My 6th time seeing Muse was in Berlin!

Okay, so the main reason I visited Berlin was because the band Muse were playing in the city on the European leg of their Simulation Theory Tour. And because I have never visited Germany prior to this I thought I would tick two things off the list at once. See Berlin, and see Muse perform on this current tour.


It was a beautiful evening in Berlin, the rain held off and getting to the Mercedes-Benz Arena was pretty simple. What helped was seeing it on route from the airport, knowing it was in easy reach.


Knowing the hassle of lining for food during live events I opted to grab a beer and a burger outside. Enough to see me through the evening, support act and all. I watched through the restaurants windows as the queue shortened, and waited for the best time to enter. After all I knew the majority of people would be seated, and that getting to the front isn’t all that difficult with enough dedication.


Getting in before the support act started meant that only those that truly want to be at the front would be there already. However I am sure many had the same idea as me and would kind of just analyse the situation before making a fairly late surge to the front, after all by staying at the very front from the moment you enter the arena you sacrifice two things. One, precious beer time. There were guys walking around with beer backpacks however they would struggle to reach anyone too far down. And secondly, toilet breaks. From my experience at the front, if you ever wonder why people near the barriers seemingly want to throw a whole pint of beer away unnecessarily as it sprays onto those in the projectiles path, it probably isn’t beer. It’s just easier if you pretend it is.


My dilemma was that I wanted beers, it helps me relax when surrounded by thousands of sweaty people and zero personal space. So I kept an eye on how crowded it was getting at the front, and how hard it would be to get there later on. I bought a Muse cup from those ghostbuster-looking beer guys, knowing that I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep hold of it all night.


And as the support act came on, Des Rocs, I contemplated when would be the best time for a toilet break. I overheard that Muse were coming on around 8.45pm, and as the crowd wasn’t too packed to squeeze through I decided to predict when the support would be finishing up and made a break for it.


Losing a lot of ground… and hoping to make it up again


I got back when it started to totally fill. And I was in good position. Now I want to let you know that since I have been back I have seen Muse TWICE! Once in Berlin and then London. So I decided to get lots of footage of this gig and just enjoy the London one. Also during the London gig Matt announced that they were filming it for a movie next year, even more reason to put the phone away.


For those that don’t really know this band, their latest album is called Simulation Theory. The band tend to do a rock album, a more experimental one and then back to a more basic rock album. This is the more experimental one, heavily influenced by 80’s music and styles. The artwork and video’s are evidence of this also. The last album tour was for Drones, the heavier style with the band pretty much wearing all black and having an excuse to play some of their heavier songs not played for a while. This tour is a lot more colourful, catchier for the neutral but still managing to get some of their heaviest stuff in there.

Muse dancers on stage with the band

The setlist was as follows:

  • Algorithm
  • Pressure
  • Psycho
  • Break It to Me (my favourite song on the new album)
  • Uprising
  • Propaganda
  • Plug In Baby
  • Pray (High Valyrian)
  • The Dark Side
  • Supermassive Black Hole
  • Thought Contagion
  • Interlude
  • Hysteria
  • The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
  • Dig Down
  • Madness
  • Mercy
  • Time Is Running Out
  • Houston Jam
  • Take a Bow
  • Starlight
  • Encore:
  • Algorithm
  • Stockholm Syndrome / Assassin / Reapers / The Handler / New Born
  • Knights of Cydonia

It is almost impossible for me to choose a favourite song, I have a few that are contenders. However the main reason for deciding to see this tour was the ‘Metal Medley’ of Stockholm Syndrome / Assassin / Reapers / The Handler / New Born. Instead of playing all of these songs in their entirety, they played a shortened version of each lasting a total of roughly 15 minutes. Stockholm Syndrome and New Born are two of my favourite songs of all time, so having them shortened was at first a little disappointing, however seeing what they have done with it looked incredible in fan footage from earlier stops on the tour.

I cannot wait to introduce you to Murph…

But firstly, a little footage from Psycho.

This song was made made from a riff they have been playing live since 99′. Pretty incredible that it was only a riff until 2015! It was originally dubbed the ‘0305030’ riff as these are the tabs to play it on guitar.

And as I mentioned, Break it to Me is my favourite from the new album. It’s grungy sound mixed with eastern melodies and a cool sounding solo works really well. Not to mention Matt’s amazing vocals.

More dancers, dressed in Hazmat suits


Now below is another new song that I love. It was written by Matt Bellamy for Game of Thrones. It really feels like it was made for the GoT world, a great piece of music. I would highly recommend listening to ‘Pray‘ in it’s entirety.


