Because who wants a birthday card with the words ‘Happy birthday’ on it?

That’s been done before.

I’m heading to a birthday BBQ in the rain so you don’t have to. Have a great weekend people and avoid any bullshit people try to throw at you.

Peace and love,


A confession

The truth always comes out. I have lied about things in the past, hiding from reality is exhausting. That is not the only reason I value the truth, I want to be the best person that I can. So with this in mind, a little confession.


I am going to Benidorm this month. There, I said it. I hope you’re all happy now. It feels so good to just say it and get it over with, as if the weight has been lifted. An 18-30’s holiday with seven lads, this isn’t going to be a holiday to learn about the local culture or to find ourselves. I am going to hopefully spend my time not being tied to a lamppost and having more full-english breakfasts in a week than I have here in England.

I will, as I always do, try to speak a little of the language and learn about the people. It is just a little difficult when the locals are British, although certain accents can fool me into believing they are from a different country. Our accents are fascinating like that.

I am reminded of a funny joke Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle made on a panel show, talking about the time a Scotsman had a fight with a terrorist after he tried to blow up Glasgow Airport. That isn’t the joke. That actually happened.

‘Apparently the man saved hundreds of Scottish people from getting badly burned by attacking the terrorist… How? These Glaswegians were flying to Malaga!’

During this period I will try my hardest to take interesting photographs and keep questioning life without the obvious influence of alcohol. I am confident there is more to Spanish resorts than sunshine and British people.

Photo credit: Ran Berkovich– Unsplash 


I sometimes head into the train station for coffee before work. Every now and then I am greeted by the sound of the piano inside, it has been placed right by the entrance for people to play if they want to. 

It’s amazing how many people travelling alone start to play. It’s amazing how many people walk by without us knowing what they are capable of. 

I have blogged about this before. A homeless man played here occasionally, he sadly died not too long ago. He made it into national news with his knowledge of classical music and his ability to perform his favourite pieces. 
I wonder how many homeless people I have walked passed with talents I wish I had, often unable to show their ability or be allowed the chance to. I also wonder how many people are too uncomfortable to perform, or missed the opportunity to do so when they could have.

A constant reminder to take the chances we get whilst we still can.


After waking up today I looked for this photo. I have no idea what was in the mind of the street artist during this piece but it is one I remember more than most. Whether or not there is method to the apparent madness, I may never know.


I woke up, wide awake at 3am this morning and realised how many dreams I was having. My mind was incredibly active despite the fact that I have now forgotten most of what I was dreaming. It felt like a conveyor belt of different scenarios, a roller-coaster taking me through new scenes that my mind is conjuring up on the spot. Did you ever play video games in the 90’s/ early 00’s? The way city landscapes only appeared/ generated as you got closer to them? I guess we never know what we are getting into until we arrive.

I also felt like I discovered a whole new level of this thought machine we know so little about, like looking under a plank of wood and seeing a whole army of ants doing their own thing without our acknowledgement. When I woke it felt like I remembered something that I shouldn’t, like kids caught playing when they should be in bed. My brain was just farting out all kinds of weird, wacky, colorful situations that I have no option but to watch as I restore my energy. Although it has almost completely vanished from memory, I know it happened. Sometimes this reality terrifies me, other days it astounds me.

It is hard to believe that I am using my brain to analyse my brain and come to the conclusion that I do not know everything about it. Despite the fact that it is still me. It is pretty incredible that this is our reality.

Do you get so deep in thought about your own life experiences? I guess we all do to an extent. Maybe the art above is just a direct copy of what the artist was thinking just before his or her morning coffee. What is seemingly nonsensical during the day may make complete sense every night, we just forget about it most of the time.


For a species that believes it is superior, nature gives humans very little time to prove it and finds an incredible number of ways to wipe us out. I took this photo in a park in Rio, I’m unsure what tree it is although I was fascinated by the size of its roots. The people below aren’t exactly noticeable.


We are the best. The most intelligent, or so I’m told. On many occasions it’s justified. Despite this the universe only gives us a mere few decades to prove our claims of superiority, nowhere near the lifespan of a bristlecone pine tree or a giant tortoise, the former outliving civilisations and countless beliefs systems with that. 

I don’t think it is depressing to think so, more humbling. We need to be humble, the more willing we are to accept this the less we will try to prove our worth by making false claims about our place in the universe.

I’m proud of my species, it’s just crazy to consider the sheer number of things that out-live us, without having a book dedicated to them either. 


We are a species with a long way to go to achieve greatness and everyday I look for examples proving this. I don’t think this is a bad thing at all. I would rather see what we could be as it helps us to get there, being content has its perks but that never helps in the gym or in a career, neither should it for society. Pushing forward and seeking problems speeds things up.


One of our downfalls is language. It is incredible for us to construct languages and hear it vary across the globe, however it is very common for two people to walk up to each other and fail to establish conversation. How crazy is that? Like two apes on their first encounter, or a tribe discovering society outside of the rain forest. It is pretty incredible to realise we live in a time of such discovery and inability to connect with those that live on the outside. This is of course because our travel desire is so much greater than our desire to learn languages however with over 7,000 languages in the world being spoken, leaning them all is an impossibility. The number of extinct languages rise into the thousands and maybe even the tens of thousands, which is also mind boggling. Languages that died with the civilizations they were used by, some etched into history on rocks, the only way we knew they existed in the first place like the fossils of extinct creatures buried alongside them.


So walking up to the wall above, the fact that I cannot understand what it says is fascinating. The letters I am used to, the order not so much. Thank goodness for technology, Google Translate tells me ‘Punk is born crooked, never straightens’ 

I guess punk is one aspect of life I have to accept can never be improved upon.


We say we are feeling blue when we feel down, yet this is the kind of weather that makes us happy. Who wouldn’t want to feel blue?


I found some more of my window seat images! And with that a question…

Would you rather live on a small island, free from societies problems and almost all technology other than the basics to live, or live in an advanced society and all of the problems that come with it?


It does look good down there…


I didn’t think I would ever take a photo of the entrance to a car park, then again it is Brazil, there is a photo opportunity around every corner!



This interesting piece is made up of 400+ very boring aspects, I feel almost conned as I take a photo of it. We find the same fascination in almost anything when there are multiples of said thing surrounding it. The pattern reminds me of a hurricane or a flock of Starlings, both incredible when observing from afar. Take one single component from such phenomena and we don’t turn our heads, a bird flying into a strong breeze isn’t a photo opportunity. The beauty of bland or seemingly meaningless pieces of art is that we fill in the gaps, creating our on perception and stories, although I must admit I prefer art that does the work for me. We can do this with music and I am sure many other aspects of life. Our brains are amazing for this, finding beauty where there is little and being able to appreciate beauty when it is apparent.


What motivates can also be a distraction

As much as this view is the sole motivator for me to run recently, it’s also a very big distraction.

Exercise isn’t usually on the schedule for my Friday nights, however it is worth it purely for this view.

Have a great weekend and don’t conform to society, (says the guy running amongst a hundred others).