I was so close!

Yesterday, this happened. 

Dominic Howard, the drummer from Muse and one of my heroes, walked by my workplace and took an Instagram shot at the Opera House with his mum. I wasn’t at work at the time but I was right around the corner (blogging, actually at The State Library of New South Wales as my wifi is down at home). I took a couple of shots in fact as it is a pretty impressive building, the oldest library in Australia.

Then, today on Instagram, Tom Kirk posted a timelapse on the harbour. Tom is a childhood friend of the band and does a lot of work with them on the road. This is just a screenshot of that time lapse. 

It’s weird to think my biggest inspirations were walking the same streets as I have been recently. Of course, I had a little wander before work to see if the other two members of the band were snapping selfies, all to no avail.

There must have been a graduation on, I have never seen so much pink. Lots of people, a lot less Muse. 

Oh well, this time Saturday I will see them for the 5th time, I am even more excited now I know they are on Australian soil.

Sydney Harbour: All 25 shots

I have an addiction. I could take the same photograph of the same location a thousand times if there were enough reasons. A change in the weather perhaps, a different time of day, a new addition to the skyline. I have taken plenty of shots of the Sydney Harbour Bridge/ Opera House that are going to waste in my folder, so I thought I would get closure. No more harbour photos, I need to focus my attention elsewhere. Enjoy the last remaining shots I have and look forward to many more landscapes moving forward.

  1. Soaring


2) Carnival Cruise as seen from hotel


3) Harbour at sunset


4) Under the bridge


5) Bridge from the west side


6) My first look at the bridge in person


7) Bridge from the east side (with climbers)


8) Closer Carnival cruise shot


9) Early morning Sydneysiders


10) Early morning reflections


11) Opera house at dawn


12) Opera House #2


13) SHB in all its glory


14) Opera House #3 with a little lighting


15) Early morning run


16) All of the lights (very grainy!)


17) Harbour after a much needed downpour


18) Bridge climbers


19) Ocean spray


20) The Entertainer


21) A view from The Rocks


22) Under the bridge #2, the encore


23) A lifetime of hapiness


24) A new chapter


25) Water Taxi


Did you pick a favourite? I think it has to be number 10 for me, I love the lighting and picture quality in this particular shot. Let me know yours as it will help me know what you like for future snaps, if I can take pictures readers love I will be a happy blogger and who knows, maybe I will upgrade my camera on my travels.

Thanks for viewing,



Birds are caught in the light of the Opera House, Sydney.

The Opera House really stands out against the nights sky, and for that reason attracts lots of birds. It reminded me of a snow globe and that Christmas here will be very different to back home. 

I’m looking forward to it, without wanting to wish my time here away.

Circular Quay at sunset (with the Badu Gili light show)

There is such a great vibe around the Opera House, it doesn’t get too busy and it isn’t hard to find a nice spot to watch the world go by. 

I was walking by when a member of staff stopped me. ‘You can’t miss the light show! It starts in seven minutes.’

I was told the Opera House light show was short, enough for my (even shorter) attention span. I decided to head up there and make the most of the glorious evening. 

Sydney doesn’t hide from the fact that it produces spectacular night time displays (New Years Eve being the obvious example) so I had confidence. 

It was very low key, but I liked it. If you’re around the area it is worth a watch but nothing to plan ahead for. Badu Gili, meaning Water Light, is displayed every night all year long for seven minutes from 7pm, so you cannot miss out. More information can be seen by clicking the link above. 

It worked perfectly with the back drop, the lights from the high rises and cruise ships blend in wonderfully. My problem, the bar is too inviting afterwards.

The main thing to take from this post is to stick around a little when visiting places of interest. You never know what they have in store to make it that little bit extra special. 

Cheers WP!