And in my opinion, one of greatest basslines ever written. Chris is one hell of a bass player!!



Madness, a song that really grew on me. I love the passion in his voice during the song and how his glasses bring up the lyrics as he is singing them.


That voice!!

And below, Mercy seems to be their favourite song for firing confetti cannons into the crowd and creating one of the biggest spectacles of the show. Matt decided to sing on his knees with a German flag over his head.


Take a Bow. I remember listening to this song for the first time in 2006 like it was yesterday. I had my chunky white mp3 player and a newly downloaded Muse song from the album which really did get experimental. I remember hearing this opening song and the rest of the album and thinking ‘this is Muse?!’ but in the best way possible. You would probably have to listen to the whole track to hear how unique it is. No chorus, no verse, but a gradual build up into rock, electronic epicness. ‘Death, you bring death’ as you can hear is aimed towards politicians about a certain war.

And another huge crowd pleaser.


This stage set up was probably one of my favourites of all the times I have seen them live. Lots of action, lots of colour from Matt’s special glasses to his illuminated jacket to the vampires spreading contagious thoughts. Thought Contagion is a song that is influenced by American politics and media right now (he spends a lot of time in the USA with his family as his wife is American and he has a place in LA) seeing how thoughts can be spread like a virus and the problems that can bring.

Can you spot the monster in the darkness?
There’s always time for video games..

And now, to the part I had been waiting for. The start of the metal medley that I watched in earlier gigs and thought ‘holy sh*t, I need to see this live’.

The opening riff to Stockholm Syndrome and the slow emergence of Murph the Robot truly gave me goosebumps and was a damn impressive sight.

What a moment! Towering above the band, only matched by their incredible sound. Muse truly know how to put on a show and this is evidence as to why they are considered one of the greatest live bands of all time.


Dom killing it on the drums during Assassin, with Murph truly coming to life.

The detail used in his construction is amazing. From the screws as eyes to the details on his back (seen in footage from those in seats slightly behind him) means a lot of credit has to go to the company that created him for the show.


The solo during New Born, the very first song I heard from them back in 2003. I was at a friends house playing Risk the board game and this came on Kerrang Radio. I am still not bored of it to this day and would love to know the actual number of times I have listened to it since then.


Matt being that teasing older sibling to poor Murph…


Fun fact: Matt Bellamy made it into the Guinness World Records for the most guitars smashed on a single tour. In 2004 he smashed a total of 140.


And there goes another one..


And with that, another gig. My 6th, and I would be surprised if I didn’t make it to at least ten in the next few years. Heck it would be in the hundreds by now if I was financially capable, but seeing how the tours have evolved and how the band has progressed in general has been amazing. I am luckier than some to see the amount of live gigs that I have, and they are always a magical experience, whoever you go to see.


I hope you enjoyed the post from the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Did you have a favourite shot or even song that you like by them?  Let me know as I am always delighted to meet fellow Musers!


But even in general, it is just nice to be able to share what and who I love with you all, and learning about what you love in return. We all have inspirations and these guys are mine. Thank you for reading, and I will see you all from London!




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Hello from Sydney!

I found myself in an Instagram post from Muse. I’m very hard to make out here, however I’m sure this is the only image most of you have of me anyway. 

Treat it like a Where’s Wally (or Waldo in various parts of the world), except you didn’t know what Wally looked like in the first place.

There he is!

Muse were incredible

The hot weather yesterday did not deter me from fighting my way to the front as soon as I made it into the arena. It was around 30 degrees Celsius when I checked my iPhone, I chilled in a beer garden with three American fans and watched the Olympic Park slowly fill with fellow fans in Muse t-shirts, most of them bought during their last tour here in 2013.

 Thankfully I got there during the support band and therefore the crowds were present but not packed like sardines. The view from the front of the arena of the crowds behind me were pretty impressive. I have no idea what it must be like performing in front of so many people, I can only image the feeling.

Now of the five Muse gigs I have been to, this is by far the closest I have been to the band. I was in touching distance, it is certainly strange to be so close. Being able to look right into the eyes of Matt, even seeing them breathe, it reminds me that they are human. This stage set was not the biggest or most ambitious they have had, so focusing on the members and not the backdrop was the right choice this time around.

‘That’ riff to Plug in Baby. One of my favourite riffs of all time!

