Finding the meaning

I stumbled upon this piece of street art in Newcastle, NSW. I’m struggling with the message, I’m aware that may make me stupid.

It appears as if the lady is talking messages of love to the dog, as it appears to be a speech bubble rather than a thought bubble. But her mouth is closed… So maybe the speech bubble is someone else’s graffiti added later on? Without it, she simply looks like a lazy cleaner, sweeping things under the curtain. This makes sense on its own.

But with the speech, I don’t know what message it conveys. Is she angry at the dog for making a mess and she is trying to teach the animal some human morals? Is it a thought bubble and although pretty mad at the dog, she is trying to remain a compassionate person?

Sadly, I haven’t been able to find info on this one, so we may have to resort to personal perspectives. What do you think?

I found art in a car park

I was walking through this car park when I noticed a wheelie bin with a melted lid. It looked like something I would find in a museum of contemporary art, with a meaning of course to give it some kind of artistic value.

I am not a fan of much contemporary art. Are you? For me, it just seems like a lot of the art is very overrated and some people tend to over think what they are looking at, especially if there is a meaning or message associated with it.

This particular piece of art reflects the sad correlation between laziness and accomplishment. Human beings can be lazy but still get their own way, the art tells the story of a person too lazy to put items in the bin, instead leaving them on top of the lid and waiting for other people of forces to do the work instead. The lazy person succeeded in placing the items in the bin but without the good intentions, despite the general population not knowing any better. It could have also been an intentional fire, an immoral action leading to waste being properly disposed of. It is true that some people do bad things with positive outcomes, despite the positive outcomes not being intended or desired. 

I think this would fit into a museum nicely.

Can I have my paycheck please?