You don’t like gruesome pub names, huh?!

I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on my Normality is Temporary post published a couple days back… my featured photo showing a group of tourists outside of the Hung, Drawn and Quartered pub near the Tower of London. It seems a couple of you weren’t the biggest fans of the gruesome pub name.

Cough, cough Pat and Darnell 😉


And I don’t blame you, it’s pretty rough. However this was the only reason I took the above photo as the name just stood out. And it had me thinking of all the other funny pub names I have encountered so far, and the ones I am still yet to see for myself.

(Trigger warning for those not prepared for a little naughtiness)

My favorites so far after doing a little research (mainly courtesy of secretldn and Londonist):

Dirty Dicks

The Famous Cock

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

The Hole in the Wall

Fanny on the Hill (apparently no longer open sadly…)

Filthy Fanny’s (This one is just a 15 minute walk from me!)

The Job Centre

John the Unicorn

Pratts and Payne

The Pyrotechnists Arms

The Defectors Weld

And I have to remind those in the States that fanny means something a little different here, but still makes for a very humourous pub name either side of the pond and elsewhere.

Which of these tickles your fancy?

I said ‘fancy’… 😉



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