What I love about this band is that many of their songs aren’t on the typical topics heard in many mainstream songs. They aren’t all about love or breakups. They are about conspiracies, politics, religion, issues affecting the world and the animations going along with the performance often reflect these quite well. Below was taken during the song ‘The Globalist’. I can let you guess the theme of this one…

Confetti got everywhere. I almost caught a drum stick. I am pretty sure Matt looked at me and I can now say I have seen them five times in two separate continents. What a buzz, and what a show. These guys truly are one of the best bands of all time, I highly recommend you see them live if you haven’t already. I was on a high on the packed train  home and despite being a little hungover today, reliving the gig on YouTube and in my camera roll is a great remedy.

Will I ever find a band I enjoy more? I highly doubt it. There is probably more chance of snow here in Sydney this summer, and thanks to the confetti canons, this is the closest reminder of being back home this winter.

Thank you Muse for helping me get through being away from family this Christmas, and for providing me so much hope and inspiration over the last decade and a half of me listening to your music.

Another little teaser

I have made it home after an epic night. I will post tomorrow and reply to your kind comments, but for now I need water. Lots and lots of water.

Here is a picture I took from the gig, I couldn’t have been any closer and that will show in tomorrow’s post. 

It’s 2.36am here… my ears are ringing, my legs are killing and I’ve lost half my body weight in sweat.

And I would have it no other way. 

Goodnight and see you soon!

The art of being content 

First of all, I am delighted to declare today is finally here! Earlier in the year I was buying a Muse ticket, around the same time I was buying my Australian Working Holiday Visa. I cannot remember in which order they were bought, for that I would have to dig down into my previous posts.

I have a holiday/festival feeling about today. I got up and grabbed a hottog for breakfast at a local vendor. 

I opted for ketchup and mustard, I’m not sure how the Aussies do it or how you do it in fact. I’ve never had sweet chilli or BBQ sauce on one but the options were there. 

Just for the record, I know some of you won’t be into the same music and may not find today’s post of any interest. However, I am trying to post about what I am doing and feeling at the time of each post to keep me writing daily. To blog about what I am up to right here and now, it is much easier to keep up with the blog and blogging daily is like a mental exercise for me. This is probably to compensate for not going to the gym as much.

As my regular readers will be aware, I added this image yesterday. I wondered at the time how many people would be taking a picture of the bridge whilst I was on it and what their personal stories were.


Now the following is very similar to what I said in my I was so close! post. I was around the area when the band I am going to see tonight posted to social media. Yesterday, they posted again, roughly around the same time as I took this. Tom posted a timelapse of a stroll around the Opera House.

Can you see me on the bridge? Hey there!

How is he steadier with the timelapse than I am sitting filming it? Embedding didn’t work so I had to record the screen. 

(There was a very loud conversation going on next to me, sorry if it is overpowering on the video.)

The same thing happened in New York 2010. March 5th it was, I managed to see this bands crew set up stage during a tour of Madison Square Garden but did not get to meet them. I think I may have walked past a room they were in, but I cannot confirm. (This is briefly mentioned in the post Your time is now, along with some shots).

I have said that one of my regrets was not seeing them in New York City, either in concert or in person. Yesterday, the same feelings of regret were creeping in, as I was so close to them without being able to say hello. Then I remembered I was going to their gig this evening, something so many people haven’t been able to do. Although it is a very surreal feeling to be within walking distance of the people I have been inspired by so much, sharing the same footpaths and gazing at the same attractions, I have nothing to regret. Instead, I am just happy I can wander the same streets, visit the same cities and watch them play in person. Sometimes we ask for too much without looking at the great things we already have. As I get older, I am putting a conscious effort into converting the feelings of any regret into productivity. Regret can be a fantastic tool to help kick us into gear and put more effort into not regretting in the future. If I didn’t have regrets, where would I be now? Would I have achieved as much as I have? Would I have pushed myself as hard to do things?

Regret is a beautiful thing, if actioned in the right way.

I was so close!

Yesterday, this happened. 

Dominic Howard, the drummer from Muse and one of my heroes, walked by my workplace and took an Instagram shot at the Opera House with his mum. I wasn’t at work at the time but I was right around the corner (blogging, actually at The State Library of New South Wales as my wifi is down at home). I took a couple of shots in fact as it is a pretty impressive building, the oldest library in Australia.

Then, today on Instagram, Tom Kirk posted a timelapse on the harbour. Tom is a childhood friend of the band and does a lot of work with them on the road. This is just a screenshot of that time lapse. 

It’s weird to think my biggest inspirations were walking the same streets as I have been recently. Of course, I had a little wander before work to see if the other two members of the band were snapping selfies, all to no avail.

