Life is fragile

Not long after I blogged about London Bridge it witnessed another terror attack. It is extremely sad to learn that two people died and I hope the injured make full recoveries. It has really put me off crossing this bridge, or any in London for that matter. I know it is pretty illogical to think like this though as these things can happen anywhere at any time. But on a bridge there isn’t many places to run.

I was working at the time, on a 7am to 3.30pm shift about a 7-8 minute walk away. My GM was reading something on his phone and said ‘Sam, don’t tell anyone to head towards Borough Market, there’s been an incident’. Naturally I got my phone out to see if there was anything on the news. I also went to text my mum in case she was worried, already seeing a text and missed call from her. After notifying my mum and sister I was fine I had to keep working and actually wasn’t able to leave work until closer to 6pm. It was a busy day and for charity we were holding a gin tasting event, I was allowed to have a couple of gins after work after a small donation and this helped to take the edge off the day.

You could see the police race down the busy street to the scene as it was happening, four or five cars and vans bravely rushing to the incident. I cannot imagine what that would be like. Nor can I imagine being on the bridge at the time, especially for those that fought the terrorist and for those that were stabbed. So close to Christmas too, but sadly that’s often the case.

After work I walked home, the area around Borough Market and the whole bridge closed off to public. I have recently decided to take smaller, quieter roads home that for so long had been the opposite to what I have been told. It is strange how the age of terrorism has changed things. Usually in emergencies we are told to walk calmly to safety, now we are told to run. The busy, well lit streets are now the ones I try to avoid. The less people, the lonelier, the better.


Police cars stopped traffic before stopping pedestrians, I could walk a little further before we were also stopped. My typical shortcut was the last street to be accessible to public, the road no longer full of vehicles but flashing lights and news reporters. It felt strange taking photos and videos but I am not doing it for fun. I have blogged about my life for the last 5 years or so and it would be strange to leave something like this out. Especially as it is currently affecting my day to day life.


I could get a little closer walking around the blockage to Borough High Street, at this point I was still trying to understand what had exactly happened. I heard a few things before leaving work, there was a stabbing, a shooting, a shooting on a bus… the usual mix of stories after something like this. But Borough High St looked like a movie set for all the wrong reasons. Cameras everywhere, police and London buses that had to be evacuated and abandoned now it became a crime scene.


You can see in the far left of the above photo, a policeman moving some signs. These were signs left by people- or maybe taken from people- saying things like ‘love will win’, ‘no room for hate’ and so on.

I would like this to be true, but sadly it will take a while for things like this to stop. It will also take more than a couple of signs after an incident. Now in my earlier days of blogging I would have been more than happy to have a rant and get my opinions out there on this kind of thing. But over time my opinions change, and I am realising that trying to talk on topics such as terrorism, religion, politics, immigration etc isn’t easy and very messy. Not to mention dangerous and that conversations with both the left and the right is getting more and more difficult without someone being triggered. All we need is conversation. Even if it is infuriating and with someone closed minded or with opinions different to ours, if they are willing to chat that is the most important thing. Cherish any conversation with someone that is willing to sit down and listen, even if you don’t agree with them.


Today the weather was beautiful. London Bridge seemed to be getting back to normal, traffic is moving again with a police presence.


The bridge seems to be open again, with the pavement where the attack took place still closed.



Christmas time is always magical, but is always a time when certain people want to do the cruelest of things to ruin the holidays. This is tragically the case for Jack Merritt, 25 and Saskia Jones, 23, and their families. They were the ones that lost their lives a few days ago, it turns out this happened in a building not far away. London Bridge was where the attacker was finally brought down and shot.

Life is fragile, and unpredictable. One minute we can be worrying about buying presents, planning holidays and what to have for dinner this evening, the next we are no longer here. It really makes me realise what to prioritise in life and that 99% of problems aren’t actually problems. It also reminds me that I should contact my family every day. We have been ever since my dad passed. Life seems to be a road that every year becomes more and more like a tightrope. And I am trying not to take every day for granted like I used to.

RIP to the young adults that lost their lives, and stay safe everyone wherever you are.

Blog growth- getting those blue bars rocketing

It has been a while since I last posted something that wasn’t really travel related. It is funny because my blog wasn’t intended to be a travel blog. I had lots of inner thoughts that I wanted to get out there, and when I moved to Australia it was difficult for me to post anything but travel. That and photography.

