Travel Diary: I’m so pleased I did the Free Singapore Tour at night!

This could also be named Changi Airport part two as it was arranged within the airport, where this fantastic tour starts and ends.

What an awesome experience!

Requirements you need to meet to be eligible for this tour? A layover of six hours or more in Changi Airport. Also, flight times that work with the six set tour times daily. Passport, boarding card, stamp of approval to leave the airport. The staff were lovely as is Singapore. Just don’t mess with drugs or the government will kill you. Literally.

I was waiting in the terminal, right next to the tour stand as instructed to, along with a lovely family of four. I made sure I was there early, I have had this planned for a while and this layover was too long to not do the tour. Despite being a very fun airport, 17 hours is just too long. A little insight to my experience in the airport can be seen here in my most recent post.

The tour lady called us over and we started to make our way. We boarded the Sky Train to Terminal 2, the meeting place for the start of the tour and the rest of the group. There were many more people waiting in this terminal, what seemed like a very small tour group turned into a bus load. Probably 20 or so, some heading to Europe, some Australia.

The Tour Guide that walked us there stayed within the airport, the one rounding up the troops in T3 took over. He was from Singapore, no surprise there. A very bubbly character and proud to be Singaporean. He also had a great urge to shout ‘ole ole ole’ every now and then, which caught on and spread throughout the bus on route.

This is a bit of a rushed tour, at least ours was as we left a little late waiting for someone. I don’t know what happened but we probably waited an extra 15 minutes at the airport exit before boarding the tour bus. With people waiting for seperate flights at seperate times, time is valuable and we were often shown where the taxis were whilst in Singapore if we were to be one minute late for the bus. I liked that though, it made the trip flow smoothly and it was for our own benefit. Who wants to be late for their own flight?!

We made two stops. First, Supergree Grove at Gardens by the Bay. More info on this area can be read here.

Supergree Grove has 12 of the 18 super trees in Gardens by the Bay. A 128 meter long Skyway connects two of these Supertrees. They all come alive at night with lights and sounds, the reason I was pleased to have changed my tour time from 6pm to 7.30pm.

Our second and final stop was Marina Bay Sands. Travelling up the motorway to this place was pretty cool, the skyscrapers emerged in the distance, the Singapore Flyer looked impressive all lit up (I had no idea it was bigger than the London Eye, 30m in fact) and the Formula One racing track for the Singapore Grand Prix carved it’s way through the city centre. Then, we arrive at our stop, crossing a bridge to get fantastic views of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and the city skyline.

Both of these stops allowed roughly 15-20 minutes to walk around, take some pictures and soak up the atmosphere. It isn’t too long, however it was long enough to get a taste of this great city and get a fresh stamp in my passport. Would I come back? Possibly. If I have another long layover in Singapore, this tour has given me a great taste of what to expect and I would probably put more effort into going out myself and travelling independently.

Thank you again to Changi Airport and Singapoge Airlines for a unique tour and experience.