There must have been a graduation on, I have never seen so much pink. Lots of people, a lot less Muse. 

Oh well, this time Saturday I will see them for the 5th time, I am even more excited now I know they are on Australian soil.

Customer service 

I was getting a little annoyed with Ticketek recently as I was waiting for confirmation of my Muse ticket. For some strange reason it was saying my ticket was either voided or the Sydney event was cancelled. Speaking to the ticket provider is a nightmare as the waiting time is an hour plus, most of the time trying to call results in a ‘please call back later’ and the call ending. 

I can’t wait for this gig. I watch all of their shows on YouTube if there is a decent pro shot on offer, I was enjoying a recent gig in Japan (uploaded by a fan) earlier this month before it was deleted due to copyright. I was mid way through too. What better way is there to prepare for a gig than to watch their current gigs online? Do people do this, or is it a spoiler? Let me know.

Today I got a call from Ticketek, finally confirming my ticket is indeed valid. Tonight I will celebrate with a beer and belt out Plug In Baby.

Warning to new followers, I will reference Muse from time to time. They are a main reason why I can remain happy and sane in a crazy world.

Sunday not so funday 

Sunday’s are such a fascinating contrast to the rest of the week aren’t they? No busy crowds, no honking cars, the CBD becomes a ghost town as everyone flees to the outer suburbs for their day of rest before it all starts again tomorrow.


Anyway, I’ve had a rather frustrating day. I remember that I asked for my Muse ticket via text for their Sydney gig in December. Dilemma being (possibly) that with the water damage my phone might not last that long. On top of that, the U.K. number I originally booked with has now changed to an Australian one. So far that doesn’t seem to be a problem as I can open the original text from my old number which is still present on this iPhone and access the ticket. That is, until I get the following message when trying to save it to my Ticketek wallet.

I don’t want another event experience, I want this one!

I still managed to add the ticket to Apple Wallet, so it seems live. I guess I’ll have to hit the turnstile on gig day and hope for the best. My mentality remains positive as I have started making some decent travel plans for the rest of the year and 2018. First stop, the Blue Mountains on Tuesday. 

This will also be my first stay in a hostel, as I feel an overnight trip will be much more beneficial as there is nothing worse than thinking about heading home on the same evening. The Blue Mountains is an area of outstanding natural beauty 90 minutes west of Sydney, so one full day here shouldn’t be too much of a problem provided I actually get up after my first early alarm and not attack the snooze button.

We will see Tuesday! 

My first purchase in Sydney

I’ve been thinking about this so much that I had actually forgotten to blog about it. I thought I did, in fact what I did blog about was that I had to wait for a certain date to hit and after that I would provide an update. So this is the update, the one that I thought I put out that was purely in my head all along.

I’m not there yet, hence why nothing is upside down.
I got a ticket to see Muse in Sydney!  And I learned a lesson in the process. 

Sometimes it is better to just relax and not create a false sense of urgency. It can be a distraction and  make things play on your mind when they really don’t need to. I managed to miss the Muse presale and the presale by the ticket provider that was on offer a little longer. For that reason I stayed up til 3am (noon in Sydney) to make sure I got a ticket. I thought they would disappear fast with such huge demand and with Sydney and Melbourne being the only gigs announced in this continent since 2013. 

Then, a problem occurred.

A friend that I haven’t seen for a few months stopped by, meaning we had a few drinks. A few turned into a few more. I got that drunk that by 3am I had to not just concentrate on putting in the correct payment details but to find the strength to push the keys. I haven’t been that drunk for a while.

I didn’t get a ticket that night. I needed an Australian phone number. I tried again the following evening in my hotel room whilst I was in Edinburgh (sober this time) and it still didn’t take my mobile number, despite stating I could add it by typing ‘+44’ before it. 

‘+44′ had non numerical symbols.

’44’ was not recognised.

Leaving the above out was not recognised as an international number. 

It was then that I realised something that I didn’t when I was blind drunk. The ‘Don’t have a mobile phone?‘ link in small text beneath. It stated that a landline number could be placed in the box and be applicable. I tried and it allowed me to the next page. 

So here I am, much poorer but much happier!

I was surprised there were tickets, I think I was scarred by my first attempt at a Glastonbury Festival ticket, sold out within 20 minutes of going on sale. 100,000+ tickets sold by 9.20am. Incredible. 

Australia is HUGE and I guess this is a contributing factor. I can attend any gig in the UK and the flight won’t be more than an hour. Over in Oz that might be the driving distance to someone’s local store.

