

Thank you Muse for helping me get through being away from family this Christmas, and for providing me so much hope and inspiration over the last decade and a half of me listening to your music.