Don’t let age decide your fate!

I was browsing LinkedIn recently. I don’t often use the site as I was peer pressured into making a page for my own personal development in a job I didn’t really want to develop in. Maybe one day I will use it with a little more optimism, for now it will remain rather dormant as I travel and blog daily. That is so much more fun.

I get emails from the site and the other day decided to have a browse. This headline popped up.

This may be true, although I didn’t click the link. There is just something about this kind of article that bores the shit out of me. As a millennial I could moan and groan about the news, but what is the point? I only want to associate as a millennial by age. Not my potential, not my financial status, not my limits. As soon as I begin to complain that my prospects are hindered by external factors, I’m on the path to proving it right. To be successful in anything we need to be different. Possess increased work ethic and be different from the rest. Reading the papers or a news article online like some crystal ball deciding our fate will hurl us into mediocrity.

Now of course the are some inequality battles that I will fight for. Equal pay for example. If it is downright discrimination benefiting a bigoted few then I will put my foot down. But it isn’t always that. Some people prefer to moan than be the difference they want to see in the world.

So that is my ten cents. I won’t bother clicking the link as it is a lazier option. It is easier to complain about our lack of opportunity than it is to create opportunity. I would give more than ten cents of course if I wasn’t such a poor millennial with no prospects thanks to every other generation. Damn you all.

Last image: Mike Wilson- Unsplash