Qudos Arena, Sydney in December. I’ll be blogging. Probably more than usual as I won’t have a voice to speak with. 

I’ll see you there!

Your time is now 

Sometimes it is worth looking at trends to determine if a great opportunity lies ahead, wherever that may be at that time. I have such an opportunity at noon on the 10th of August which I do not want to miss.

I have been reading fan comments whilst Muse have been on tour through throughout Europe and the States. I was able to see them in 2016 on their Drones Tour in Manchester, UK, Drones being their most recent album. It was incredible as I knew it would be from the three previous Muse gigs I have attended since 2006, the first being in my home city of Newcastle.

Newcastle, Nov 16, 2006


My first gig. Ever. Matt the singer/guitarist played part of the song Assassin whilst laid on his back. I also thought that Dom on drums was wearing the Spiderman costume he tends to wear every now and then, looking back at the incredibly pixelated videos taken in 2006 it doesn’t seem so, although it is hard to tell when the video consists of about 50 pixels. Memories can be deceiving.

Leeds Festival, Origin of Symmetry 10th anniversary, 2011


A truly unique experience as it was the tenth anniversary of Origin of Symmetry, and the first time ever that the whole album was played in its entirety. The stage was set up as if the band were playing inside the album cover, with images from the albums artwork animated onto the giant screen behind. Flamethrowers were used and had to be scrapped later in the gig as the flames were so tall it melted/set fire to parts of the stage. Classic Muse. I took this screenshot from their 360 app, which allows you to control the cameras 360 degrees of the whole set with multiple angles to choose from. This, was a very cool idea.

Manchester (Etihad Stadium), Unsustainable Tour, 2013

Despite the unique stage set in Leeds, this was by far the most impressive stage I have seen from these guys, or anyone for that matter.


It was the biggest stage I have ever seen. I found this picture over at MuseWiki that helps to give a little perspective of this particular stadium tour.


Charles the Robot can be seen in the last image, a 16 foot tall robot that sang the lyrics to Unsustainable whilst smoke fired from his ears. Matt wanted the robot to be taller, but was (again) blocked by health and safety. When asked by a fan on Twitter if he was finally able to get a robot to perform on stage, he tweeted:

Better smaller than never, I say!

Manchester (arena), Drones Tour, 2016

I loved this gig because the Drones album (largely relating to the controversial use of drones in war) had a darker vibe, and with this a heavier setlist bringing back some of the rock songs of earlier albums. They also had drones flying about the arena, as well as a huge drone of what appeared to be a black spacecraft or army plane flying around the stage that was in the centre of the arena. After a few beers, I just remember looking up and thinking ‘what the heck is that?!’ as it flew right by. A great memory.


Gigs that were never to be.

Madison Square Garden, Resistance Tour, 2010.

I was in NYC, and my hotel was honestly right across the road from MSG. I could see the main doors to the venue from my window. Not just that, Muse were performing that night. I went over to see if I could get a ticket, very optimistically and remember one of their songs was playing in the lobby. There were no tickets. On the bright side, I did get to do a stadium tour that day, which granted me access to the venue to watch their stage being set up. This was another unique experience that I am chuffed I managed to have. Apologies for the grainy image, this is all I have. I don’t know why I had such a terrible camera back then.


As we were lead into the Knicks changing rooms, I couldn’t help to notice Muse kit boxes along the corridors. I remember feeling a sense of excitement as I could walk around one corner and bump into them at any moment. Sadly, I didn’t.


There was one room. A room with two people standing outside of it, as if something was taking place inside. To this day I am convinced the band were being interviewed inside, however I may never know…

What are they doing in there? I have a right to know…
It was a weird feeling knowing that they could have been right there and all I could do is walk on by. 

Watching the gig back on YouTube, the light show was incredible.

Sydney, 2017?

At noon AEST, I have the opportunity to buy tickets for one of two Australian gigs they have recently announced. Sydney and Melbourne are the first Aussie dates since 2013, I knew it was inevitable from the amount of Australian fans desperately wanting a chance to see them, begging for some tour dates all over their social media. Sadly, I missed it on the pre sale so I will just have to wait for the general sale, but what great timing it will be with me moving to Sydney in September.

Roll on noon on the 10/08/17… I’ve bookedmarked the local timezone for maximum preparation.

I hope my Aussie friends don’t mind as I try to steal a ticket from their beautifully tanned, Muse deprived hands… I’ll make up for it somehow, I promise.