Spending money can be a wise investment

I’ve had breakfast more times in three weeks than I did in three months in the UK. The weather just invites it. 

This morning is Italian Scrambled Eggs with pancetta, tomato, basil, parmigiano and hollandaise on toast in a lovely cafe just down the road. 

Can I afford to eat out every morning? Of course not! But that’s why I go out when I can. Going for a walk, trying new places and reminding myself that I have limited funds inspires me. Personally, I would rather be working class and live a little than to be wealthy and stay at home. I’m not one to save to the grave, but I will be sure to spend the next couple months saving hard and working out to kill time that would probably be spent in bars.

What is your morning ritual? Everyone’s is different, and there is a beauty in that. It also helps me find a seat.

Ps, I think the cute doggy at the end of the table wanted some…