And now I am in London I am sure travel will still be a huge part of my blog, but it will be nice once in a while to blog about other things.

The world isn’t exactly experiencing a shortage of travel blogs…

But I can see why. We all love to read about places we haven’t been to, and read other peoples perspectives of the place we call home. It is in our nature, the curious beings that we are. And I love to read what people have to say about the locations I post from, whether they are people that haven’t visited or live right around the corner.


The trouble is, how do we get people to view the blogs? There are so many blogs out there, some that I know will feel like they were tailored for me perfectly. The problem is I know they are there, but knowing where they are is a different kettle of fish. A bit like music really. Our favourite songs are often found by chance, listening to the radio or hearing a friend listening to. But getting out there and searching really increases our chances of finding what we want.

Luckily I have met a lovely bunch of you that I talk to daily and I am glad we do. When I first started blogging, writing is all I did. Open laptop, write a post, publish and shut laptop. I was always a little disappointed when I powered my laptop back up to see that no one seemed to want to engage. It had a couple views, maybe a like or two and that was it. There are a few reasons for this.

For one, my blog is one of millions. On the journey to work (especially in London!) we don’t notice individuals during rush hour. It is one continuous blur of passers by, waves upon waves in a sea of commuters. Our brains just aren’t capable of processing all that information so fast, nor do we have the time to do so. The same with blogs. We can’t read all of them, nor can we find all of them within the masses.


Secondly, why would anyone want to talk to me if I didn’t want to talk to them? I kept quiet for the first couple of years, and with that I was left alone. If you don’t go to other people’s parties, why would they want to come to yours? By getting out there, introducing myself and having the time for others, people were more interested in wanting to know me. It felt much better.

It is a bit like a relationship. You get out of it what you put in. You give time to your partner, they will (hopefully) devote time in return. It is how so much of life works, but sadly this effort isn’t always put in. Social media doesn’t help, we see people posting and receiving a ton of interest and engagement, it is easy to feel we can just replicate it, sit back and watch as the views flood in. I have seen first hand so many blogs come and go, and I imagine that the lack of engagement and interest is a big factor. You cannot simply set up a site and have it be successful overnight. It takes plenty time and commitment.


Another factor is how much we blog and actually give readers something to read.

The chart I used in the picture above reflects my actual blogging stats, however in reverse. Below I have added the stats as they are currently, from 19th October 2019.


These are my daily numbers, the tallest bar is the day I last posted. As you can see bloggers had something to read, the following days not so much. It isn’t a sudden drop, as some of my followers weren’t able to read on the day I posted and did so in the days after. But the trend is obvious. Post and get views, don’t post and, well, get less views. But to get views in the first place I had to do what I mentioned earlier in the post. Get out there and let people know my blog actually exists.


As you can see above, February has clearly been my most successful month in terms of views. This is no coincidence, it was the month I finally announced my blog to people outside of WordPress. That’s right, until recently I kept my blog secret to the outside world, no-one knew about it apart from my mum and sister and a maybe one or two people that managed to find it. By announcing it on social media the views went from just shy of 10,000 to 17,000 in one month. It was actually much more that I had anticipated.

But since then I didn’t blog so much. I posted 42 posts in February, the closest I have gotten since is 24 in August. This was the month that I was leaving Australia, and I posted all my favourite pictures from my two years in Australia there. Frequent blogging is vital for me to receive views, and being absent clearly affects the stats. I love looking at these statistics daily and seeing how consistent the trends are with blogging.

Lets zoom into daily stats again, but zoomed out to show more days.


Again, a clear trend can be seen. September I blogged a little about flying back to the UK, going to see Muse in Berlin and moving to London. Since moving I have only posted twice, and the drop in views is evidence of this. I used to blog daily for quite a while, and as much as this took up a lot of my time my views increased daily. Another thing I want to state here is that by posting everyday, my views didn’t stagnate. They always grew gradually every single day. Reason for this wasn’t just because of frequent blogging. It was by getting my blog out there. Introducing myself to others, reading other blogs, literally getting my username into the notification feed of others. Not relying on people searching my name, afterall how could they if they didn’t know it was there? Have bloggers actually see my name pop up in their feed was the answer. And if ten or twenty new people everyday were introduced to my blog, my views would slowly rise each day.

