Can you see the $170 trap?

So in recent months Brisbane has received these Lime Scooters. And before I get into the post I just want to say I love them. I’ve been scooting up and down the streets of Brissy like nobody’s business and they can hit some pretty high speeds, not to brag but I am sure I heard a sonic boom as I put my thumb down on the accelerator riding through the Botanic Gardens.


But you have to be careful as many people have been hit with hefty fines for not sticking to the rules.


I was at a barbecue recently with my work friends as a colleague finished his employment with us. Two friends rocked up on these Lime Scooters, you can pretty much find them anywhere and the app allows you to locate where they are. After getting off the scooters and sitting down, one of the riders and someone that arrived by car both stated they have been fined in the last few days. The reason for the fine was riding without a helmet.

One colleague mentioned that as he was in line to pay the fine, the line was ALL people waiting to pay a fine. Thousands of dollars in fines right there for lack of helmet use.

The problem is hardly anyone uses the helmets, and many of the scooters- like the one I uploaded above- don’t have one. Probably thrown in the river by drunk people. But people get on them and ride off, not realising the risk of being fined. There are so many I just cannot warn them as they ride by, I just have to hope an officer isn’t waiting around the corner.


Whilst on this river walk the another day I saw for the first time someone being caught. An officer caught up to the riders on a push bike, using a modest bell in replace of a siren to catch their attention. Funnily enough if they just rode off at full speed they could have probably got away, not that I would promote that kind of GTA style behaviour on my blog but without a number plate, what could the officer do? Maybe track the scooter ID and the user, I’m not sure. On top of that, they were helmetless and riding the same scooter, hopefully that didn’t increase the fine. I tried to take a shot of the low speed chase but couldn’t get them all in whilst walking by. Shame.

Every single day dozens of people ride by, blissfully unaware that at any moment they may lose $170 in the blink of an eye. A lot of them tourists using their limited time in Brisbane trying to have fun, which is a shame. But on the other hand they go fast, and coming off would hurt. A lot. And Australia is big on it’s health and safety.

I wonder if the other cities that have these scooters are as strict on helmet use, and are being fined as much? They are being trialed in Brisbane before being introduced in other cities, looking at their website it seems like they are also in Sydney. The whole list of worldwide cities can be seen here over on the Lime website.

Does your city have these?

One of my favourite vloggers, Casey Neistat, uploaded a video about these. Interestingly he mentioned that where he was in the States they require a photo of the front and back of a drivers licence which isn’t the case here.

Here is the video.


Let me know what you think of them, and if you have them where you are, I highly recommend them!

Just wear a helmet.



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British Police have big helmets

I thought I’d give them praise, they don’t get it often.

Did you know, a pregnant lady can pee in a policemans helmet if the urge comes about?

This may however be a myth after googling it. I found the following question posted online from a curious guy:

I read recently that a pregnant woman has the legal right to urinate in a policeman’s helmet. However, at this year’s Notting Hill carnival all officers refused my girlfriend this honour. On what grounds can they refuse such a request?

I will ask, after a couple more pints.