I need to be out of the house to find motivation to blog. I don’t know what it is exactly but I have always needed to be out exploring to stimulate my senses and to find that precious window of productivity. This dates back to childhood and being given additional homework, I was always the one doing this last minute at 8am in registration right before class. Sitting at home with the TV off to concentrate didn’t help me focus, it did the exact opposite. My teacher says I cannot play with friends until I have done more work? I ended up in a frustrated state and drained of any motivation. Screw homework. I don’t agree with it and probably never will.


I actually find it remarkable that I am nearing 1000 blog posts. ONE. THOUSAND. I find it hard to believe I was once typing the first words into my first post and have managed to write on my favorite topics since. As a result, I am also nearing 600 followers and 20,000 views, thank you for contributing to this.

Most of my posts have been typed whilst I am out and about. My first few hundred were tapped into the screen of my iPhone as I didn’t have a laptop. In fact, I would imagine 80% of posts still are. I write on the go as this is where I get much of my content, walking past street art, overhearing a conversation or listening to a news headline on the radio. I can’t get this sitting down alone. I need to hear the buzz of the city and the chatter of people. It makes me feel alive and connected. I am sure many bloggers need the opposite, it would make much more sense in a way. The problem I have is that if I am alone for too long I am left in my own thoughts, which can become a big distraction. Even if I am alone outside I am always distracted by birdsong or an amazing sunset. If I am alone indoors this lack of an external stimulant results in overthinking and I am often paralyzed with indecision. Should I be doing this thing instead? Did I forget to do that at work? Why am I not out enjoying this weather?

As much as I would love to sit down and spend some quality alone time being productive, I am not cut out for that. What I have learned is that if it doesn’t work, don’t force it to work. Play to your strengths and find the avenues of motivation. There is much more to write about outside of those four walls, amazing people, amazing places and amazing stories.