Blogging everyday gets me consistent views. Reaching out to new people everyday gets me more views.

Consistent blogging+reaching out=growth.

And despite my recent slow down in blogging, I am still blogging more and more each year. This graph shows my blog from 2016 to 2019.


I think this is the most important graph of all, for any blogger. It is the one that gives me the confidence and motivation to keep going. Zooming out helps us to see that overall we are gaining ground. If we zoom into anything, whatever if may be, it looks less consistent. More rough around the edges. Even though my stats are currently seeing a fall I understand why and know that I am still moving forward.

Try it for yourself. I would love to know if yours follows the same trends. If your yearly views are dropping, try using the consistent blogging+reaching out=growth equation and take another look at the daily and monthly stats. Stick to it, watch the daily and monthly stats improve and the yearly ones will look after themselves.

Consistent blogging doesn’t have to be every day. Whether it is daily, weekly or monthly readers need to know you will deliver when you say you do. If not, followers will probably look elsewhere to where there is consistency. Whether my views are rising or falling I love looking, as the stats coincide with the above equation. The answers are there, and the stats help me figure out what to do next.

Also, get out there. I love speaking to you everyday and it makes blogging fun. I am glad I have found you all amongst the ocean of people and the only way we can do so is waving to blogging strangers and hope they are happy to wave back. Thank you to all of you that have done.

I hope this helps those that have asked me for a little advice, and thanks to you all that have engaged with me and helped my blog grow to where it is today.

Have a good weekend and happy blogging!



Rush Hour Photo by José Martín Ramírez C on Unsplash



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I was half-consciously browsing social media today, struggling to find motivation to post a blog entry. Whenever I leave it a couple days it always makes the next post harder to type up, I truly need to do it every day to keep the ball rolling at a decent speed.

You probably know Facebook memories, the social media platform occasionally brings up pictures from this date in a previous year, reminding us of the good and bad memories we decided to share with the world. Today’s caught me off guard as it was a picture of my dad, accompanying me and my immediate family and close friends on the airport shuttle as I headed on my first big adventure in 2010.

I was flying from Newcastle to West Texas to work in a hotel as an intern after university. One of the best years of my life. At this point I was still full of excitement, it didn’t really sink in that I wasn’t going to see my family again in person for a whole year until the cabin crew informed us we were about to land in the Lone Star State. I am very lucky I have family that despite missing me as much as I missed them, understood the importance of travel and having these experiences, especially at 21. It was a year that changed me as a person for the better and helped me understand the importance of experiencing this world whilst we can. It helped give birth to this blog and inspired the name One Chance to See the World.

This name is more true now than ever, as my dad is no longer here. After he developed a very aggressive disease a couple of years after this picture was taken, it reminds me that life is fragile and despite travelling being an important aspect of my life, going home and seeing my family again is priceless. This is why I am happy to be travelling back to England in September, despite this current Australian adventure being as amazing as my American trip was back in 2010.

It really caught me off guard seeing this picture again. I was totally zoned out and it just hit me. It is so strange seeing someone’s face after you know they are no longer here, it’s a bit like having a dream that they are still around and I have these from time to time. But it is a good feeling too, as they are great memories to cherish. What keeps me sane after this loss is remembering that we had great memories together, and my last memory wasn’t an argument or something negative. This is why I never leave a conversation on bad terms no matter what’s been happening. Any conversation could be the last and that conversation could eat away at your conscience for a lifetime.

I am sure many of you can relate to this too. I guess my advice here would be to not take life too seriously and always try to get along with family and friends as each conversation has the potential to be a huge memory in the future. It is important to make every moment a potentially great memory to look back on with a smile and not a regret, and I am very grateful this one brings a smile to my face.


Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog.

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Something a little different everyday

I’m currently working a bunch of PM shifts, meaning I’m rushing around on a morning trying to get things done as I have no time after work on an evening. But sometimes it has it’s perks. I decided to have a cut through Queen Victoria Market on route to work on what has been a very wet and miserable day, and needed a hot cup of something.

I stumbled upon this Indian Chai company Chai Co. and they have a hot chocolate with spices drink on the menu. If there’s two things that warm me up its hot chocolate and spices, but I’ve never had it together. I’ve had chilli and chocolate before which was an interesting combination, so I thought why not.

