A stranger set me straight today after I said ‘I’m not bad thanks’. He said if I am not bad then I am obviously good. It is also quicker to say I am good so there is no excuse for a little more optimism.

Don’t be like me. Be like stranger. He is more optimistic. 

I’ll try my best to change.

For Those of You in the Big City 

I love living in a small city. It’s commutable, people have time to have a chat in the street and there is just the right amount of variety. That is until the Christmas shopping starts. I always tell myself I could live in a big city, until I find myself walking around a toy store looking for a present for my Goddaughter, fighting the crowds like it’s a Prodigy gig. 

I remind myself that some cities are like this all the time. If you live in a big city, you have my respect. 

Burrito time.