It wasn’t as chocolatey as I expected, but the people were friendly and it did indeed warm me up. The mix of flavours was interesting, I’d probably have it again.

I think it’s important to try and do something different each day. No matter how big or small, something that makes each day a little different as helps us to break the mundane cycles we often find ourselves trapped in. Today it was changing the drink that set me up for my shift. It’s the little things in life that can lift our moods and be a catalyst for bigger changes.

I hope you do something a little different today, and let me know what it was!

Have a great day wherever you are, from a cold and wet Melbourne.



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Memorial Street Art

I found this piece of street art on the side of a building, down a side street in Melbourne’s suburb of Windsor not too long ago. I wasn’t able to find out who the art was dedicated to until now so I thought I would do a post about it.

I tried to search the persons name in Google but I wasn’t sure of the spelling, until I found this article- Spray it with love: R.I.P. street art. Here it talks about Adam Bonnici, who tragically lost his brother Simon Bonnici in a bike accident in Bali in 2013, the date shown on the wall. Simon was 30 at the time. The name and dates match this, and a motorbike can also be seen in the mural. Along with the bike, Simon’s beloved pet dog Raffy is also seen.

According to the article the artist wishes to remain anonymous, which was the reason it took a little longer to identify the person in the art. The art really stood out for me as Simon’s face is the standout feature of the piece, closest to the pavement.

It is a reminder that life is fragile, and that we should always respect others as we don’t know what they are going through and who they have lost. I am pleased I was finally able to find out a little more about this and the person it was dedicated to.

Rest in peace to Simon.


Thank you to my 9,000 followers!

A great big thank you to each and every one of you that has engaged with me on my travels and for the past few years, another huge milestone and for that I am truly grateful.


It has been a little while since my last milestone post thanking you for helping me reach 8,000 followers. I haven’t blogged too much in the past couple months but I am on a three day streak and I will aim to keep it going, I love this platform and everyone I have discovered and I aim to be present here for a long time coming.

Thank you again, I am going to celebrate with Italian food tonight and probably wine.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Then and now: Turning thirty and being okay with it

If there was one memory that freaked me out growing up it was those that told me our schooldays are the best days of our lives. I mean if there was one thing that would make me anxious at the thought of another birthday it would be the idea that staring everything is downhill 16+. And it is a great motivator to make sure this isn’t true. Undoubtedly for some it is true, but we should all have an aim of ensuring we keep living the best life possible instead of investing energy into fond yet distant memories.


It is easy to look back on life with rose tinted glasses and feel like everything was great. That the ‘good old days’ were nothing but that, filled with laughter and good times. However I have made a conscious effort to remember the not so great, using it to remind myself that youth doesn’t equal happiness. Effort equals happiness.

I remember the moment in school when we found out that London won the bid for the 2012 Olympic games. And I remember thinking ‘Shit! I am going to be 23!’. And now I look back envious that at one point I was 23. But when I think of reasons why I would be envious, I struggle. I mean if I am fortunate to live to 100, I was further away from it back then. But this isn’t a guarantee. Picturing life as a long road has it’s problems because some leave that road much sooner than others. Why be happy at the beginning of the journey when then end could be around the next turn?

Instead I am trying to find joy in the fact that I am still on it. Age isn’t as important as knowing we are making the most of this current moment. Instead of thinking that our best days are behind us, it is much better to think of how to make our tomorrow better than yesterday.

One reason I came to Australia in my late twenties was that I struggled to find the motivation beforehand. When I was 24 my dad died and it hit me hard. I was numb and travel was the last of my priorities. A couple of years flew by and I finally felt it was time to make the most of life whilst I could. So, I packed my bags and here I am.


So why would I want to go back to my mid twenties? I was younger, but younger and needing therapy. I feel youth and happiness is often an illusion. Like when we think that old music was better than it is today. It wasn’t. We only remember the classics because the shit stuff wasn’t worth remembering. This is like our memories.

Also, back to freaking out about turning 23 around the London Olympics. It is pretty strange to think I looked ahead with dread, and now look back at that age as a seemingly distant memory. What I thought was only age was not, the same when I am 50 looking back at 30 I am sure. It is all relative, and I need to learn how to embrace the fact that I will never be this young again instead of reminding myself that I am the oldest I have ever been.

This helps me to have a little more urgency to do the things I can whilst I can. It is true that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now. Don’t ever regret not doing things sooner, it is better than the regret of not doing it at all.

So this is why I am happy turning 30. I feel good, I am excited about my plans and realise that this is a decade in which I could achieve so much more than I did in my twenties, if I choose to. And I aim to say yes much more than no and see where it takes me.

Keep living!





Also, thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. It really means a lot and I appreciate every single one of you. As I have said previously your kindness really helps me to keep coming back here!



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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This is my last day in my twenties…

Just before leaving work for the weekend a manager told me that I now have ten years to get my shit together. Which is a big relief as I was under the assumption that this was what my twenties was all about. I have a bit more time and I welcome that with open arms.


I made a last minute decision to fly out of Melbourne and spend my birthday weekend in Brisbane, a city I fell in love with when I was there and I still have many friends there. In fact one of my friends has the same birthday and a big reason for travelling back to Queensland was to have a joint celebration.

Now I have never been one to make a huge deal out of a birthday, I simply prefer to have a few drinks with friends. And it is weird as this one isn’t just another birthday, it is the next ‘big’ one after 21. And to think tomorrow I will be in my thirties is still surreal to me.

It is strange however that I am not dreading it. I think I was more concerned about turning thirty in my mid twenties, I guess I have just accepted that it is happening and found peace. One thing that has helped with this is that I am going to ensure that I make the most out of life no matter what age I am. I feel it isn’t really the number that is a factor in peoples misery but where they are at that age. I know people in their early twenties that really struggle to find happiness and people in the latter stages of life with a huge smile on their face everyday. For me, it is the ‘settling down’ that sounds unsettling. Doing what is expected for a person of a certain age instead of what we want to do at that age. I am still going to travel through my thirties as I did my twenties. And I am going to make sure I have as little regrets as possible.

A mistake I made in my twenties was to have a ‘things to do before I am 30’ list whizzing around my head, especially 27 onwards. I mean this is good, as it gets shit done. However we don’t always get what we want and sometimes this urgency makes life less enjoyable than just enjoying the moment. It is possible to be that focused on doing everything we want to do that we don’t fully appreciate what we have done and achieved. Regret and desire are such strong feelings, and the feelings of accomplishment don’t last very long.

The good news is that I am at the very beginning of my thirties, so I don’t have that mad rush to complete everything I want to do in this decade. But I am going to make sure that I have my life together more and instead of running around frantically without a plan trying to tick every box I want to tick, I am going to invest more time putting plans in place that will help me not just achieve these goals, but have much more success in doing so.

And of course, I will be here.

I haven’t been as present on my blog the past couple months, but that is going to change. I only have two more months in Australia and I want to make the most of them. And after that I will have a whole bunch of fresh things to blog about back in Europe. But for now, Brisbane.


So am I okay turning 30? I think so. I feel good, I am enjoying life and that is much more important than age. Some people don’t even make it this far. Sometimes we obsess so much about our younger days that we forget that we are the young ones that our future selves look back on. It is all about perspective.

Now, to making my thirties ten years to remember!!



Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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Happy blogging,


Thank you for 300 likes on ‘Quitting Blogging’!

Wow, checking my stats today I have noticed that my Quitting Blogging post now has over 300 likes and more than 100 comments, which is astounding to me. I have been blogging for five years now and in all honesty I never though I would be able to say that about one of my posts. To know that so many of you are reading each day and taking time to comment with your own thoughts on the topics I bring up makes blogging such a passion for me. I truly appreciate every one of you.


It helps me to enjoy the writing process, whether it is in long or short form and click publish. I must admit it would be a hell of a lot harder to do if I didn’t have your support, I spent years writing hundreds of posts for basically noone in the hope people would eventually stop by for a read. And I have learned that with consistent writing, people eventually do. I hope my blog is as fun for you as it is for me to keep updating everyday.

And if anything, waking up to good news like this makes me want to keep pushing, making posts more often and trying to better each post. I mean if more and more people are appreciating the posts I need to keep justifying why people should read them right? Who wants a blog that stagnates? And even if some are happy to read my blog even if it was to never change, I am going to imagine most people want to see it evolve. I think that works for everyone.

I have to think about what my blog will be when I go home in September. Will I keep it focused on travelling and experiencing new things? As this will motivate me to keep visiting new places, especially back in Europe as there are plenty of places I haven’t seen. Maybe I will focus on blogging my thoughts and opinions more as my working holiday visa comes to an end, my blog originally started as this so it is something I am used to. It is exciting to consider what avenues it will take as I will sure be here regardless, whatever I am talking about.

The community here is a great and diverse one and I feel switching my blog up every now and then hasn’t really had any repercussions, and I appreciate everyone of you that has still followed me when I have done so. They say nobody likes change however that doesn’t seem to be the case! It is embraced here.

So with that, I say thank you again for the continuous follows, likes and views on my blog and for continually motivating me to come back each day. It is a long weekend for the Queens Birthday here in Australia and I am sure other parts of the commonwealth, however no matter what you are doing I hope you have a fantastic weekend.





Thank you again to all my followers and regular readers, and hello to you if you are new to my blog!

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The nature of happiness

I watched a movie recently, for the first time in a long time. Whilst I have been travelling I haven’t watched much TV at all, I have preferred to get out and about and when indoors, have used the free time to blog about the travels. This photo was taken probably a month and a half ago in St Kilda, south of Melbourne’s CBD. The nature of the photo reminded me of the film I am talking about.


The movie was Hector and the Search for Happiness. I will add a spoiler alert here, so if you are wanting to watch it maybe do so before reading further. It is about Hector (played by Simon Pegg), bored of his current existence and career, questioning if he is really happy in life. He then goes on a quest for happiness, one destination at a time whilst his girlfriend stays at home reluctantly waiting for him. It is a feel good movie and made me think about what I would consider happiness to be.

So, the spoiler. I have warned you!

The movie concludes that happiness isn’t just one emotion, it is all of our emotions. This may sound a little confusing, however the wheel above helps me to make sense of this and give my insight as to what I take from this message.

The stormy skies and beams of light breaking through gives this image- for me at least- a sense of hope and optimism. Which is why it made me think of the movie. Imagine life is this wheel, instead of a long road. Also, imagine the wheel with a clock face.

Let’s say 12 is happiness. Bliss, joy, euphoria, whatever happiness is to you. 3 o’clock can be mental pain, a loss, a breakup, a fight with a loved one. 6 o’clock is physical pain, surgery, a work injury, illness. Lastly 9 o’clock can be personal development, maybe improving ourselves by going to the gym or quitting a bad habit. Something not easy, but very rewarding in the long term. Between these numbers is every other emotion and experience linking these together, as each and every experience varies in size and duration. There isn’t a universal standard of emotional experience for any of us.

We are all born on this wheel. And with that, we will always reach the heights of happiness. Every single one of us. But none of us will stay there. Like anything in life, these experiences will come and go and are never permanent. As unpleasant as this may seem to think about, it can be very liberating to acknowledge.

To get back to happiness, we have to experience everything else life throws at us. Whether this is a unsuccessful job application or sickness, knowing this is only a temporary feeling should help us to keep going and get through the hard times. If anything, the lower we feel means the chances are our next step is going to be a brighter one. Time heals everything. And although time seems to stand still during dark moments, these moments are as temporary as any other. The night can be daunting, or with a closer look can be magical. It can provide an view we would never see with the light of day, and prevent us from fearing that sun going down once more.


No one is exempt from this either. Just because someone else is experiencing happiness doesn’t mean they won’t hit every other number on the clock. We all get on this wheel at different times, and with this experience different emotions depending on where we are in life. Someone feeling the bliss at the top will have to feel the lows at the bottom. It doesn’t always seem this way as when we feel low, the joys of everyone else seem so apparent. But the joys we feel when it is our time feel too good to compare to the lives of others and often we are too busy enjoying life to want to compare with others. This is a good thing. However it does give the illusion that others feel happiness more than us when it is their turn. But that is just that. An illusion. And if it isn’t, like so many successful people in life, the prolonged time away from happiness can only be a motivator to strive for success. Sometimes the distance from comfort and joy motivates us to get there quicker than we ever would have. And experience it much more than we would have.

So this is my take on life. We all share turns at the top, and to get back there have to experience than sinking feeling once in a while. But knowing we will have to experience this ride and feel it all over again, instead of picturing life as a path with the hope of not experiencing the low spells, is more liberating to me. And preparing instead of evading helps me to get through when the time comes.




Night Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash


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